Arts / Antique & Vintage Books / Story Of The Heavens by Sir Robert Stawell Ball Sir Robert Stawell Ball A leather bound, gold lettered  school prize,  crest of the Coborn School for Girls to front. Presentation plate inside front cover. Synopsis: A revised edition:  this well illustrated volume includes chapters on: --a)  The Astronomical Observatory including early astronomical observations, the reflecting telescope, the iridium circle,  making observations; b) The Sun, including distance, the magnitude of distance, luminous and non numinous bodies, sunspots, changes, rotation, terrestrial magnetism, granulation, eclipse, corona, heat; c) The Moon , including use  in navigation, changes, size, weight, variations, Earth's influence, path,  eclipses, volcanoes, the micrometer, lunar scenery; d) The Solar System including influences of the sun and moon, order of distance, Venus and Jupiter,Saturn and Mercury, Uranus and Neptune, velocity of the Earth, inner  and outer planets, light and heat, comparative sizes, the solar system: e)The Law of Gravitation including body equality, Newton's discovery,the effects of motion, Kepler's discoveries, characteristics of gravitation, orbits, the changes of velocity, the relation between distance and periodic times, movement in a straight line, universal  gravitation. f) The Planet of Romance .  g) Mercury , including ancient astronomical discoveries; distinctions,  velocity, Gassendi's observations. h) Venus including appearance, visibility, variations of size, transit, early transits, the observations of Horrocks and Crabtree, Dunsink, atmosphere, Dr Copeland's observations, statistics. i)   The Earth, including size, the Meridian, history,  Pendulum, effects of centrifugal force, protruberance  of the equator, principal of Isochronism. j)   Mars, including surface, orbit, eccentricity of orbit, measurement, rotation, revolutions of the satellites  Deimos and Phobos. k)   The Minor Planets, including the lesser members, Bode's law, vacant region, discovery of Piazzi, physical nature, gravitation, Berlin computations, Victoria and Sappho. l)   Jupiter, including size, and dimensions, rotation, belts, spots, satellites, orbits, eclipses, the Copernican system. m) Saturn, including position, comparison, statistics, the researches of Galileo,Huyghen's discoveries, Herschel's research, the rings, additional satellites, problems.n)   Uranus, including comparison, William Herschel, reflecting telescopes, discovery, George III and the Bath musician, the elliptical path.o) Neptune,  including planetary perturbations, the discoveries of Lagrange, irregularities, Le Verrier and Adams, observations, numerical details. p)   Comets , comparison with planets, Coggia's Comet, gravitation, parabolic and elliptic orbits, Halley's observations and predictions, retardation, composition, changes; q) Shooting Stars, including observations and history,Chladni's research, stone falls, meteorites, the Rowton Siderite, relative frequency of iron and stony meteorites,Tschermak's theory,  the Ovifac iron. r)   The Starry Heavens including consolations, the polestar, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Pegasus, Perseus, the Pleiades, Auriga, Capella, Aldebaran, Taurus , Orion, Sirius , Castor and Pollux, The Lion, Bootes, Corona, Hercules, Virgo, Spica, Vega, Lyra, the  Swan.  s) Distant Suns. t)  Double Stars. u)  Distances of the Stars; v) The Spectroscope. w)   Star clusters and nebule. x)   The procession and nutation of the Earth's axis. y)   The Aberration of Light. z)  The astronomical significances of heat. z2)  The Tides.Condition: Top  spine worn , some spotting to end pages, still a very attractive volume-clean and good 567 pages . used books
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Arts / Antique & Vintage Books / Story Of The Heavens by Sir Robert Stawell Ball

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

  • Book Title: Story Of The Heavens
  • Author: Sir Robert Stawell Ball
  • ISBN: mw oo14
  • Publisher: Cassell
  • Year Published: 1901
  • Status: Sold - We are currently out of stock for this title

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