Arts / Art- Modern Illustration / The Book of Flower Fairies by Cicely M Barker Cicely M Barker Blackie & Sons Ltd, undated but with ownership inscription dated 1929: green cloth hardcover with gilt lettering: gilt flower fairy decoration to front: approximately 5.2 5 x 7.5 inches tall: 92 pages : 72  full-page colour illustrations with verses  on  facing pages arranged in pairs with blank pages in between.  Synopsis: A collection of illustrated poetry previously published in three volumes entitled: -- Flower Fairies of the Spring, Flower Fairies of the Summer, Flower Fairies of the Autumn .  The poems ,  illustrated in colour on  facing pages , all   entitled  " The Song of  are as follows :- The Snowdrop Fairy.  The Hazel Catkin Fairy.  The Coltsfoot Fairy.  The Dead Nettle Fairy.  The Celandine  Fairy.  The Willow Catkin Fairy.  The Groundsel Fairy .  The Wind Flower Fairy .  The Shepherds Purse Fairy.  The Daisy Fairy.  The Dandelion Fairy.  The Daffodil Fairy.  The Dog Violet Fairy.  The Primrose Fairy.  The Lady Smock Fairy.  The Larch Fairy.  The Bluebell Fairy.  The Stitch Wort Fairy.  The Wold Sorrel Fairy.  The Speedwell Fairy.  The Lords and Ladies Fairy.  The Cowslip Fairy.  The Heartsease Fairy.  The May Fairy. The Buttercup Fairy.  The Herb Robert Fairy.  The Sorrel Fairy.  The Forget-Me-Not Fairy.  The Poppy Fairy.  The Foxglove Fairy.  The Wild rose Fairy.  The Convolvulus Fairy.  The White Clover Fairy.  The Honeysuckle Fairy.  The Birdsfoot Trefoil Fairy.  The Nightshade Fairy.  The White Campion  Fairy The Harebell Fairy.  The Heather Fairy.  The Yarrow Fairy.  The Toadflax Fairy The Scabious Fairy.  The Thistle Fairy.  The Wild Thyme Fairy.  The Scarlet Pimpernel Fairy The Greater Knapweed Fairy.  The Traveller's Joy  Fairy.  The Ragwort Fairy.  The Mountain Ash fairy.  The Lords and Ladies   Fairy.  The Wayfaring Tree Fairy.  The Robin's  Pincushion Fairy.  The Elderberry Fairy.  The Burdock Fairy.  The Acorn Fairy.  The Dogwood Fairy.  The Black Bryony Fairy.  The Horse chestnut Fairy.  The Blackberry Fairy.  The Nightshade Berry Fairy.  The Rosehip Fairy The Yew  Fairy.  The Crab Apple Fairy.  The Spindle Berry Fairy.  The Hazelnut Fairy.  The White Bryony Fairy.  The Beach Nut  Fairy.  The Hawthorn Fairy.  The Privet Fairy.  The Sloe Fairy.  The Old Man's Beard Fairy.  The Holly Fairy.  Condition: cover slightly marked with corners and spine ends bumped: preliminary pages , some margins of pages bearing text, and page edging foxed :  illustrations clean and good: faint pencil markings  to a few  blank pages: overall good and collectable. used books
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Arts / Art- Modern Illustration / The Book of Flower Fairies by Cicely M Barker

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

  • Book Title: The Book of Flower Fairies
  • Author: Cicely M Barker
  • ISBN: MW00171536383
  • Publisher: Blackie and Son
  • Year Published: Undated but believed pre-1929
  • Status: Sold - We are currently out of stock for this title

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