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Quick Search: music

Monday, January 27, 2020
Mary Ward Books Search Results You searched for: music

1. Title: The Musical Companion
Search Score: 1.0

Author: A lLBacharach. J R Pearce
Published by: Victor Gollancz
ISBN: 033025670x
Price: 8.09

2. Title: Orchestra
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Andrew Previn
Published by: Macdonald & Janes
ISBN: 0354044206
Price: 26.40

3. Title: The Pelican History Of Music Volume 1
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Edited by Robertson & Stevens
Published by: Penguin
ISBN: mw00204
Price: 5.78

4. Title: Inventors' Cavalcade
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Egon Larsen
Published by: Lindsay Drummond
ISBN: mw00881
Price: 15.59

5. Title: The Rhythm of Song
Search Score: 1.0

Author: C F Abdy Williams
Published by: Methuen & Co
ISBN: mw00926
Price: 14.85

6. Title: Changing Rooms
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Barker, Linda
Published by: BBC Books
ISBN: 0563551011
Price: 3.47

7. Title: The Larousse Encyclopaedia of Music
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Geoffrey Hindley,
Published by: Hamlyn
ISBN: 0600354911
Price: 18.48

8. Title: Ulysses (Modern Classics S.)
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Joyce, James
Published by: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 014003000X
Price: 5.78

9. Title: An Equal Music
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Seth, Vikram
Published by: Phoenix mass market p/bk
ISBN: 753807734
Price: 7.70

10. Title: Everyman's Dictionary of Music
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Eric Blom
Published by: Book Club Associates/ Dent
ISBN: 1417989181
Price: 5.78

11. Title: Music An Illustrated Encyclopedia
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Neil Ardley
Published by: Hamlyn
ISBN: 0600364100
Price: 14.44

12. Title: Frozen Music
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Marika Cobbold
Published by: Orion Pub Co
ISBN: 0753809516
Price: 8.09

13. Title: The manners and Customs of The Modern Egyptians Illustrated
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Edward William Lane
Published by: J M Dent
ISBN: mw18
Price: 14.44

14. Title: The Delights of Music a critic's choice
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Neville Cardus
Published by: Gollancz
ISBN: 0575008911
Price: 10.40

15. Title: Short History of World Music
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Curt Sachs
Published by: Dobson Books
ISBN: mw00100011
Price: 13.28

16. Title: Treasured Perennials
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Graham Stuart Thomas
Published by: John Murray
ISBN: 0719557283
Price: 17.33

17. Title: King Alberts Book
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Various
Published by: Daily Telegraph and others
ISBN: MW001324543
Price: 55.00

18. Title: Folk-Lore Bresilien
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Santa-Anna Nerv
Published by: Perrin Et Cie
ISBN: mw001621
Price: 49.50

19. Title: The Pelican history of music (Pelican books;A492)
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Robertson, Alec
Published by: Penguin Books
ISBN: B0000CKR89
Price: 12.10

Search Score: 1.0

Author: Various. Anthony Hopkins . Foreword
Published by: WH SMITH
ISBN: 1854352016
Price: 31.90

21. Title: The Twenties
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Alan Jenkins
Published by: Book Club Associates / William
ISBN: mw0012376231
Price: 20.90

22. Title: From gold to porcelain. The art of porcelain and faience
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Ruth Berges
Published by: Thomas Yoseloff
ISBN: MW 32412
Price: 22.00

23. Title: Music for Patriots, Politicians, and Presidents.
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Vera Brodsky Lawrence
Published by: Macmillan
ISBN: MW 141414
Price: 44.00

24. Title: The breakfast table series. The autocrat of the breakfast table. The professor of the breakfast table. The poet at th
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes
Published by: George Routledge & Sons Ltd
ISBN: W00159219
Price: 53.90

25. Title: Shakespeare for all time
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Standley Wells
Published by: Macmillan
ISBN: 0333904990
Price: 27.50

26. Title: Music from rock, pop, jazz, blues and hip-hop to classical, folk and world
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Paul Du Noyer editor
Published by: Ted Smart
ISBN: 1904041965
Price: 41.80

27. Title: Chronicles in Cartoon: A Record of Our Time Parts I-XV Complete
Search Score: 1.0

Author: B. Fletcher Robinson in the Windsor Magazine
Published by: Unstated
ISBN: MW 009215
Price: 247.50

