Language & Culture / Language Tuition &  Speech making / The Revised Latin Primer by Benjamin Hall Kennedy Benjamin Hall Kennedy                     Longmans  1959:  green cloth: approximately 5 x 7.5 inches tall: black lettering and line decoration : 248 pages including index.  Contents include :-  1) The Latin language- the alphabet; vowels and consonants; syllables; sound changes; inflection; parts of speech; declension of substantives, Greek nouns, adjectives ; formation and comparison of adverbs;numerals; pronouns; table of correlatives;  verbs; adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections.2)  Syntax- introductory outline; agreement; cases: nominative, evocative ,accusative, dative ,ablative, genitive. Place, time and space; prepositions; impersonal verbs; passive constructions; adjectives; pronouns; tenses;  moods; The verb;  adverts; conjunctions; interjections; question and answer;  The complex sentence; Prosody. Appendix 1 -Derived and  compounded words.  Appendix two- Roman money, weights, measures , time.  Appendix 3- Figures of speech.  Appendix four -Memorial lines on gender.  Index one- Subjects; Index two -Latin words.  Condition: spine shelf-faded: corners slightly bumped: a few page corners creased : an occasional occasional ink underlining or tick : overall  clean and good .                              used books
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Language & Culture / Language Tuition & Speech making / The Revised Latin Primer by Benjamin Hall Kennedy

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

  • Book Title: The Revised Latin Primer
  • Author: Benjamin Hall Kennedy
  • ISBN: MW012345
  • Publisher: Longmans
  • Year Published: 1959
  • Status: Sold - We are currently out of stock for this title

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