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Here are some books for sale from Mary Ward Books:

Wednesday, September 27, 2023
How To Make Flower Decorations by Patricia Easterbrook Roberts
The Tulip by Arend Jan Van der Horst
Complete Guide To flower Gardening by Marshall Cavendish
Container Gardening by Malcolm Hillier
Garden Projects by Editor Keith Faulkener
Planning Your Paintings. Step By Step . by Carole Kitchen
Constable by John Walker
Illustration & Design by Terence Dalley
The Offshore Racer by Theodore A Jones
Work And Struggle. The Painter As A Witness. by Edward Lucie-Smith & Celestine
World Art Treasures by Editor Geoffrey Hindley
Enjoying Wine by Don Hewitson
The Wines Of Italy by David Gleave
The Wines Of Spain & Portugal by Oz Clarke
Wine by Hugh Johnson
Chardonnay by Alan Young
The Wine Buyers Guide,. 3rd Edition by Robert Parker
The Wines Of Spain by Jan Read
The Wines Of The Americas by Robert Joseph
The Wines Of Spain & Portugal by Charles Metcalfe & Kathryn McW
Enjoying Wine by Pamela Vandyke Price
The Great Wine Book by Jancis Robinson
The Dirty Squad by Michael Hames
All Colour Book Of Wine by David Milligan
Australian Wine Guide by James Halliday
Encyclopedia Of Wine by Oz Clarke
New Classic Wines by Os Clarke
Wine Companion by Hugh Johnson
Norfolk in Colour by Mark and Elizabeth Mitchels. Foreword by Dick Joyce
The Practical Grocer Vol 2. by Edited by W G Copsey
Country Crafts by Tessa Evelegh
Elements Of English Architecture by Hugh Braun
Skreta's Family Portrait Of Dionysio Miseroni. by Text O J Blazicek. Photographs
French Paintings From The USSR Watteau to Matisse by National Gallery Catalogue
Anatomy For the Artist by J M Parramon
The New Encyclopedia of Photography by Mark Edwards.
Glorafilia The Impressionist Collection by Carole Lazarus & Jennifer Berman.
The Christmas Book by Edited by Guild Publishing London
Everyday Gardening by Teresa Mozley
Encyclopedia of Gardening by Edited by V. Bowler & R Hillier.
The Houseplant Book by Cynthia Wickham
Indoor Plants by Xenia Field
Successful Gardening- Colour Round The Year. by Reader's Digest.
Plants In Action. by Alan Hibbert & Judy Brooks
The Record Shelf Guide To Classical CD's and Audio Cassettes by Jim Svejda
The Complete Vidio Course. by Keith Brooks.
The Miniature World of Pressed Flowers by Nona Petersen
Period Decorating by Mary Gilliatt
Painting Ceramics by Leslie Harle Simon Willis
The Naked Face by Lailan Young
Cooking Light Cookbook 1992 by Editor A Harvey
1988 by Creating A Home Book
Great Main Dishes by Robert Carrier
Family Menus by created by Rebus Inc.
Cushions Curtains Blinds by Carolyn Watts
Great Starters by Robert Carrier
Make Ahead Menues by Jennifer Harvey Lang & others
Calling The Horses by Peter O'Sullevan
Matthew Arnold by Editor James Gribble
When Shrimps Learn to Whistle by Healey, Denis
Tocqueville by Andre Jardin
Citizen Jane by Christopher Andersen
1999. Victory Without War by Richard Nixon
Madame Curie by Eve Curie
Journeys To The Past by David Attenborough
British Prime Ministers - Pitt The Younger by Derek Jarrett
Sean Connery by Bob Mc Cabe
The Commanding Sea by Clare Francis & Warren Tute
Grand Inquisitor by Memoirs - Sir Robin Day
Forks, Phonographs & Hot Air Balloons by Robert Weber.
Psychology by Norman L Munn
The Bupa Guide To Child Health. by David Baum. Susanna Graham Jones
Aeschyli: Septem quae supersunt tragoediae: Recensuit Gilbertus Murray. (Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis by Aeschylus. Gilbert Murray
Text- Book of Physics - Properties of Matter by J H Poynting
Adolescence Its Social Psychology by C M Fleming
Basic Psychology Second edition. by Howard Kendler
Bronchodilator Therapy by Editor T J H Clark.
All Colour Book of Science Facts by Mark Lambert and others.
Heaven looked Upwards. by Matthew Byrne
The Musical Companion by A lLBacharach. J R Pearce
Murder & Madness by Alan Hall
Songs of Praise by Andrew Barr
The Origin of the Universe by J D Barrow
The Key To The Universe by Nigel Calder
Astronomy In Colour by P L Brown
The Orchestra Vol 2 . Orchestral Combination. by Ebenezer Prout
Tunisian Battle by John D'Arcy Dawson.
Boswell's Life of Johnson by Introduced by C B Tinker
Quentin Durward by Walter Scott
The Wisdom of Winston Churchill by Czarnomski
The Histories and Poems of Shakespeare by edited by W J Craig.
The Angler's Weekend Book by Eric Taverner & John Moore
Heaven Looked Upwards by Byrne, Matthew
The First Book of the great Musicians by Percy Scholes
The Second Book of the Great Musicians by Percy Scholes
Sea Coarse and Game Angling In Colour by Editior Alan Wrangles
Space and Storage by Editor G Moore
Treasury of Kathe Kruse Dolls. Vol 3 by Lydis Richter
The Country Diary Book Of Knitting by Annette Mitchell
The Encyclopedia of Popular Antiques by M Carter
Millars Victorian Antique Check-list by Eric Knowles
The Consice Encyclopedia of Fishing by Gareth Powell and all
The World of Antiques by R & T Kovel
Modern Coarse Fishing by H D Turing
Fishing- A Pictorial Guide by Clive Gammon
The Art Of Angling Vol 1 by Kenneth Mansfield
Upholstery- A Step by Step Guide. by Jeanne Argent
The Arthur Negus Guide To Pottery & Porcelain by Bernard Price
The Book Of Toy Making by Pamela Reake
The Klutz Book of Marbles. by Klutz Press Editors
Fire by Edward Stuart
Bizarre And Eccentric by Nigel Blundell
Great Hauntings by Editor Peter Brookesmith
Celtic Mysteries by John Starkey
The Highest Altar by Patrick Tierney
Keeper Of Genesis by Bauval & Hancock
The Universe by R Kerrod
Arthur Clarke's Mysterious World by Welfare & Fairley
The World's Greatest Mysteries by Nigel Blundell
The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail by Baigent , Leigh, Lincoln
The Foreseeable Future by G, Thomson
The Slings And Arrows Comic Guide by Frank Plowright - editor
Tony Soper's Bird Book by Tony Soper
Oceans by Editor G E R Deacon
A Passion For Cats by The Cat's Protection League
The Mystery Of Migration by Editor R. Baker
Christie's Guide To Collecting by Edited by Robert Cumming
English Pottery And Porcelain. by W B Honey
Conversation With Menuhin by Robin Daniels
Ancient Egypt Myth & History. by Geddes & Crosset,Gresham Publishing
Sutton Hoo - Burial Ground of The kings by Martin Carver
From Beirut To Jerusalem by Thomas Friedman
The National trust Gardening Guide- Borders. by Editor Penelope Hobhouse
The Genus -Cyclamen by Christopher Gray- Wilson
The Armchair Book Of The Garden by D G Hessayon
The Great Age of Exploration by Duncan Castlereagh
Before Civilisation by Colin Renfrew
Animal Anthology by Brian Vesey-FitzGerald
The Flight Of The Condor by Michael Andrews
Builders Of The Ancient World - Marvels Of Engineering by Prepared by the Special Publication Division National Geographic Society
The story Of Archaeology by Paul Bahn
A Social History Of England by Asa Briggs
Return To The Albion by Richard Kenin
Growing Up In The People's Century by John Clare
Wild Fowl Of The World by Eric Soothill Peter Whitehead
The Hand Book Of Foreign Birds- In Colour. by A Rutgers
The Roman West Country by K. Branigan P Fowler.
English Villages by J Burke
Prologue to a war: The Navys part in the Narvik Campaign by Brookes, Ewart
Vintage Cars. Motoring in the 1920s by Cyril Posthumus
Cars . An Encyclopedia Of The World's Most Fabulous Automobiles by M Buckley. C Rees
In Siberia by C Thubron
Highland Country Diaries by R Collier
Nature In East Anglia by Robert Dougal
The Great Rift by Anthony Smith
Cooking With Mosimann by Anton Mosimann
Sewing For The Home by M Brooks Picken
Fish And Seafood by Editor Isabel Moore
The Stress Factor by Editor Caroline Turner
English Countryside Embroidery by Stafford Whiteaker
The West Of England by R Manning -Sanders
The Plays of John Galsworthy by John Galsworthy
Sex And Destiny by Germaine Greer
The Lonely Tower by T R Henn
Milton by E M W Tillyard
Super Woman by Shirley Conran
Woman's Own Book Of Modern Home Making by Editor Woman's Own.
First Aid by editor Dr Trevor Weston
Microwave Cooking by Carol Bowen
Poems of Henry Lawson Vol 2 by Illustrated by Pro Hart
A Passion For Pasta by Editor C Noble
By Permission Of The Master by Robert Colville
A Constitutional History Of India 1600-1935 by A B Keith
A History Of Medicine by L E King
The thoughts of Trueman now: Every cricket maniac\'s anthology by Freddie Trueman, Eric Morecambe, Willie Rushton, Fred Rumsey.
The Public Schools- A Factual Survey. by G Kalton
The French Second Republic by Roger Price
Scottish Battles by John Sadler
Georgian London by John Summerson
A Prime Minister On Prime Ministers by Harold Wilson
1776 The British Story Of The American Revolution. by K Pearson, P Connor .
Yesterdays by Eric Midwinter
The Ffrench Letters by G A Ffrench.
The Traditional English Garden by Annabella Lenox- Boyde
Today's Guide To Greenhouse Garden by Bob Price
Concise Dictionary Of Quotations by Pocket reference Library
The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations by Oxford Paperbacks
The World Of The Forsytes by John Fisher
Novels And Novelists by M Seamore-Smith
Napoleon's Peninsular Marshals by Richard Humble
Middle Marsh A Norfolk Miscellanea by Keith Macdougal
Cicero. Offices and Select letters by Introduced by John Warrington
The Congress of Vienna. A Study in Allied Unity: 1812 – 1822 by Harold Nicholson
Sentimental Tommy vol 1 by J M Barry
Sentimental Tommy vol 2 by J M Barry
Pipers At The Gates of Dawn by Jonathon Cott
Isis and Osiris by Jonathon Cott
Radio Romance by Garrison Keillor
Lilly Langrey by Laura Beatty
A Step by Step Book About Love Birds by Arnold Weston
Bird Life by Jurgen Nicolai
Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Birds by J Hanzak &J Formanek
The Dictionary Of Birds in Colour by Bruce Campbell
The Unheated Greenhouse. by Ronald Menage
Roses by L G Turner,
Company Of Birds by Eva Engholm
The Ladybird Book Of British Birds by Robert Dougall
A Complete Guide To Tropical Fish by Cliff Emmens
The Countryside Companion by Sam Elder .Introduced by Robert Hardy
In The Country by Editor Peter Crawford
Complete Book Of Houseplants by Helina Heitz
The Family Water Naturalist by Heather Angel & Pat Wolsley
Camera- Victorian Eyewitness by Gus Mac Donald
Cacti Succulents and tropical Plants by Nicky Haydn
Napoleons Peninsular Marshals by Humble, Richard
The Flower Garden by Lance Hattatt
The Concise Encyclopedia of Formula One by David Tremayne & Mark Hughes
Piccadilly -World of Golf 1972 by Edited and Compiled by World Golf
The Beginners Guide To Pot plants by W E Shewell- Coper
Whales And Whaling by Paul Budker
And Far Away by Garry Hogg
Royal Clocks. by Cedric. JAGGER
Lourdes. - A Modern Pilgrimage by Patrick Marnham
Amazon- The Flooded Forest. by Michael Goulding
The Complete Home Aquarium by Hans J Mayland
WardLock's Complete Gardening by Editor C E Pearson
Bullseye Success Guides - Birdwatching by Steve Madge & Catherine Dell
Canada A Visual History by D GG Kerr & R I K Davidson
Biochemistry, a functional approach by Robert W McGilvery
Tuktu - A Question of Survival by Fraser Symington
Plain Tales From The Raj. by Edited by Charles Allen
Watership Down by Richard Adams
The River People by Philip Ware
The Moor's Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie
Flower Arranging In Colour by Betty Massingham
The Dried Flower Encyclopedia by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers.
