History / History -European & World . / The age of the Renaissance by Denys Hay editor Denys Hay editor Thames and Hudson 1967:  first of  this edition: hardcover in dust jacket, approximately 10.5 x 14 inches tall : 359 pages including index : text with  black and white woodcut and line drawings on  special apex smooth grey pages:  black and white and colour illustrations including full-page colour plates on woodfree white art paper: 600 illustrations, 180 in colour overall.  Synopsis: A comprehensive examination of the development of the Renaissance compiled by eleven contributors under the editorship of Denys Hay.  Contents  as  follows: -- Introduction: The significance of Renaissance Europe, by Denys Hay. Cradle of the Renaissance: The beginnings of humanism in  Florence,  by Nikolai Rubinstein. Widening circles:  The Renaissance in Italy outside Florence,  by Cecil Grayson.  A new vision: Italian art from Masaccio to mannerism, by Peter Murray.  The new learning: scholarship from Petrarch to Erasmus, by Roberto W Weiss.  Reason, unreason and faith: challenges to traditional Christianity by Delio Cantimori.  France in transition: cultural values in a troubled age, by I D McFarlane.  The egg that Luther hatched: Renaissance and Reformation in Germany, by G. Potter.  An age of gold: expansion and scholarship in Spain, by A. A. Parker.  Tradition and change: English society under  the Tudors, by Joel Hurstfield.  The North transformed: Art and artists in northern Europe, by L. D Ettlinger .  A world elsewhere: geographical horizons and mental  horizons, by John Hale.  Chronological chart.  Select bibliography.  List and sources of illustrations.  Index.  Condition: edges of black endpapers slightly faded: very clean and good overall.  Please note a  heavy book please e-mail for shipping costs. used books
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History / History -European & World . / The age of the Renaissance by Denys Hay editor

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

  • Book Title: The age of the Renaissance
  • Author: Denys Hay editor
  • ISBN: MW 01921
  • Publisher: Thames and Hudson
  • Year Published: 1967
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