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Monday, January 27, 2020
Mary Ward Books Search Results You searched for: latin

1. Title: The Pocket Guide to Wildflowers
Search Score: 1.0

Author: David McClintock
Published by: Collins
ISBN: MW667720
Price: 16.50

2. Title: Aeschyli: Septem quae supersunt tragoediae: Recensuit Gilbertus Murray. (Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Aeschylus. Gilbert Murray
Published by: Oxford Clarendon Press
ISBN: MW00151413111
Price: 13.20

3. Title: euripidis-Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Murray Gilbert ( editor)
Published by: Oxford
ISBN: mw00813
Price: 9.24

4. Title: Juvenal & Persius
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Juvenal. E Capps editor.
Published by: Heinemann
ISBN: mw00859
Price: 24.20

5. Title: T Macci Plavti- Menaechmi
Search Score: 1.0

Author: P Thoresby Jones
Published by: Oxford
ISBN: mw00901
Price: 10.40

6. Title: A practical introduction to Latin prose composition
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Arnold, Thomas Kerchever
Published by: Longman, Green, and Co
ISBN: B0000EB91W
Price: 15.02

7. Title: History of Northumberland part 3, volume 3
Search Score: 1.0

Author: The Rev. John Hodgson
Published by: Newcastle for the author
Price: 330.00

8. Title: Cicero on Old Age. Selections from Cicero part 5V. cato major, sive de senectute dialogus
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Julius Sommerbrodt
Published by: Francis and John Rivington
ISBN: mw0010020085
Price: 20.49

9. Title: Hong Kong Birds
Search Score: 1.0

Author: geoffrey herklots
Published by: South China Post,
Price: 32.34

10. Title: Wild Flowers in the Garden
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Walter E Th. Ingwersen
Published by: Garden Book Club
ISBN: mw9951
Price: 18.70

11. Title: Flags of the World
Search Score: 1.0

Author: H Gresham Carr
Published by: Frederick Warne
ISBN: mw0221
Price: 36.30

12. Title: marvellous world of trees
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Jean Dupuis, (translated By David Macrae)
Published by: Abey
ISBN: mw223
Price: 20.90

13. Title: Potters Historical Introduction to English Law
Search Score: 1.0

Author: A K R Kiralfy
Published by: Sweet and Maxwell
ISBN: MW0061977
Price: 44.00

14. Title: An Anglo-Saxon Reader with notes and glossary
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Alfred J Wyatt
Published by: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: mw0011212
Price: 22.00

15. Title: The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume IV: The Twentieth Century (Oxford History of the British Empire)
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Judith M. Brown, Wm. Roger Louis
Published by: Oxford University Press,
ISBN: 0198205643
Price: 38.50

16. Title: The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume III: The Nineteenth Century (Oxford History of the British Empire)
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Wm Roger Louis, Andrew Porter, Alaine Low
Published by: Oxford University Press.
ISBN: 0198205651
Price: 38.50

17. Title: Western Medicine: An Illustrated History
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Irvine Loudon
Published by: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198205090
Price: 27.50

18. Title: Chelsea Gold: Award Winning Gardens From The Chelsea Flower Show
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Moreland
Published by: Cassell
ISBN: 1841881260
Price: 16.50

19. Title: Cassell's Latin Dictionary
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Joseph Charles, J R V Marchant
Published by: Cassell
ISBN: MW 1234231
Price: 22.00

20. Title: Soldiers and Governments nine studies in civil military relations
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Michael Howard editor
Published by: Eyre & Spottiswoode
ISBN: MW00122332123
Price: 19.80

21. Title: Early Medieval Music up to 1300
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Dom Anselm Hughes
Published by: Oxford University Press
ISBN: Mw0091414132
Price: 33.00

22. Title: Roman Public Life
Search Score: 1.0

Author: A h J Greenidge
Published by: Macmillan
ISBN: mw008945231
Price: 31.90

23. Title: Nationalism and Communism in Chile
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Ernst Halperin
Published by: M I T
ISBN: MW0074210
Price: 30.80

24. Title: Pindari Carmina CVM Fragments
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Pindar
Published by: Oxford
ISBN: MW0018171622
Price: 26.40

Search Score: 1.0

Author: Sophocles. Pearson
Published by: Oxford
ISBN: MW00171718
Price: 33.00

26. Title: Platonis Opera Tomus 1 and 2
Search Score: 1.0

Author: edited by Humphry Milford
Published by: Oxford Clarendon Press
ISBN: MW001851
Price: 55.00

27. Title: Platonis Res Publica
Search Score: 1.0

Author: edited by Iaonnes Burnet
Published by: Oxford Clarendon Press
ISBN: MW00187339
Price: 26.40

28. Title: Caesaris Opera II Commentarii De Bello Civili Cum Libris De Bello Alexandrino Africo Hispaniensi
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Caesar , R.L. A.Du Pontet
Published by: Oxford
ISBN: MW009 2821
Price: 22.00

29. Title: The Icy fire
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Leonard Foster
Published by: Cambridge University press
ISBN: 521074959
Price: 22.00

30. Title: John Donne Complete Poetry and Selected Prose
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Hayward editor
Published by: Nonsuch / Random House
ISBN: MWO0329517
Price: 26.40

31. Title: The Charm of Birds
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Grey of Fallodon
Published by: Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN: MWO0728419
Price: 22.00

32. Title: Cornelii Taciti Annalivm Ab Excessv Divi Avgvsti Libri
Search Score: 1.0

Author: C D Fisher
Published by: Oxford at the Clarendon press
ISBN: O198146337
Price: 16.50

33. Title: The Earth dwellers. Adventures in the land of ants
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Erich Hoyt
Published by: Mainstream Publishing
ISBN: 1840180870
Price: 22.00

34. Title: Simpson's Flora of Suffolk
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Francis W Simpson
Published by: Suffolk Naturalists 'Society
ISBN: 0950815403
Price: 22.00

35. Title: A Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Britain and Europe
Search Score: 1.0

Author: EN Arnold. J A Burton. Illustrations by D W Ovenden
Published by: Collins
ISBN: 0002193183
Price: 24.20

36. Title: Geodephaga Britannica. A monograph of the carnivorous ground beetles indigenous to the British Isles
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Frederic Dawson
Published by: John Van Voorst
ISBN: MWB070107
Price: 59.95

37. Title: The Burden and the Glory
Search Score: 1.0

Author: President John F Kennedy
Published by: Hamish Hamilton
ISBN: MWB9318600
Price: 16.50

38. Title: The Complete Psalmodist sixth edition
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Arnold
Published by: Dryden Leach
ISBN: MWB506070
Price: 275.00

39. Title: Latin literature
Search Score: 1.0

Author: JW Mackaile
Published by: John Murray
ISBN: MWB024631
Price: 44.00

40. Title: The Art of Memory
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Frances A Yates
Published by: Ark Paperbacks
ISBN: 074480020x
Price: 44.00

41. Title: A Colour Guide to Familiar Marshland and Freshwater Birds
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Jiri Felix
Published by: Octopus Books
ISBN: 0706404076
Price: 11.00

42. Title: The Pocket Guide to Wild Flowers
Search Score: 1.0

Author: David McClintock. RSR Fitter
Published by: Collins
ISBN: MWB3336661112
Price: 22.00

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