About Blady by Laurens Van Der Post
Indian Architecture & The English by Mildred Archer
Philips New World Atlas by Editor Bill Willott
Orchestra by Andrew Previn
Treasures Of World Art by Nicholas Fry
The Classic Romance Omnibus by Sarah Grey
The Pelican History Of Music Volume 1 by Edited by Robertson & Stevens
The Mountain Inn - and other stories by Guy De Maupassant
The Discovery Of Animal Behaviour by John Sparks
Aviation. The Story Of Flight by Editor Bill Gunston
The Natural History Of The Universe by Colin A Ronan
The Love Of Gardening by Editor Kenneth Beckett
An Interpet Guide To Rabbits & Guinea Pigs by David Alderton
Finches by Curt Af Enehjelm
Beagles by Edited by Beverly Pisano
Hamsters & Gerbils by David Alderton
Gerbils by Paul Paradise
Book Of Roses by Xenia Fields
The Penguin Book Of The Natural World by Editor- Elizabeth Martin
A Shorter Manual Of Theology by J Agar Beet
A Mystic On The Prussian Throne by Gilbert Stanhope
Evening Devotions by Robert Huish
A Manual Of Pastoral Psychology by Dewar & Hudson
Elementary Manual For The Deviations Of The Compass In Iron Ships by E W Creak
A Pillage Of Art by Judith Grant
The Orchestral Instruments and What They Do by D G Mason
Tight Lines- Angling Sketches by R C Bridgett
Fishing Vignettes by Cecil Braithwaite
The Histor y Of Tom Jones . Vol 1 by Henry Fielding
The History Of Tom Jones - Vol 2 by Henry Fielding
Battle Of The Seaways - from the Athenia to the Bismark. by G H Johnston
Queen Elizabeth by Mona Wilson
The Man- Of -War- What she has done and what she is doing. by E Hamilton Currey
Our Forests by W H Rowe
Genuine And False - Copies Imitations Forgeries. by Hans Tietze
Our Magnificent Wildlife by DF L Allen and others
The Price Guide To Dolls - Antique and Modern by Constance Eileen King
Doing Up Old Junk by Joanna Jones
English Antiques by G Speck & E Sutherland
English Antiques- The Age Of Elegance 1700-1830 by Donald Wintersgill
Inherit The Land- Landowners in the 20th Century by Lawence Rich
Australia Beyond The Dreamtime by T Keneally, P Adam-Smith, R Davidson.
The Guinness Guide To Coarse Fishing by M Prichard & M Shepley
The Age Of The Automobile by George Bishop
The Mysterious Maya by G & G Stuart
Discovering Furniture ( Everyday Collectables) by Introduced by Tony Curtis
Fly Fishing by Stephen Windsor
Brother Can You Spare A Dime? by Susan Winslow
Smuggler's Britain by G Bernard Wood
The Enterprise Of England . The Spanish Armada by Roger Whiting.
The Teachings Of Don Juan. A Yaqui way of knowledge. by Carlos Castaneda
Hemingway in Africa. The last Safari by Christopher Ondaatje
Psycholinguistics. Chomsky and Psychology by Judith Greene
The Secrets Of Easter Island by Jean- Michel Schwartz.
Immunology by Basiro Davey
Inside The Firm by Tony Lambrianou
Monarchy- Behind The Scenes With The Royal Family by Brian Hoey
Fatu- Hiva. Back To Nature by Thor Heyerdahl
The Incredible Incas, & Their Timeless Land by Loren Mc Intyre
Local History- A Handbook For Beginners by Philip Riden
Practical Miracles For Mars And Venus. by John Gray
Twenty -Five Years In Show Jumping by David Broome with Brian Giles
Brezhnev- A Short Biography by C P S U Central Committee
We, The Nation by A J Davies
The Ayes & Noes by hristopher Hollis & Cummings
Modern Firearms by Yves Cadiou & Alphonse Richard
Prologue. An Unconventional Life. by Joan Brady
The Making Of Red Rum - The Sculpter's Story by Philip Blacker
Fred Trueman Talking Cricket With Friends Past & Present. by Fred Trueman & Don Mosey
A Collector's Guide To Paper Money. by Yasha Beresiner
War In 2080- The Future Of Military Technology by David Langford
The Inventing Of America. by Bruce Norman
Lawrence Tibbett: Singing Actor by Andrew Farkas
Battle Of Britain by Alfred Price
Ships Through The Ages. by Douglas Lobley
Birds Of Prey by Glenys & Derek Lloyd
Four Favourites. by D B Wyndham Lewis
The Queenmaker- A Portrait of John Dudley 1502-1553 by Philip Lindsay
Francis Bacon by Mary Stuart.
The Living Planet by David Attenborough
Reader's Digest family Guide To Nature. by R L Scheffel- editor
Word From England by Sir Tom Bridges
The Stokesover Guide To The Classic Courses Of Great Britain & Ireland by Nick Edmund
An Assemblage )f 19th Century Horses & Carriages. by Jennifer Lang.
The Square Mile. by John Plender & Paul Wallace
Business Cultures In Europe by Colin Randlesome
The Financial Times Guide To Using The Financial Pages. by Romesh Vaitilingham
The Complete Manual Of Fitness and Well-Being by Macdonald
Voices Out Of The Air. The Royal Christmas broadcasts 1932 – 1981 by Tom Fleming.
The Science Of The Sea by C P Idyll. -editor
Materpieces. A decade Of Classics On British Television by Alistaire Cooke
War Wives by Colin & Eileen Townsend
Popular Handbook of Indian birds by Hugh Whistler
Victoria R I by Elizabeth Longford
Renoir-My Father by Jean Renoir
The Prize by Irving Wallace
Nicholas And Alexandra by Robert K Massie
S A M S Teach Yourself Mac OS 8.5 In 24 Hours by Rita Lewis Lisa Lee
The Life Of Dylan Thomas by Constantine FitzGibbon
Against The Grain by Boris Yeltzin
As It Seemed To Me by John Cole
Despatches from the Barricade by John Simpson
An Actor And His Time by John Gielgud
You Can't Do Both by Kingsley Amis
Pontiff by Gordon Thoms Max Morgan-Witts
Ultimate Horse Racing Fact & Quiz Book by David Smalley
Indira Gandhi by Swraj Paulo
The Changing Anatomy Of Britain by Anthony Simpson
North America - Its Countries And Regions by J Wreford Watson
The Proving Flight by David Beaty
Plant Physiology by F C Steward
The English Parliament by Kenneth Mackenzie
The Emperor's New Mind. by Roger Penrose
The Companion Guide To East Anglia by John Seymour
The Bull Of Minos by Leonard Cottrell
Scotch Verdict by Lillian Faderman
English Drama From Early Times To The Elizabethans by A P Rossiter
James Boswell by C E Vulliamy
Sacheverell Sitwell's England by Michael Raeburn -editor.
Isotopes In Biochemistry by C E W Wolstenholme and others
Systematic Qualitative Organic Analysis by H Middleton
Qualitative Organic Chemistry by Neil Campbell
Studies on Frank O'Connor with a bibliography of his writing by Michael / Frank
Yvor Winters by Uncollected Essays & Reviews
Good Farm Workmanship by D V Fletcher
Rumour & Reflection by Bernard Berenson
Addisonia Volume1 Number 4 by New York Botanical Garden
The Photographs of Chachaji by Ved Mehta
Life of Titian Vol 1 by James Northcote R A
A Text -Book Of Organic Chemistry by Dr Julius Schmidt
A Textbook Of Organic Chemistry by A Bernthsen
Experimental Physiology For Medical Students by D T Harris
Marine Microbial Ecology by E J Ferguson Wood
125 Typical Electronic Circuits Analyzed & Repaired by Art Margolis
Computer Appreciation by T F Fry
Alice Owen. The life, marriages and times of a Tudor lady by Clive Rose
Topographical History of Warwickshire, Westmoreland and Wiltshire. by George Laurence Gomme
The World Atlas Of Wine by Hugh Johnson
The World's Elite Forces by Walter N Lang
English Topography of Shropshire & Somersetshire by George Laurence Gomme
New Ways With Fresh Flowers by Fiona Barnett
Airborne To The Mountains by James Mills
Mont Blanc & The Aiguilles by C Douglas Milner
Footsteps by Bruce Norman
The American Way Of Birth by Jessica Mitford
Forgotten Thameside by Glyn H Morgan
Coleccion De Las Obras Sueltas, Assi En Prosa, Como en Verso . Tomo111 by D Frey Lope Felix De Vega Carpio
Vite di Uomini Illustri - Volume Primo by Da Loro Medesimi
Royal Tour 1901 by Harry Price
The Countryside Encyclopaedia by Richard Muir
Shakespeare by Martin Fido
Advanced Physics . Fields Waves & Atoms by T Duncan
Walter Savage Landor. Imaginary Conversations. by J P Mahaffy
Down Under by Bill Bryson
New England - Insight Guide by Jay Itzkowitz
Provence by Marcel Brion
Windsor Magazine vol 2 1895 by Warren Bell & others
Weekend Wodehouse by P G Wodehouse
The Essential Guide To Wine by Robert Joseph
Bracebridge Hall or The Humorists by Geoffrey Crayon (Gent) or Washington Irving
The Works of the author of the Night-Thoughts. Vol 2 by Edward Young.
Oeuvres de Jean Racine by Jean Racine
Catalogue of Impressionist & Modern Paintings and Sculpture -1973 by Sotheby&Co
The Choice of Books and other Literary Pieces by Frederic Harrison
The Oberammergau Passion Play by Vernon Heaton
British Sailor Heroes by Laughton
Charlotte Bronte by Rebecca Frazer
Taken Care Of- Edith Sitwell's Autobiography by Edith Sitwell
Procession by John Gunther
The Basis Of Combination In Chess by Du Mont
Tarrasch's Best Games Of Chess by Fred Reinfeld
Milton's Paradise Lost books 1 and 2 by Macmillan
Alberta's Parks . Our Legacy by Donna von Hauff- editor.
The Flower Garden by Richard Bisgrove
When Village Bells Were Silent by Fred Archer
Ward of Caesar. The making of a King. by Kenneth Benton
Suffolk County Handbook by Pauline Goodwin. Suffolk County Council
Farming Times by Michael Dixon
Black Man's Country by Isobel Ryan
More or Less by More, Kenneth
For Lust Of Knowing- Memoirs Of An Intelligence Officer by Archie Roosevelt
The Windsor Magazine December 1913 to May 1914, June 1914 to November 1914 (two volumes) by Ward, Lock and Co.