28. Title: Early Medieval Music up to 1300
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Dom Anselm Hughes
Published by: Oxford University Press
ISBN: Mw0091414132
Price: 33.00

29. Title: The History of World Civilization Vol 2
Search Score: 1.0

Author: H Schneider
Published by: George Routledge
ISBN: MW001654987
Price: 22.00

30. Title: 40,000 Years of Music
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Jacques Chailley
Published by: Macdonald
ISBN: MW00153211
Price: 22.00

31. Title: Song of Praise With Music
Search Score: 1.0

Author: various
Published by: Oxford University Press
ISBN: MW001943288
Price: 22.00

32. Title: Travelling by Sea in the Nineteenth Century. Interior Design in Victorian Passenger Ships
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Basil Greenhill Ann Giffard
Published by: Adam and Charles Black
ISBN: MW00218320540
Price: 26.40

33. Title: The Singing Church an outline history of the music sung by choir and people
Search Score: 1.0

Author: C Henry Phillips
Published by: Faber and Faber
ISBN: MW0102943
Price: 16.50

34. Title: Archaeological Graeca or the Antiquities of Greece
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Robinson D. D.
Published by: Baldwin Cradock and Joy
ISBN: MW0063291
Price: 110.00

35. Title: Essays in Musical Analysis. Seven volume set
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Donald Francis Tovey
Published by: Oxford University Press
ISBN: MWO0777777
Price: 121.00

36. Title: The Passion of our Lord according to St Matthew
Search Score: 1.0

Author: J S Bach, Edward Elgar, Ivor Atkins
Published by: Novello
ISBN: MW08777877
Price: 16.50

37. Title: Louis , the Louis Armstrong Story
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Max Jones John Chilton
Published by: Studio Vista
ISBN: 0289702151
Price: 30.25

38. Title: Part music for Sopranos, alto, tenor and bass, Secular Pieces, Bass Voice Part
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Hullah
Published by: John Parker
ISBN: MW0911321
Price: 27.50

39. Title: Hunting Songs with Other Poems and Verses
Search Score: 1.0

Author: G J Whyte -Melville
Published by: Foulis
ISBN: MWO044444
Price: 85.25

40. Title: City of London Past
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Richard Tames
Published by: Historical Publications
ISBN: 0948667311
Price: 35.75

41. Title: Songs of The British Music Hall
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Peter Davison
Published by: Oak Publications
ISBN: 0825600995
Price: 25.30

42. Title: The Complete Psalmodist sixth edition
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Arnold
Published by: Dryden Leach
ISBN: MWB506070
Price: 275.00

43. Title: Poetry Nation Number Three
Search Score: 1.0

Author: C B Cox, Michael Schmidt editors
Published by: University of Manchester
ISBN: 085635110
Price: 15.40

44. Title: The Hound and the Hawk the Art of Mediaeval Hunting
Search Score: 1.0

Author: John Cummins
Published by: Weidenfeld and Nicolson
ISBN: 0297794590
Price: 27.50

45. Title: Modern English Short Stories
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Phyllis M Jones Selector
Published by: Oxford University Press
ISBN: MWB070707321
Price: 16.50

46. Title: Four Plays
Search Score: 1.0

Author: J B Priestley
Published by: William Heinemann
ISBN: MWB45231
Price: 13.20

47. Title: Selected Poems
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Louis MacNeice
Published by: Faber and Faber
ISBN: MWB5719998
Price: 14.85

48. Title: The Faber book of Children's Verse
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Janet Adam Smith, compiler
Published by: Faber and Faber
ISBN: MWB02221118
Price: 22.00

49. Title: Gala Performance
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Arnold Haskell ,editor
Published by: Collins
ISBN: MWB093342
Price: 45.10

50. Title: The East Anglian Book a personal anthology
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Michael Watkins, editor
Published by: East Anglian Magazine
ISBN: 00900227052
Price: 20.35

51. Title: Eden to Paradise
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Margaret King
Published by: Travel Book Club
ISBN: MWB57112121
Price: 14.30

52. Title: Elton John. The life and music of the legendary performer
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Michael Heatley
Published by: Colour Library Direct
ISBN: 1858339456
Price: 13.75

53. Title: The Ballet in Britain. Eight Oxford lectures
Search Score: 1.0

Author: Peter Brinson- editor
Published by: Oxford University Press
ISBN: MWB523146
Price: 27.50

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