Born 1900 by Hunter Davies
A Walk With A White Bushman by Laurens van der Post
Memories Of The great And The Good by Alistaire Cooke
The Americans by Alistaire Cooke
Poetry Of The English Speaking World by Richard Aldington-editor
Shelley's Poetical Works by Edward Doden -editor
Polyether Antibiotics-Naturally Occuring Acid Ionophores Vol 2: Chemistry by John Westley-editor
The Foundations Of Philately by W Boggs A Strange
An Illustrated Cultural History Of England by F E Halliday
War & Peace vol 1 by Tolstoy
The Oxford History Of The American People by Oxford
The Life Of Samuel Johnson by Boswell.
Chess Mastery By Question And Answer by Fred Reinfeld
The Elements Of Combination Play In Chess by Fred Reinfeld
Rugby Football by Louis T Stanley
The Musical Educator Vols 1,2,3. by John Greig
Traditional Country Needlecrafts by Sue Millard
New Arabian Nights by FRobert Louis Stevenson
Hungary by Nicholas Parsons
Contemporary Industrial Organizational Psychology- 2nd edition by L Sewell & Mark Siegall
Information technology- the Catalyst for Change. C B I Iniative 1992 by P A Consulting Group
Toots In Solitude by John Yount
The Three Star Blitz by Charles Whiting
Histoire de la RevolutionFrancaise-Tome 1 by F A M Mignet
English Pottery and Porcelain (Lib. of Eng. Art) by Honey, W B
The Eclogues & Georgics Of Virgil by J W Mackail
Readings of the Paradiso of Dante Chiefly Based On the commentary of Benvenuto Da Imola Vol 2 by William Warren Vernon
Antologia Italiana by Del Cav F Brancia
I Want ! I Want ! by John Masefield
Die Ungarische Volksmusik by Zoltan Kodaly
First Italian Reader by B L Bowen
Cavalleria Rusticana by Verga translated by D H Lawrence
A Smaller Grammar Of The Greek Language by Dr. George Curtis
Collins Cortina Modern Greek In 20 Lessons by George C Pappageotes
First steps In French History, Literature and Philology by F F Roget
First Greek Grammar - Accidence by w. Gunion Rutherford
Memoirs Of A Coxcomb by John Cleland
The Frogs And Three Other Plays Of Aristophanes - The Plays Of Aristophanes Vol 2 by Translated by Frere, Hickie, Mitchell & Cumberland
Xenophon's Anabasis Book 3 by G H Nall
Words Win Wars by John Hargrave
Great Stories Of Love And Romance by various
Italian Principia - Part 2 by W Smith
Aristophanes The Acharnians by W W Merry
Johnson's Life Of The Poets by edited by Matthew Arnold
Letters From Spain by Karel Carpek
Castles In Spain & Other Screeds by John Galsworthy
Richard Wagner's Tondramen by Georg Richard Kruse
Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary by Anne Manning.
Thucydides-Book 1 by E C Marchant
European Jungle by F Yeats-Brown
Anna Karenina -Vols ! & 2 by Leo Tolstoy
Ecce Homo- The Life and Work Of Jesus Christ by Sir John Seeley
Vetus Testamentum Graecum Vol 2 by not applic.
Vetus Testamentum Graecum Vol 3 by Not Applic.
euripidis-Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis by Murray Gilbert ( editor)
quinas Part 1 by Fathers of the English Dominican Province
Cornered Poets by L Housman
Caliban In Grub Street by Ronald A Knox
The Merry-Go-Round (Twentieth-Century Classics) by Somerset Maugham
Select Letters of Seneca (College Classical Series) by Walter C. Summers
The Hercules Furens Of Euripedes by A Gray & J T Hutchinson
The Orations of Demosthenes, ([Harper\'s] classical library) by Demosthenes
Vergili Maronis Georgicon Liber 1V by T. E. Page, editor
Elements Of Phonetics - English, French, German by Walter Rippmann
The Philippics Of Demosthenes by E Abbott & P Matheson
Platonis Crito by J Adam
The Fair Haven (The Thinker's Library No 70) by Samuel Butler
More Poems by A E Housman
Roman Catholic Claims by Charles Gore
Contes Cruels by Comte de Villiers de L'Isle -Adam
The Oxford Dictionary Of Modern Greek ( Greek English) by J T Pring
The Apocrypha by not applic.
The Reconstruction Of Belief by Charles Gore
Herodotos VIII Urania by E S Shuckburgh
Juvenal & Persius by Juvenal. E Capps editor.
The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire vol 2 by Edward Gibbon
The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire vol 4 by Edward Gibbon
Perfect Cooking With Beef & Veal by Good Housekeeping
Pan Cooke Chicken Dishes -Recipes |From Around The World by I P M Ltd
Our Industry by Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.
Our Daily Bread by Stella Standard
Angell, Pearl & Little God by Winston Graham
Journal Of The Chartered Insurance Institute -1965 by Buckham, Cockerell & Others
Light Meals by Kim MacDonald
Everyday Cooking With Herbs by Mary A Collin
Lloyds. The Gentlemen At The Coffee House by Ralph Straus
Inventors' Cavalcade by Egon Larsen
Pictures In Umbria by Ketherine Macquoid
Raphael. Raffaello Sanzio Da Urbino by N D'Anvers
A History of Ancient Sculpture by Lucy M Mitchell
The Rose Annual 1973 by The Royal National Rose Society
The Rose Annual 1971 by The Royal National Rose Society
The Rose Annual 1969 by The Royal National Rose Society
Labour Economics, Theory and Evidence by Belton M Fleisher
Cogs in the Soviet wheel ;: The formation of Soviet man by Mikhail Geller
Fantastic Cakes by Sue Mann
Lynn Hollyn's Town and Country Cat by Lynn Hollyn
Zululand by Mitch Reardon
Pastels: Step-By-Step Teaching Through Inspirational Projects (Art School Series) by Hazel Harrison
John Ruskin: The argument of the eye by Robert Hewison
Graphic art of the 19th century (World of art series) by Claude Roger-Marx
The same god: A novel by John Jones
Complete Guide to Drying Flowers by Lesley Gordon, J Lorimer
Peter Paul Ruben by Jennifer Fletcher
Step By Step Guide to Jewelry Making by Avril Rodway
Redefining Beauty: Discovering Your Individual Beauty, Enhancing Your Self-Esteem by Victoria Jackson, Paddy Calistro, Douglas Kirkland
What To See In An English Church by Lawrence E. Jones
Heirloom . An Introduction to Collecting Antiques by John Bly
Cooking with Herbs by Irma Goodrich Mazza
Sing for Your Supper by Pamela Frankau
All about the universe, (Allabout books) by David Dietz
Wing Chun Kung Fu by Master Austin Goh. Bil Chee-advanced form
valentines by Judith Holder
Carters dictionary of gardening by Oliver Dawson
Eating for Good Health (Health and Healing the Natural Way) by Reader's Digest
How To Draw And Paint What You See by Ray Smith
The Church of England: A Portrait by Michael De-la-Noy
Turner, 1775-1851 by Tate Gallery
Connoissuers Guide to Antique Silver by Ronald Pearsall
The Anatomy Of Spirit by Jack Lindsay
Frost And The Fruitgrower by Raymond Bush
T Macci Plavti- Menaechmi by P Thoresby Jones
Disease Fighting Foods by Prevention health
The Skier's Handbook by The editors of Ski Magazine
Mahan- The Life And Work Of Captain Thayer Mahan by W D Puleston
Cambridge Geographical Series -Ethnology by A H Keane
Moments of Memory by Herbert Asquith
Twenty Six Sea Yarns by G Gibbard Jackson
In The Steps Of Moses The Lawgiver. by Louis Golding
A Book Of The Golden Rule by Jane T Stoddart
Hints for Platform & Parliamentary Speaking by Arthur Ponsonby
The Mind Of Pius XII by R C Pollock- editor
Toward The Knowledge Of God by Claude Tresmontant
Turner by Graham Reynolds
Master Venturers - extracts from the writings of famous travellers by J Compton
Girl Friday by Joanna Lummley
The Last Romantic. the authorised biography of Sir John Martin-Harvey by Maurice Willson Disher
The Poetry of childhood by Samuel Carr- editor
Learning to Use Statistical Tests in Psychology by Judith Green
The Backbenchers by Peter G Richards
Crime of Mary Stuart by George Malcolm Thomson
The Anatomy Of Modern Science by Bernhard Bavink
The Evolution of the British Empire and Commonwealth by John A R Marriott
The Rhythm of Song by C F Abdy Williams
Father Bernard Vaughan- A Memoir by Father C C Martindale
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New England by Itzkowitz, Jay
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You Dont Have to Be Mad to Work Here...but It Helps!! by Kilroy, Roger
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Half The Battle by Paul Bloomfield
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New York by Cook, Beryl
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Reflex by Francis, Dick
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The winged horse by Frankau, Pamela
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Lydia Bailey by Kenneth Roberts
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English Country Houses . 0pen to the public by Christopher Hussey & John Cornforth
Psychological Principles by James Ward
The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning with two prose essays by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A the Dictionary of British Ships and Seamen by Grant Uden Richard Cooper
The Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke with a memoir by Edward Marsh - author of the memoir
English Literature in the Early Eighteenth Century 1700-1740 by Bonamy Dobree
Eliza Cook's Poems by Eliza Cook
Conditions of Contract relating to building works by Frank W Macey ; revised by B J Leverson
I , Claudius by Robert Graves
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by Jacob Burckhardt
Traite Pratique Complet d'Astrologie Scientifique -a la portee de tous by Daniel Weil
Making Pottery by Judith and Roy Christy
. Die Kunst in Bildern; Alt-Niederlandische Malerei 200 Nachbildungen Mit Geschichtlicher Einfuhrung Und Erlauterungen by Heidrich, Ernst
Privacy by Mervyn Jones
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms by Ian V Hogg
Mechanical World Year Book by No Author
The farm and the village; by George Ewart Evans
Exploring Puppetry by Stuart Robinson
Churchill A biography by Martin Gilbert
Churchill A biography by Martin Gilbert
Ancient China: Art and Archaeology by Jessica Rawson
The Evolution of Early Man by Bernard Wood . Illustrated by Giovanni Caselli
Margaret Powell in America by Margaret Powell
The Contained Garden by Kenneth Beckett, David Carr, David Stevens
The Three Creeds by Edgar C s Gibson
Modern Home Painting and Decorating an illustrated room-by room guide for every handyman by W P Matthew -editor
The Winding Stair by A E W Mason
Evolution and its Modern Critics by A M Davies
With Henry Moore: The Artist at Work by Gemma Levine
The Garden Planner by Ashley Stephenson
The Prince of Wales by Reginald Davis
The Book of the Year: Natural History of Britain Through the Seasons by Jane Phillips, Jill Burton, Kim Taylor
The Predators by Irene E Cohen
Book of Love: An Anthology of Words and Pictures by John Hadfield
A Book of Delights an anthology of words and pictures by John Hadfield
The Rose In Britain by N P Harvey
Anzio: The Gamble That Failed by Martin Blumenson
Know Britain The Heritage and Institutions of an Offshore Island by Mason & Windrow
Fruit Growing for Amateurs by N P Harvey editor
My Irish Year by Padraic Colum
Problems and Puzzles by P Wenman
An Introduction To English Silver by Peter Wilding
The Stricken Deer The Life of Cowper. by Lord David Cecil
Nature and Human Nature by Alex Comfort
The Story of Extinct Civilizations of the East. by Robert E Anderson
Lenin\'s childhood by Isaac Deutscher
Gentlemans Magazine Library: Being a Classified Collection of the Chief Contents of the Gentlemans Magazine from 1731 to by Gomme, Laurence
Psychology of Interpersonal Behaviour by Michael Argyle
Evidence on the terror in Chile by Sun Axelsson and others
Persepolis by Ali Sami. Rev. R Sharp
The Blitz by Constantine Fitzgibbon
Stress: A New Positive Approach (Take Control Series) by Jenni Adams
Britain\'s Haunted Heritage by J. A. Brooks
Summary of Medicine for Nurses and Medical Auxiliaries by R.Gordon Cooke, Ann C. Miller
Elements of physical chemistry by Glasstone, Samuel
Lenin: The Story of His Life: v. 1 by Maria Prilezhayeva, F. Glagoleva
The Blue Notebook by Emmanuil Kazakevich
History will absolve me: Fidel Castro\'s self defense speech before the court in Santiago de Cuba on October 16, 1953 by Fidel Castro
Forging the Modern Age, 1900-14 (The Eventful 20th Century) by Reader's Digest
The Riddle and Other Stories by Walter De La Mare
The Illustrated Brontes of Haworth: Scenes and Characters from the Lives and Writings of the Bronte Sisters (Willow Book by Brian Wilks
Henry the Eight by Francis Hackett
Moscow 1941/1942 Stalingrad: [recollections, stories, reports by Vladimir Sevruk
The Bradford Book of Collectors Plates U K edition 1993 by Bradford Exchange
Tarot Discover the Mysteries of the Futu by Bill Anderton
Novels of High Society from the Victorian age by Anthony Powell
Wales, (The Blue guides) by Stuart Rossiter
One to One: Experiences of Psychotherapy (Pelican S.) by Rosemary Dinnage
Alzheimers Disease Coping With a Living Death by R. Woods
Mountbatten, Hero of Our Time by Richard Hough
Introduction to the Physiology of Crop Yield by Robert K M Hay & Andrew J Walker
L S Lowry by Michael Leber
Arthur Rackham by Fred Gettings
Colourful Characters from East Anglia by H Mills West
Human behaviour in Illness Psychology and interpersonal relationships (Faber paperbacks) by Lynn Gillis
Living and Working with Schizophrenia by M.V. Seeman, J. Joel Jeffries, E. Plummer, J.F. Thornton
Avenger by Frederick Forsyth
Around Pasadena. An architectural study by Terry Silo & John Manion
My Poems by Dorothy Edwards
Taiwan (Insight guides) by Reid, Daniel P
The True History of the Elephant Man by Michael Howell, Peter Ford
The New Wessex selection of Thomas Hardy\'s poetry by Thomas Hardy
Angelas Ashes by Frank McCourt
Poems by Caroline White
Poems by Caroline White
A Manual of General Pathology by A L Preston
Queen Katherine Parr by Anthony Martienssen
Fact Or Fantasy, Compelling Collection Of Awe-Inspiring Tales by various
The Chinese Horoscopes Library by Man-Ho Kwok
Peter Carl Faberge,goldsmith and jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court: His life and work by Henry Charles Bainbridge
From Hogarth to Keene by Henry Reitlinger
Archaeology and the New Testament by Stephen L Caiger
Easily grown Hardy Perennials by George H Vos. T W Sanders
Notre Dame. The original illustrated edition by Victor Hugo.
Cicero on Old Age. Selections from Cicero part 5V. cato major, sive de senectute dialogus by Julius Sommerbrodt
Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment by Robert W Kirk, Stephen I Bistner
Here I Stand:Life of Martin Luther (Mentor S.) by Bainton Roland H.
Ploughshare Into Pylon by M Janet Becker
Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T E Lawrence
An Inland Voyage by Robert Louis Stevenson
The Newcomers by W M Thackeray
Nursery Furniture by Edward Gelles
Clementina by A E W Mason
Report from Engine Co. 82 (Thorndike Paperback) by Smith, Dennis
Baillieres Veterinary Handbook Formerly The Vetinary Surgeon's Vade Mecum by G Henderson J Stratton
Mathematics for Management... by Mark E. Stern
Modern Systems Analysis and Design, Second Edition by Joseph S. Valacich, Joey F. George, Jeffrey A. Hoffer
Evolution and Animal Life . An elementary discussion of facts, processes, laws and theories relating to the life and ev by D. S Jordan & V. L. Kellogg
The Book of Snobs by W M Thackeray
The Amateur Gardener A guide to garden work for each month of the year. by Mrs Loudon
Rain Woman by Morrow, Charlotte
The Viper of Milan by Marjorie Bowen
The Log House By The Lake . A tale of Canada by W H G Kingston
The grapes of wrath ; [and], The moon is down ; [and], Cannery Row ; [and], East of Eden ; [and], Of mice and men by John Steinbeck
In The Steps Of St Francis by Ernest Raymond
The New Testament of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ , translated out of the original Greek and with the former tran by -----------------------------------
Fringe Medicine by Brian Inglis
The Works of John Milton (Wordsworth Poetry Library ) by John Milton
Seide maises-- grandfather\'s tales by Brian Taylor
Catherine the Great by Henri Troyat
Anna Karenina (Wordsworth Classics) by Leo Tolstoy
The Shopkeers by Valerie Maskell
The Adventure of sail, 1520-1914, by Donald Macintyre
The Mirror in the Corner by Peter Black
Woman's Life in Colonial Days by Carerl Holliday
World Aircraft 1918-1935 by Enzo Angelucci & Paolo Matricardi
Wisdom of the West by Bertrand Russell
Life Histories of familiar Plants. Illustrated by John J Ward
The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight by ELIZABETH, Countess Russell. Born Mary Annette Beauchamp
The Fatal Impact: The Invasion of the South Pacific, 1767-1840 by Alan Moorehead
Treasures from the Royal collection . The Queen's Gallery Buckingham Palace. 1988-9 by The Queen's Gallery
Catalogue of the Rene Fribourg Collection. European Porcelain (part1) French Faience and European Porcelain (part2) by Sotheby & Co
Catalogue of Silver, Gold Boxes and Faberge. Geneva 17th & 18th Geneva 1997 by Sothebys
The Robert and Rosemary Turner Collection , 1998 catalogue by Phillips
Not By The Book by Nicholas S Mair
No New Thing. A Handbook of religious education with suggestions for visual aids and activities. by A J Watts
Revised Version Hymns Ancient and Modern by varous
Prayer by O Hallesby
Guns and How They Work by Ian Hogg
Race Against Time: How Britain\'s Canal Heritage Was Saved by David Bolton
The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde C33
Scarlet Tree (Papermacs S.) by Sitwell, Osbert
Automatic Radar Plotting AIDS Manual by A. G. Bole, K. D. Jones
Practical Points on Boat Engines by Hans Donat
Modern Boat Building: Materials and Methods by Steve Sleight
Mensuration and Spherical Geometry including the elements of the geometry of the rectilinear solids and the sphere by W Briggs &T W Edmondson
Electrical and electronic equipment for yachts by John French
How to Design and Install Small Bore Heating by Tom Stanley
1945: The Allies Victorious by Burns, Ross
The heroine or the horse: Leading ladies in Republic\'s films by Thomas Burnett Swann
The Thrill of it All by Alan G Barbour
History of the Movie Comedy by Janice Anderson
Brando by Robert Tanitch
Bruegel by Keith Roberts
Perennials for your Garden by Alan Bloom
Reports on The Manufacture of Gauges & the Training of Munition Workers in Certain London Technical Institutions by London County Council
Open Files: Impossible Happenings Which Have Never Been Explained by Brookesmith, Peter
Chequer Board by Shute, Nevil
A Social History of Furniture Design from B.C. 1300 to A.D. 1960 by John Gloag
A picture history of the cinema by Ernest Lindgren
Queen Victoria Was Amused by Alan Hardy
The sewing machine handbook by Peter Lucking
Terry Farrell (Architectural Monographs ) Academy Editions by Frank Russell, Terry Farrell
Insect Life and the Management of a Trout Fishery by Martin E Mosely
Daughter of France. The life of Marie Louise d'Orleans, Duchesse de Montpensier by V, Sackville- West
Industrial Archaeology in the British Isles by John Butt & Ian Donnachie
Middlesex by Michael Robbins
The English home by Doreen Yarwood
London In The Country- the growth of suburbia by Guy R Williams
Elizabeth by Alexander Walker
The Parkinson Collection Catalogue of Highly Important English Porcelain Part 2. 21st June 1966.... by Sotheby & Co.
Mauritshuis by Magdi Toth- Ubbens and Gary Schwartz
A Pictorial History of the Western Film by William Everson
Peril of the Sea A book of shipwrecks and escapes by J G Lockhart.
Marine Navigation Workbook 2: Celestial and Electronic by Richard R. Hobbs
A Century of North Sea Passenger Steamers. by Greenaway, A
Yellow Creek the story of Shanghai by Brigadier J. V. Davidson Houston
Chronicles of World War II by David G. Chandler, Colin McIntyre, Michael C. Tagg
Pilotage and Navigation for Little Ships by B Keir Moilliet
Pelham Golf Year Third edition by Louis T. Stanley
Flower Arranging and House Plants by Quartermaine & Johns
When\'s It Coming Out?: The Thoughts of Chairperson Mo by Maureen Lipman
I Was There 20 great sporting memories from the writers of the Daily Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph by Norman Barrett- editor
Frozen Music by Marika Cobbold
Great Moments in British Sport by John Lovesey
Red Robert: The Life of Robert Birley by Arthur Hearnden
Room Two More Guns The intriguing history of the Personal Column of The Times by Stephen Winkworth
The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins by Antonia Hodgson
The GNB Topical Concordance by Bible Society
The Book of Golf Quotations by Bob Chieger, Patrick Sullivan
The continuing care of churches and cathedrals: Report of the Faculty Jurisdiction Commission by Church of England
The Red Pony by John Steinbeck
Byzantium by Desmond Seward, Susan Mountgarret
The Confessions of St Augustine by Ernest Rhys
Richard Carvel. by Winston Churchill
Plots of the Operas by Oscar Thompson
Odhams Illustrated Garden Encyclopaedia Two Vols by Richard Sudell
The Reader's Bible. The complete text of the authorized version with apocrypha designed for general reading .Indian pape by N/A
The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy
Things Worth While. by Evelyn Cheesman
The Blue of Capricorn by Eugene Burdick
The Bronze Cross by F Gordon Roe
Memoirs of Prince Alexy Haimatoff by Thomas Jefferson Hogg
Hannibal's Footsteps by Bernard Levin
Four Victorian Ladies of Wiltshire by Edith Olivier
The Stones of Venice vol 1 The Foundations by John Ruskin
THE stones of Venice -vol 2 The Sea Stories. by John Ruskin
Paul. Envoy Extraordinary by Malcolm Muggeridge. Alex Vidler stop
Praeterita. 3 Volume set by John Ruskin
The Private World of Daphne Du Maurier by Martyn Shallcross
Splendid Soft Toy Book by Rath, Erna Deutch, Yvonne
Italian Short Stories from the 13th to 20th Centuries by Decio Pettoello- editor
The Essays of Douglas Jerrold by Walter Jerrold
English Pottery and Porcelain by Geoffrey Wills
Lyric Theatre Programme . The Good Companions 1932 by Lyric Theatre
Drakes Raid On The Treasure Trains by Janet & John Hampden
The Complete Short Stories of W Somerset Maugham Vol 1 by W. Somerset Maugham
Poems and Plays . Everyman's library number 415 by Oliver Goldsmith
The Coral Island by R M Ballantyne
The manners and Customs of The Modern Egyptians Illustrated by Edward William Lane
Six Elizabethan Plays by contemporaries of Shakespeare by C B Wheeler, editor
The Isles of Unwisdom by Robert Graves
The Fall of Constantinople by John Mason neale
The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope
Story of the Sailing Ship by Weaver, Gaye
The Reign of Mary Tudor by J A Froude
The Reign of Edward The Sixth by J A Froude
Indian Sculpture by Philip Rawson
Techniques of Graphic Art by V H Kruiningen
Cranks Light: 100 Recipes for Vitality and Health by Nadine Abensur
Vegetarian by Louise Pickford
Beowulf. An adaption by Julian Glover of the verse translations of Michael Alexander and Edwin Morgan by Julian Glover, Sheila Mackie
Hogarth by AustinDobson
The Age Of Charles 11 by Royal Academy of Arts
Chinese Vegetable and Vegetarian Cooking by Kenneth Lo
Guide to British Cathedrals by Leighton Houghton
Storm from the East: From Genghis Khan to Khubilai Khan by Robert Marshall
The King's Peace 1637-1641 by C.V.Wedgwood.
Wagner and His World by Charles Osborne
The English Inn by John Burke
Practical Portrait Photography by John Hedgecoe
The Human Machine by Peter Furtado and others
The Drift to War, 1922-1939 by Richard Lamb
Ancient Egypt: The Land and Its Legacy by T G H James
The Complete Photography Manual by Ailsa Mc'Whinnie - editor
Expanding Your Single Lens Reflex System (You & Your Camera Photography Series) by David Kilpatrick- editor
Hot Shots: How to Photograph Beauty That Sells by J Barry O'Rourke
The Complete Photography Course by Michael Joseph David Saunders
Successful Black-and-white Photography: A Practical Handbook by Roger Hicks
Dawn of Man by Steve Parker
Professional Techniques for the Wedding Photographer: A Complete Guide to Lighting, Posing and Taking Photographs That S by George Schaub
Photography Creative Techniques by John Farndon -editor
The Evolving Earth by P J Smith and others
The Technique of Water Colour Painting by L Richmond J Littlejohns
Making and Managing a Photographic Studio by Bob Bluffield
Freelon Starbird, Being a Narrative of the Extraordinary Hardships Suffered by an Accidental Soldier in a Beaten Army Du by Snow, Richard F.
We've Been A Long Time Coming Boys by Charles Morrison
Adventures in Criticism by Sir Arthur Quiller -Couch
Agony at Anzio by William Breuer
See Japan and Die . The true diaries of a P O W in four prison camps. by Frank Brimelow
A German Identity, 1770-1990 by Harold James
English Manor Houses (Country S.) by Nicholas Cooper, Marianne Majerus
Awakening from History by Edmond Taylor
Alberta revisited by Ken Liddell
Gambling Yesterday and Today: A Complete History by J Philip Jones
Name of the Game by Fred Inglis
A Long Row of Candles. Memoirs and Diaries 1934-1954 by C.L. Sulzberger, Illustrated by B/w photos.
Frank Sinatra by Jessica Hodge
The wisdom of Winston Churchill: Being a selection of aphorisms, reflections, precepts, maxims, epigrams, paradoxes and by Churchill, Winston S
Astronomical Telescope by B. V. Barlow
Visitor\'s Guide to the Historic Places of Wales by W T Barber
Chinese Art by Daisy Lion Goldschmidt. Jean Claude Moreau- Gobard
Getting It Right A survival guide to modern manners by Laurie Graham
The Squire and His Relations by Esme Wingfield- Stratford
Essex Town and Country by Federation of Essex Womens Institutes
The General Strike weighing up the evidence by Sarah Harris
Historic Waterways London & South East England by Martyn Denney
Portrait of North Yorkshire by Colin Speakman
Miller's Collectord Cars Price Guide 1991-2 by Judith & Martin Miller
The Companion Guide to the Shakespeare Country by Jonathon Keates
The Trail of the Conquerors by P T Etherton and Vernon Barlow
Norie's Nautical Tables with explanations of their use by Capt FN Hopkins editor
Great Battle Fleets by Oliver Warner
Handbook of Shooting: The Sporting Shotgun (Pelham Practical Sports S.) by B A S
Massine. Camera Studies by Gordon Anthony Sacheverell Sitwell
A View into Essex: by Stan Jarvis
The musical life by Irving Kolodin
Japans Revenge by Hakan Hedberg
Dietrich by Ean Wood
Chess-player\'s Handbook, The: A Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game of Chess, Exemplified in Games Actually by Howard Staunton
Lowland Scottish Villages by Maurice Lindsay
The way Of The Tumbrils by John Elliot
Legendary Voices by Nigel Douglas
Madame De Brinvilliers and her times 1630-1676 by Hugh Stokes.
Sailing ships, their history and development as illustrated by the collection of ship models in the Science Museum by Science Museum
Memoirs of The Late Mrs Robinson by Mrs Robinson
Techniques of Colour Photography: The Creative Art by Hicks, Roger
Morocco Insight Guides by D Stannard Brian Bell.
Tunisia- Insight Guides by Dorothy Stannard
Madame Memoirs of the Princess Henrietta , Daughter of Charles 1 , and Duchess of Orleans by Julia Cartwright ( Mrs Henry Ady)
Insects Their Structure and Life by George H Carpenter
Sheridans Complete Works. by F Stainforth - editor
Macalpines Pronouncing Gaelic- English Dictionary by Neil Macalpine
Prefaces to Shakespeare: Antony & Cleopatra, Coriolanus by Harley Granville-Barker
Insects of the British Woodlands by R Neil Chrystal
Century of North Sea Passenger Steamers by Greenaway, A
The Bayeux Tapestry by Frank Rede Fowke
Memoires de l'Imperatrice Catherine II. Ecrits par elle-meme, et precedes d'une preface par A. Herzen by A Herzen
Ghosts and Tales of Witchcraftand The Other World Icelandic Folktales 1 by Alan Boucher- translator
St Edmund, King and Martyr by Bryan Houghton
Technology in the Ancient World by Hodges, Henry
CENTENNIAL 1 by James A. Michener
Cambridge Books and Printing 1521 -31 by Messrs J & E Bumpus Ltd
The Delights of Music a critic's choice by Neville Cardus
Australian Cricket: by Jack Pollard
Waiting for Winter to End: by Georgie Anne Geyer
The Soviet Mafia by Arkady Vaksberg
The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich by William Schirer
The Victorian Staffordshire Figure by Anthony Oliver
Daughters of Britannia. The lives and times of diplomatic wives by Katie Hickman
Essays In Criticism by Matthew Arnold
Horae Subsecivae by John Brown
The Badminton Library. Riding. Polo. by Robert Weir, Moray Brown T F Dale and others
Modern High Speed Oil Engines. Vols 1, 11, 111. by C W Chapman
Short History of World Music by Curt Sachs
The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table by Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Lives of John Donne, Sir Henry Wooton, Richard Hooker, George Herbert and Richard Sanderson. , by Izaac Walton
Catherine, Empress of All the Russia's by Vincent Cronin
Lyra Germanica by Chevalier Bunsen . Catherine Winkworth - translator
The Story of Where You Live by Reader's Digest
The first Canadians (Canadas illustrated heritage) by Symington, Fraser
Call Me At Dawn by Percy Edwards
A History of Modern Europe .Volume 3 from 1848 to 1878 by C A Fyffe
The book of the veteran car by Phil Drackett
People into Parliament by William Rodgers, Bernard Donoughue
Cathedrales de France by Stany Gauthier
The Reign of Queen Victoria by Hector Bolitho
Rheumatism and Arthritis (Alternative Answer) by Anne Charlish
An introduction to biochemistry, (Biological science texts) by E. O\'F Walsh
Hong Kong Birds by geoffrey herklots
Hamlyn History of Medicine by Roberto Margotta
General Microbiology by Robert F. Boyd
Radioactive indicators;: Their application in biochemistry, animal physiology and pathology by Georg von Hevesy
Mineralization of Nitrogen by Protozoan Activity in the Soil by Peter Kuikman
An introduction to animal tissue culture (The Institute of Biology\'s studies in biology ; no. 82) by John Anthony Sharp
General and Inorganic Chemistry by J. G. Wilson, A. B. Newall
Characteristic frequencies of chemical groups in the infra-red by M. St. C Flett
Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry by R. Stuart Tipson
Comprehensive biochemistry Vol 10 sterols, bile acids and steroids by Marcel Florkin
Comprehensive biochemistry vol 11 water-soluble vitamins, hormones, anti-biotics by Marcel Florkin
Tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and Its regulation by June Lascelles
Plankton and Productivity in the Ocean by John Edwin George Raymont
Soil Microbiology: A Model of Decompositon and Nutrient Cycling by O L Smith
Growth in Living Systems by M X Zarrow. editor
Keeping A Few Hens In Your Garden by Francine Raymond & Melanie Clitheroe
Physiological Models in Microbiology Vol. 11 by Michael J. Bazin James I Prosser
fundamentals of semimicro qualitative analysis by E Kelsey & H Dietrich
Radiotracer methodology in biological science (Prentice-Hall biological science series) by Chih Hsing Wang
An introduction to mathematical statistics by H. D Brunk
Comprehensive Biochemistry: Carbohydrates v. 5 by Marcel Florkin, Elmer H Stotz
Cytodifferentiation and Macromolecular Synthesis by Michael Locke
Plant families,: How to know them; pictured-keys for determining the families of nearly all of the members of the entire by H. E Jaques
Biochemistry of the Fatty Acids by W R Bloor
A Dictionary of British Marine Painters by Arnold Wilson
Biological and medical electronics by Ralph W Stacy
Physiology and Geochemical Activity of Thiobacilli by G A Sokolova and G I Karavaiko
Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry by William D. McElroy
Numerical Recipes ( Example Book) Fortran by William H. Press, Brian P. Flannery, Saul A. Teukolsky, William T. Vetterling
Effects of lead pollution on the soil microflora by Pieter Doelman
The Cell by Carl Swanson
Pentose metabolism in bacteria (Ciba lectures in microbial biochemistry) (Ciba lectures in microbial biochemistry) by Bernard L Horecker
Chemical Transformations by Microorganisms (E R Squibb Lectures on Chemistry of Microbial Products) by Frank H. Stodola
Topics in microbial chemistry: Antimycin,coenzyme A,kinetin and kinins by Frank Morgan Strong
Microbial Reactivity : Its Relevance to Growth in Natural and Artificial Environments by M P M Leegwater
Methods In Enzymology: Vol VI Preparations and Assay of Enzymes by Nathan P. Kaplan, Nathan P. Colowick
Electronics for scientists and engineers by R. Ralph Benedict
Chemical Kinetics of Enzyme Action by Keith Laidler & Peter Bunting
Quantitative Analysis by W C Pierce, E L Haenisch
Lipide chemistry by D J Hanahan
Semimicro qualitative analysis by H H Barber , T I Taylor
Minnesota Algae Vol 1 The myxophyceae of North America and adjacent regions including Central America, Greenland, Bermu by Josephine Tilden
Africa Birds ( Souvenir Guide to ) by Jonathon P Scott.
The Macmillan Guide to Britain's Nature Reserves by Linda Bennett
South Kensington Museum Locomotive Exhibits by Unknown
Biosynthesis of Vitamins and Related Compounds by T W Goodwin
The Life of Bacteria by Kenneth V Thimann
100 Great Houseplants by John Evans
Treasured Perennials by Graham Stuart Thomas
Snowdonia and North Wales (AA / OS Leisure Guides) by Ordnance survey
The family guide to homeopathy: The safe form of medicine for the future by Andrew Lockie
The Acidogenic Dissimilation of Glucose. A Kinetic Study of Substrate and Product Inhibition. by Han van den Heuvel
The Faber Book of Poems and Places (Faber Paperbacks) by , Geoffrey Grigson
The Cell: vol. VI. Supplementary Volume by J. Brachet
The Cell: Vol IV Biochemistry, physiology, morphology by J Brachet
Biomathematics: An introduction by David Machin
Handbook of Coniferae including Ginkgoaceae by W Dallimore & A Bruce Jackson
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
Battles in Britain by Seymour, William
England ides photographiques by Douglas Gillam Joan Rosselet
The Practical Gardener Reader's Digest Successful Gardening by Lizzie Boyd -editor
Jo's Boys and how they turned out. by Louisa M. Alcott.
Rodeo. A collection of the tales and sketches of R B Cunninghame Graham by R B Cunninghame Graham . A F Tschiffely
Stuka at War by Peter Smith
The Cordon Blue Cookery Book by Rosemary Hume . Muriel Downes
A Guide To Prehistoric England by Nicholas Thomas
Walt Disney. Hollywood's Dark Prince by Marc Eliot
The Private World of Daphne Du Maurier by Martyn Shallcross
Old England by R H Mottram
Laughter of the Desert by Joyce Reason
Manual on Drawing and Painting Children by L A Doust
English Church Design, by Fred H. Crossley,
Around Auckland by David More
Price Guide to Pot Lids (Price Guide Series) by Abraham Ball
Sculpture in Britain 1530 to 1830 (Yale University Press Pelican History of Art) by Margaret Whinney
Legendary Ballads by Frank Sidgwick Byam Shaw
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: Indian History of the American West by Dee Brown
Price Guide to 19th and 20th Century British Pottery: Including Staffordshire Figures and Commemorative Wares by David Battie, Michael Turner
Understanding Antique Silver Plate by Stephen J. Helliwell
Brish Pottery An iIustrated Guide by Geoffrey A Godden
The book of gold by Kenneth Blakemore
Pewter: Through Five Hundred Years by Gabriele Sterner
Metalwork: an introductary historical survey by Donald Smith
Chocolate Cookery by Mable Hoffman
Marine painting in England, 1700-1900 by David Cordingly
Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David
The Widow's Confession by Sofia Tobin
For The Term Of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke
Wade Whimsical Collectables (3rd Edition) - The Charlton Standard Catalogue by Pat Murray
Ophthalmic Medicine by James Hamilton Doggart
War Medals by Derek E Johnson
The Masqueraders a play in four acts by Henry Arthur Jones
Contact Lens Practice by Montague Ruben
From Van Eyck to Tiepolo. An Ehibition of Pictures from the Thyssen- Bornemisza Collection by National Gallery
The Use Of Drugs In Refraction by D.W.A.Mitchell
Benhams' Book of Printing Types by David Rutt, Roger Stevens .Benham & Co
The social interpretation of the French Revolution (Wiles lectures;1962) by Cobban, Alfred
The present and the past by Compton-Burnett, Ivy
Hereward the Wake (LYTS) by Kingsley, Charles
Sothebys Portrait of an Auction House by Frank Herrmann
English Ceramics Earthenware, delft, stone-ware, cream-ware, porcelain by Stanley W Fisher
What Every Girl Should Know by Bull, Dave
Report to Greco by Kazantzakis, Nikos
A Field Marshall in the Family: A Personal Biography of Montgomery of Alamein by Brian Montgomery
The Pauline Muses by Edward Pine
Early Staffordshire Pottery by Bernard Rackham
Wild flowers of Kashmir by BO Coventry
Diseases of The Eye . A Practical Treatise for students of Ophthalmology by George A Berry
Transactions of the International Ophthalmic Optical Congress 1961 by G H Giles editor- various contributors
Everyday Collectables. China by Dorothea Hall - editor
Presences of Nature by Louis Hawes
Margaret Thatcher: Wife, Mother, Politician by Junor, Penny
Ships Through the Ages by Lobley, Douglas
History of Steam Classics by Westwood, John
London Flower of Cities All by Richard Church Imre Hofbauer
Slim and Healthy Cooking by Veronica and Barbara Croxford, Editors Sperling
Clowns in Cross Stitch (Cross Stitch Collection) by Hasler, Julie
The Beginner's Cookbook Over 300 step-by-step recipes from boiling an egg to icing a cake by Rosemary Wadey
Durer by H Knackfuss
Bergesen\'s British Ceramics Price Guide by Victoria Bergesen
John Hedgecoe's Basic Photography by John Hedgecoe
Hilaire Belloc A Memoir by J B Morton
Crocodile Trader by Rory Macaulay
Encyclopaedia of Games by No Author
Life On The English Manor A study of peasant conditions 1140-1500 by H S Bennett
Selected Poems and Epigrams by G Rostrevor Hamilton
The Infertile Period by John Marshall
Madrigals by Francis Warner
The Daily Telegraph Second Book of Obituries by Hugh Massingberd
Christian Worship by N Micklem- editor.
The Royal Air Force. The Past 30 Years by A G Trevenen James
A Blot In The Scutcheon Etc: including Colombe's Birthday, Men & Women by Robert Browning
The Rebirth of Pride . poems by Jonathan Griffin by Jonathan Griffin
Selected Poems of John Gay by Alan Ross, editor
Great Desserts and Pastries by Carrier, Robert
The Sarum Missal in English Parts 1 & 2. by Frederick E Warren. translator.
King Alberts Book by Various
Marching Soldier by Joyce Cary
The Virgin's Son by Bertram Pollock
My Best Games of Chess by Alekhine, Alexander
The crisis of the Human Person some personalist interpretations by J b Coates.
For Lust of Knowing by Roosevelt, Archie
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Heritage in danger by Patrick Cormack
Speeches that changed the world by Various
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Introduction to Declarer's Play by Kantar Edwin B.
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GREAT COMPOSERS by Various. Anthony Hopkins . Foreword
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Path to the Middle: Oral Madhyamika Philosophy in Tibet - The Spoken Scholarship of Kensur Yeshey Tupden . by Anne Klein (Editor)
The Thirteenth Century 1216-1307: 4 (Oxford History of England) by Maurice Powicke
Old Master prints from Chatsworth by Christie's London
The Affluent Society by J. K. Galbraith
Religion and Ideology by Robert Bocock, Kenneth Thomson. (Editors)
German secret weapons of the Second World War. The missiles, rockets, weapons and new technology of the Third Reich by Ian V Hogg.
The psychology of consciousness by Robert E Ornstein
Craft and contemporary culture by Seonaid Mairi Robertson
A photographic history World War 11 photographs by the Daily Mail by Wilkinson andM.
A Sussex Garland by Tony Wales
Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget by Sir James Paget
The road to serfdom by SF A. Hayek
The World's Worst Warships. The failures and repercussions of naval design and construction 1860s to the present day by Anthony Preston
Left-hand Rght-hand. Volume 1. The Cruel Month by Osbert Sitwell
The Four Continents by Osbert Sitwell
Left-hand Right hand. Volume 3 Great Morning by Osbert Sitwell
Left-hand right-hand. Volume 2 The Scarlet Tree by Osbert Sitwell
Cape Cameos by Barbara Campbell Tait
Eve's Apples by Horace Annesley Vachell
Right Royal by John Masefield
The book of the zodiac by Fred Gettings
United in Crime by H. Montgomery Hyde
Over the River by John Galsworthy
The Medici volume 2 by Colonel C F Young
Seven Gothic Tales by Isak Dinesen
Chelsea Gold: Award Winning Gardens From The Chelsea Flower Show by John Moreland
The Honorary Consul by Graham Greene
My Ancestors by William 11, Ex -Kaiser of Germany
Second Plays by A. A. Milne
The poetical works of James Thomson. Volume 1 and volume 2 by James Thomson
A Student's History of England from the earliest times to 1885 by S R Gardiner
Stories for boys by Various
The Savage Pilgrimage by Catherine Carswell
Christ in Concrete by Pietro Di Donato
In the steps of St Paul by HV Morton
Photo School by Freeman, Michael
Antique Dealers Pocket Guide (Cash in Collecting) by Curtis, Tony
No Title by No Author
Barbarian Europe. The making of the past by Philip Dixon
C K Chesterton by Dudley Barker
Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh
The Scottish Terrier by Holand Buckley
Chambers biographical dictionary (Chambers paperback reference books) by No Author
Discovering antiques volumes 1 to 5 by Various
Whitakers Almanack: 122ann.e. Complete E by Whitaker, Joseph
A Lance for the Arabs by Ethel Maninn
The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan
Olivier : the authorised biography by Terry Coleman
Iceland Nature and Nation in Photographs / Island Ljosmyndir af Landi og Pjod. by Tourist Association of Iceland
Our Country's Shells and How to Know Them . A guide to the British mollusca by W. J. Gordon
The New English Bible by --------------------
Our Homeland Iran by N Kasraian. Z Arshi
The Celtic World by Barry Cunliffe
A Century of Lowestoft . Events, People and Places over the Last 100 Years by Ian G. Robb
Restoring fine china by Muriel White
Flowers in church by Jean Taylor
The true Ophelia by An actress
Wedgwood by Wolf Malkowitz
British Pottery and Porcelain 1780 -- 1850 by Geoffrey A Godden
The Underground Story by Hugh Douglas
The Colour Treasury of Eighteenth-century Porcelain by Seigfried Ducret. Michael Wolgensinger
Overlord. D-Day and the battle for Normandy 1944 by Max Hastings
Gun collecting by Geoffrey Boothroyd
Dreaming of Samarkand by Martin Booth
The Plymouth Adventure. The voyage of the Mayflower. by Ernest Gebler
The mad King. A biography of Ludwig 11 of Bavaria by Greg King
Clive. The life and death of a British emperor by Robert Harvey
Eyewitness in the Crimea. The Crimean War letters of Lieutenant-Colonel George Frederick Dallas by Michael Hargreave Mawson
Patrick Leigh An Adventure by Artemis Cooper
Maundy Gregory , Purveyor of Honours by Tom Cullen
Wings over Westminster by Harold Balfour
Lives of The Queens of England. vol 6 by Agnes Strickland
Six Navigational charts / Carte Guide de Navigation Fluviale 1990/1991 by Edit. Cartographiques Maritime / Port Autonome De Paris
Lives of The Queens of England. vol 7 by Agnes Strickland
the 1983 Report of The Scottish Terrier Breeders and Exhibitors Association by The Scottish Terrier Breeders and Exhibitors Association
Nantucket Gardens and Houses by Virginia Scott Heard. Taylor Lewis.
A standard guide to purebred dogs by Harry Glover
The Latest Country Houses by John Martin Robinson
A Diversity of Creatures by Rudyard Kipling
The Popes: An Illustrated History by Michael Walsh
British Cavalry Uniforms since 1660 by Michael Barthrop Pierre Turner
Stalky and Co by Rudyard Kipling
Popular Mechanics Complete Book of Rocks Minerals Gems Fossils by Donal Dinwiddie and Russell P. McFall
Italy. The Romance of history series by C. Macfarlane
Barons Ballet Finale by Arnold Haskell
The Lost Rivers of London by Nicolas Barton
Holy Bible by Not appropriate
Hearty and Healthy Dairy Cook Book by Various
Town and gardens . Natural history of britain and Northern Europe by Denis Owen
Chambers Dictionary of World History by Hillary Marsden editor
Electronics afloat by Dag Pike
Painting with markers by Emile Troise and Otis Port
Lost Canals of England and Wales by Ronald Russell
The great century of British painting: Hogarth to Turner by William Gaunt
Essex Heyday. A Study of Seventeenth Century Social Life by William Addison
From gold to porcelain. The art of porcelain and faience by Ruth Berges
We and Me . Memories of four eminent Editors I worked for .. by J. W. Robertson Scott
My darling Daisy by Theo Lang
The Psychic Side of Dreams by Hans Holzer
Making a watercolour by George Pearse Ennis
Short cuts to sketching by The offices of the girls owned paper and woman's magazine
World aircraft . volumes 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5,6. by Enzo Angelucci and Paolo Matricardi
The bomber command war diaries. An operational reference book 1939 -- 1945 by Martin Middlebrook & Chris Everitt
The Royal Air Force. an Encyclopaedia of the Inter-War Years, volume 1 .The Trenchard Years , 19 18 -- 1929 by Wing Commander Ian M. Philpott
The Royal Air Force . An Encyclopaedia of the Inter- War Years , volume 2 , Re-Amament 1930 -- 1939 by Wing Commander Ian M. Philpott
Curzon by David Gilmour
Victoria's Wars. The rise of the Empire by Saul David
Inferno. The devastation of Hamburg 1943 by Keith Lowe
Cap Badges of the British Army 1939 -- 45 by C. L. D. Alderton
A Dictionary of the Second World War by Elizabeth Anne Wheal, Stephen Pope, James Taylor
Vietnam. The definitive all history told from all sides. by Christian G Appy
Kursk. Russia's lost pride by Peter Truscott
Don't hassle me, I'm local by Vaughn
Millers Antiques Encyclopaedia. New edition by Julie Miller , editor
About Britain . vols 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13. by Geoffrey Grigson- General editor
The private life of Henry VIII by N. Bryson Morrison
Elizabeth: A Biography of Her Majesty the Queen by Sarah Bradford
Ward Lock's Red Guide to the Lake District by J W Hammond -editor
The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act Explained by Richard Power
How to write poetry and get it published by Fred Sedgwick
Constantia Uitsig The Cookbook by Constantia Uitsig
Panzers in Normandy then and now by Eric Lefevre
The Michael Palin collection . His six best-selling books in one special edition . by Michael Palin
Final Flights. Dramatic wartime incidents revealed by aviation archaeology by Ian McLachlan
The Story of The Heavens by Sir Robert Stawell Ball
Hostage in Peking by Anthony Grey
Needlepoint designs from Asia. 30 exotic designs from Persia, India, Korea, China, and Japan by Gay Ann Rogers
The Fight For Freedom: Palermo, 1860 by F Brancaccio Di Carpino. Translated by John Parris
Evolution of the house by Stephen Gardiner
The dictionary of portrait painters in Britain up to 1920 by Brian Stewart .Mervyn Cutten
Spitfire summer. The people's eye view of the Battle of Britain. by Peter Haining
Communion. Una storia vera by Whitley Strieber
The Encyclopaedia of modern American small arms by Clemens Elwell
English Chairs. With specimens illustrating the various periods from the 15th to the 19th century by Herbert E Binstead
The story of western furniture by Phyllis Bennett Oates
English furniture. 1760 -- 1900 by Geoffrey Wills
A history of English Furniture volume 4. The age of satinwood by Percy Macquoid
A history of English furniture volume 3. The Age of Mahogany 1720 -- 1770 by Percy Macquoid
Form and Decoration. Innovation in the Decorative Arts 1470 – 1870 by Peter Thornton
Furniture Treasury, mostly of American origin . volume 1 by Wallace Nutting
Jack Vettriano: A Life by Jack Vettriano; text by Anthony Quinn
Lowry: A Visionary Artist by Michael Howard
Klimt (Essential Art) by Laura Payne
A Life of Picasso: 1881-1906 v. 1 by John Richardson
The technique of pencil drawing,: With notes on the proportions of the human figure by Borough Johnson
The Cooking of Spain and Portugal by Peter Feibleman Dmitrij Kessel and Brian Seed
Time, Taste And Furniture by John Gloag
Furniture 700 -- 1700. The social history of the decorative arts by Eric Mercer
The Ballad of Beau Brocade and other poems of the 18th-century by Austin Dobson
Papers in African prehistory by J D Fage. R. A. Oliver -editors
Book of Plastics Craft by Millicent Zahn
Irises by Harry Randall
Half crown colony. A Hong Kong notebook by James Pope Hennessy
The tyranny of distance. How distance shaped Australia's history. by Geoffrey Blaney
The Papacy. An illustrated history from St Peter to Paul VI by Edited by Christopher Hollis
Mediaeval castles and cities by Wolfgang F. Scheurl. Translator Francisca Garvie
The Dutch painters. 100 Seventeenth Century masters by Cristopher Wright
Raku Art and Technique by Hal Riegger
Practical printing and binding. Odhams complete guide to the printers Craft: fully revised by specialist authors by Various
The discovery and conquest of Mexico by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo
The Practical Guide to Cat and Kitten Care (Practical Guide Series) by Edey, Andrew
Free by G F Smith
Ilya Repin. Portfolio of reproductions. by Ilya Repin
Sizzling Platter by Arno, Peter
Teach Yourself Embroidery by Holz, Loretta
Jane Austen. The parson's daughter by Irene Collins
Strong Poison by Dorothy Sayers
The Encyclopaedia Of Radio And Television A Complete Alphabetical Reference To All Aspects Of Modern Radio Technology by J. H. Reyner
The story of civilisation. The Renaissance. Books 5 and 6. by W Durant
Woodworking, pattern making, moulding, core making, cupola practice. by Various
Ask the fellows who cut the hay by George Ewart Evans
Englands Dances. Folk dancing today and yesterday. by Doughls Kennedy
Literature and Western Man by J B Priestley
Music for Patriots, Politicians, and Presidents. by Vera Brodsky Lawrence
Expert systems. Principles and programming by Joseph Giarratano Gary Riley
Principles of programming. IBM personal study program by IBM
Holiday cruising on inland waterways by Charles Hadfield Michael Streat
Imperial Peking. Seven centuries of China by Lin Yutang
Machinery's Handbook for machine shop and drafting room by Erik Oberg and F.D.Jones
The art of judgement. A study of policy-making by Geoffrey Vickers
Gourmets Basic French Cookbook by Louis Diat
Beppo, a Venetian story by Lord Byron
Une Histoire D'Amour . Georges Sand et A de Musset by Paul Maieton
Stories of Ireland. Castle Rackrent . The Absentee. by Maria Edgeworth
Highways and Byways or Tales of the Roadside Picked up in the French Provinces by A walking gentleman.
A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy . by L Sterne . J Swift
The last days of Bishop Heber by Thomas Robinson
Highways and Byways or Tales of the Roadside Picked up in the French Provinces by A walking gentleman.
The breakfast table series. The autocrat of the breakfast table. The professor of the breakfast table. The poet at th by Oliver Wendell Holmes
On the right use of the early Fathers. Two series of lectures delivered to the University of Cambridge by The Rev J J Blunt
Lives of the British poets with specimens of their writings by William P Nimmo editor
The thin red line by John Selby
A gentleman volunteer. The letters of George Hennell from the peninsular War 1812 -- 13 by Michael Glover editor
Pigs, their Breeding, Feeding and Management by V C Fishwick
1812 by Antony Brett -James
Maintain the Right by Ronald Atkin
The letters of Rupert Brooke by Geoffrey Keens - editor
Cockerell, A Life of Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell by William Blunt
Joan Hassall engravings and drawings by David Chambers
Gordon Craig. The story of his life by Edward Craig
The Lighter Side of School Life by Ian Hay
The Osborne collection of early children's books by Judith St John . Edgar Osborne
The French cavalry 1792 -- 1815 by David Johnson
The Horse in War by Michael Seth -Smith, editor
The Lyle Official Arms and Armour Review 1980 by Tony Curtis, Margaret Anderson
The new Oxford book of Australian verse by Les A Murray
Great battlefields of the world by John Macdonald
The Cavalry by James Lawford editor
The Rise of Modern Warfare 1618 -- 1815 by H. W.Koch
Lewis Carroll: An Illustrated Biography by Derek Hudson
English Children's Books 1600 to 1900 by Percy Muir
Civil War Days - Everyday Life During the War Between the States by John Bowen
British book illustrators 1860 -- 1900. A bibliography. First series by Charles Baker , Editor
War Games Through the Ages Vol. 1 3000 BC - 1500 AD by Donald Featherstone
The Illustrated Shepherd's Life by W. H. Hudson
Dictionary of World Mythology by Arthur Cotterell
Two Fleets Surprised The Story Of The Battle Of Cape Matapan by Ronald Seth
The Bombers. The R A F Offensive against Germany 1939-1945. by Norman Longmate
The way the wind blows by Lord Home
The Suffolk Traveller by Unstated
Cassell's Latin Dictionary by Joseph Charles, J R V Marchant
British Friesian Herd Book volume 47 . bulls 21101 - 230097. Cows 1245000 -1365374 by British Friesian cattle Society
Livestock Improvement in Relation to Heredity and Environment by James Edward Nichols
Architects Year Book: 2 by Jane Drew editor
Sisters In Arms: British Army Nurses Tell Their Story by Nicola Tyrer
Modern jewelry by Graham Hughes and
Kunstauktion XLV : Sammlung Graf R. de V. und andere Beitrage. Wertvolle KUPFERSTICHE und HANDZEICHNUNGEN by Hollstein & Puppel
Seven medieval kings by Joseph Dahmus
Furneaux's Human Physiology by Revised by W A M Smart
The pictorial Encyclopaedia of Gardening by Unstated
Plantagenet Encyclopedia: An Alphabetical Guide to 400 Years of English History by Elizabeth Hallam
The holy blood and the holy Grail by Michael Baigent Richard Leigh Henry Lincoln
Gallipoli by Alan Moorehead
Light by F. Bray
The Court of St James by E S. Turner
A Brief History of Time: from the Big Bang to Black Holes by Stephen Hawking
Ruff's Guide to the Turf. Spring Edition 1914 by Office of Ruff's Guide
Ruffs Guide to the Turf, Spring edition 1915 by Office of Ruff's Guide
Shakespeare for all time by Standley Wells
A theatre workbook by Jocelyn Herbert Cathy Courtney
Gauguin by John Rewald
Cecil Rhodes and the Princess by Brian Roberts
Ceramics Source Book by Errol Manners.. foreword by Hugo Morley- Fletcher
Naval Electrical manual 1928 by Professor Cecil L Fortescue
Miss Billy by Eleanor H. Porter
The institution of automobile engineers. Proceedings and index to volumes XXVI-XXX. Session 1935 -- 36 by Institution of automobile engineers
Pollyannas Jewels by Harriet Smith
Miss Billy - married by Ellenor H Porter
Miss Billys decision by Eleanor H. Porter
Bedlam by Andre Soubiran Oliver Coburn
Benham's Book of Quotations by Sir William Gurney Benham
Pollyanna grows up by Eleanor H. Porter
Pollyanna of the Orange Blossoms by Harriet Lumis Smith
Sea Power by T 124
Radar Observer's Handbook for Merchant Navy Officers by W. Burger M Sc. Extra Master
British dairying by Frank H. Garner
The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio . J M Rigg-
Audubon, a biography by John Chancellor
Intermediate botany by LJF Brimble. S. Williams G. Bond
Gardening in the East by Stanley Schuler
Holy Bible containing the old and new Testaments by Not applicable
A choice of enemies by Mordecai Richler
The East Indiamen by Russell Miller
The great liners by Melvin Maddocks
The Northwest passage by Brendan Lehane
Fighting sail by A B C Whipple
The whalers by A B C Whipple
The racing yachts by ABC Whipple
Build Your Own Inexpensive Doll-house with One Sheet of 4' x 8' Plywood and Home Tools by E J Tangerman
Designing and Making Stage Scenery by Michael Warre
Clean and Decent by Lawrenson Wright
The Complete Art of Printing and Enlarging by O R Croy
Edwardian England 1901 -- 15 by Donald Read
Anatomical diagrams for the use of the art students by James Dunlop
Colour technique and composition. International library of technology 161 by E. L.,Koller
The Soviet Air Force by Asher Lee
Architecture for the poor. An experiment in Rural Egypt by Hassan Fathy
London's Glory. Twenty Paintings Of The City's Ruins By Wanda Ostrowska. Including Tipped-In Colour-Plates by Wanda Ostrowska .Viola Garvin
Lugard. A maker of modern Africa. The years of adventure 1858 -- 1898 by Margery Perham
Burns in his time by Alan Dent
Definitions of a Horse by Jaci Stephen
John Williams the shipbuilder by Basil Matthews
Dryden satires by John Churton Collins editor
Kangaroo by D H Lawrence
A student's textbook of textile science by A. J. Hall
Pillar of fire. Dunkirk 1940 by Ronald Atkin
Block and silk screen printing by Gudrun Ahlberg O Jarneryd
Sir John Vanbrugh by Christian Barman
The first merchant venturers by William Culican
The House at Pooh Corner by A A Milne
Lusitania by Colin Simpson
Kipps. The story of a simple soul by HG Wells
The tragedy of Edward VII by W H Edwards
Basic Ship Theory, volume 1 by K Rawson and ETupper
The children's Norse tales by G. W. Cox
An illustrated history of toys by Karl Fritzsch Manfred Bachmann
Three Centuries of American Antiques by Marshall B Davidson and editors of American Heritage
Capital. A critical analysis of capitalist production , vol 1 by Karl Marx
British social history, from earliest times to date. by James Mainwaring. A Wilson browned. J Hampton Jackson
Motorboat and yachting manual. 17th edition by F. H Snoxell -editor
Successful colour photography. The complete guide to seeing and taking better pictures by Christopher Angeloglou editor
Partisans by Alastair MacLean
Agnews 175th anniversary catalogue by Agnews
2000 years of England by John Cloag
The scented garden by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde
Le Petit Chose, histoire d'un enfant by Alphonse Daudet
The heroes or Greek fairytales for my children by Charles Kingsley, illustrations by the author
Petit Dictionnaire Universel ou Abrege du Dictionnaire Francais . 3rd edition by A Beaujean
Holy Bible by Not applicable
Holy Bible 1726 by Not applicable
Common prayer and hymnal cased by Not applicable
Charles 1 by Sir John Skelton
Holy Bible by Not applicable
Common prayer and Proper Lessons by Not applicable
Jorrockss jaunts and jollities by R S. Surtees . Henry Alcon illustrator
The Builders: Marvels of Engineering by Editor Elizabeth Newhouse
Vanishing England. A photographic journey through England's threatened landscapes by Gareth Huw Davies and others
1812 eyewitness accounts of Napoleon's defeat in Russia by Anthony Brett-James
Cinema Year by Year, 1894-2005 by Robyn Karney Joel Finler editors
Cathedrals and Abbeys of England and Wales by TG Bonney- editor
Music from rock, pop, jazz, blues and hip-hop to classical, folk and world by Paul Du Noyer editor
Gardens of delight by Miles and John Hadfield
Wildlife and nature photography by Michael Freeman Nigel Sitwell
Chronicles in Cartoon: A Record of Our Time Parts I-XV Complete by B. Fletcher Robinson in the Windsor Magazine
In Vanity fair by Roy T. Matthews and Peter Melline
Fine Art . Special spring number of The Studio 1932 by C Geoffrey Holme
In The South Seas ; Letters From Samoa . Swanston edition volume XV111. by Robert Louis Stevenson
Records of a family of engineers, additional memories and portraits, later essays, lay morals, prayers for family use by Robert Louis Stevenson
A footnote to history, island nights, entertainments, volume XV11 of the Swanston edition by Robert Louis Stevenson
The story of a lie, the merry men, Ollala, Heathercat, the Great North Road, the young chevalier, fables volume XX1 of by Robert Louis Stevenson
The letters parts V1 -- X. Volume XX1V of the Swanston edition.. by Robert Louis Stevenson
St Ives. Volume XX. of the Swanston edition by Robert Louis Stevenson
L'oeuvre gravé de Boudin, Corot, Daubigny, Dupré, Jongkind, Millet, Théodore Rousseau. by Michel Melot
Physiological mechanisms in animal behaviour S E B Symposia 1V by Danielli and Brown, secretaries
The painted panorama by Bernard Comment
Klee by Will Grohmann
The complete etchings of Rembrandt by Constants Schild editor
David Smith. Sculpture and drawings by Jorn Merkert editor
Puzzles, old and new. How to make and solve by Jerry Slocumb. Jack Botermans
The Complete Sailing Handbook by Roland Denk editor
The gamekeeper at Home. Sketches of Natural History and Rural Life. by Richard Jefferies
The Golden Age by Kenneth Grahame. Illustrations by J. E. Mooney
Paul McCartney paintings by Paul McCartney
The Pickwick papers by Charles Dickens
Sothebys Catalogue of a collection of English and Continental toys and galanteriewaren 14th and 15 December 1972 by Sothebys
Sotherbys catalogue of silhouettes, portrait miniatures, objects of vertu, gold boxes, and European silver 4 July 1983. by Sotherbys
J C Shaw introducing Thai ceramics also Burmese and Khmer by J C Shaw
Holy Communion by Canon Walsham How
The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss
Hidden in the Lute. an anthology of two centuries of Urdu literature by Ralph Russell
Britain and the War by General Huguet
A history of reading by Alberto Manguel
Recollections of writers by Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke by Introduction by Robert Gittings
Social protest literature An encyclopaedia of works characters authors and themes by Patricia D Netzley
The book of ceramics by Pravoslav Rada
Stories of the 90s a biographical anthology by Derek Stanford
Italian regional tales of the 19th century by Archibald Colquhoun Neville Rogers selectors and introducers
Celeste goes dancing and other stories. An Argentine collection by Norman Thomas Di Giovanni editor
Bibliographies their aims and methods by D W. Krummell
Essays and papers A N L Munby by Nicolas Barker editor
Lyric poetry beyond new criticism by Chaviva Hosek Patricia Parker editors
Revaluation tradition and development in English poetry by F.R Leavis
Spanish Colonial Silver by Leona Davis Boylan
South East Asian ceramics through 9th to 17th centuries by Dean F. Frasche
The wealth of empires islamic coins from the 8th to the 20th century by Spink
Catalogue of Islamic jewellery from private collection exhibited tor sale October -- November 1996 by Spink
The Stieglitz collection of Dr. Wall Worcester porcelain by Marcel H Stieglitz
DH Lawrence (Writers & Critics S) by Beal, Anthony
Teach yourself C third edition by Herbert Schildt
London Green the story of Kensington Gardens Hyde Park Green Park and St James Park by Neville Braybrooke
The emergence of modern Turkey by Bernard Lewis
Traditional woodblock prints of Japan the Heibonsha survey of Japanese art by Seiichiro Takahashi
The City of London. volume 3 Illusions of Gold 1914 -- 1945 . by David Kynaston.
Whose Jerusalem by Eliyahu Tal
A textbook of general agriculture by Gillespie and Hathaway
The principles of agricultural entomology by CA Edwards GW Heath
Dictionary of 19th-century antiques and later objets d'art by George Savage
The social organisation in North-East India in Buddhas time by Richard Fick
Larousse Medical illustre 1929 by Doctor Galtier Boissiere Dr Burnier
A history of economic doctrines by Charles Gide Charles Rist
Korea past and present by Various
The Art and Architecture of China by Laurence Sickman Alexander Soper
The Vth International Parrot Convention by Various
Autumn of fury the assassination of Sadat by Mohammed Heikal
Behind the Myth Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Revolution by Andrew Gowers and Tony Walker
Sir Walter Scott the formative years by Arthur Melville Clark
Guests of the Ayatollah by Mark Bowden
British Archaeological Yearbook 1995 -- 1996 by Michael Heyworth -- editor
The Hannah: The Complete Story by Hauxwell, Hannah Cockcroft, Barry
Tiger In Sight by Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff
Progress and poverty An enquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and of increase of want by Henry George
International monetary economics by M. A Heilperin
Profits by William Trufant Foster and Weddill Catchings
Hinduism Religions ancient and modern by D Barnett
Conversation Pieces A Survey of the informal group portrait in Europe and America by Mario Praz
Eichmann his life and crimes by Davey Cesarani
Backs to the wall London under fire 1940 -- 1945 by Leonard Mosley
Why the Allies won by Richard Overy
The complete book of home crafts by Pamela Westland
The country house a wartime history 1939 -- 45 by Caroline Seebohm
Love Sex and War by John Costello
Antiques International by Peter Wilson editor
Pictorial Biblical Encyclopedia. A visual guide to the Old and New Testaments by Gaalyahu Cornfeld editor
The Seven Seas by Rudyard Kipling
Cruising Under Sail by Eric C Hiscock
The Five Nations by Rudyard Kipling
Notes On the Miracles of Our Lord by R C Trench , Archbishop of Dublin
Scotts poetical works. The poetical works of Sir Walter Scott with the author's introduction and notes by JE Logie Robertson editor
Plutarchs lives of Greek Heroes by Plutarch
Lays of Ancient Rome with Ivry and the Armada by Thomas Babington Macaulay
Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott
Scotts poetical works by Sir Walter Scott . Biographical and critical memoir by Francis Turner Palgrave
The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World From Marathon to Waterloo by Sir Edward Creasy
The Ingoldsby legends or mirth and marvels by Thomas Ingoldsby
Scotts poetical works authors edition with notes and memoir by Sir Walter Scott
The poetical works of Oliver Goldsmith, Tobias Smollett, Samuel Johnson, and William Shenstone with biographical notices by As above
Life and Adventure of Nansen the Great Arctic Explorer by J. Arthur Bain
Debits and credits by Rudyard Kipling
Soldiers Three The story of the Gadsbys in black and white by Rudyard Kipling
Or I'll Dress You In Mourning by Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre
Hebrew for All by Harold Levy
Schoolins Log by Llewellin Jones
Strange Land the countryside myth and reality by Frazer Harrison
The English Language by Robert Burchfield
The Cocktail Party by TS Eliot
Historic Houses of Britain by Mark Girouard
The Literary Companion to Low Life by Fiona Pitt- Kethley
The Shell Book of Inland Waterways by Hugh McKnight
Contract on America by David E. Scheim
With My Little Eye Memoirs of a Spy Hunter by Richard Deacon
An Amateurs Introduction to Crystallography by Sir William Phipson Beale
Headlines from The Jungle by Virginia McKenna Anne Harvey
The Flesh Is Frail . Byrons letters and journals by Leslie A Marchand
Weschler's Catalogue of American and European paintings drawings and sculpture; Jewellery coins and watches. by Weschlers
Sotherbys Catalogue of gold boxes objects of vertu and European silver by Sotherbys
The poetical works of James Thomson in two volumes by James Thomson
The Wines of Rioja by Hubrecht Duijker
Wines and Castles of Spain by TA Layton
Corney and Barrow 2003/2004 wine list by Corney and Barrow
The soils of the country round Banff Huntly and Turriff by Department of Agriculture for Scotland
Historical Manual of English Prosody by George Saintsbury
Vie de Jeanne d'Arc vol 1 and vol 2 by Anatloe France
Three-dimensional dynamics A vectorial treatment by C. D. Easthope
A History of the French Language Through Texts by Wendy Ayres - Bennett
Immagini di Milano 80 by Virgilio Carnisio and others
A Chronicle of The Conquest of Granada by Washington Irving
Trevannion by LAG Strong
Liverpool Porcelain of the 18th century by Bernard M. Watney
Flight and Bar Worcester Porcelain 1783-1840 by Henry Sandon
Lowestoft porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum volume 1 blue and white by Norfolk museums service
Made at New Canton Bow Porcelain from the collection of the London Borough of Newham by Anton Gabszewicz
European Ceramic Art from the End of the Middle Ages to about 1815 volume 1 illustrated historical survey by W. B. Honey
English Blue and White Porcelain of the 18th-century by Stanley W. Fisher
A History of Chinese literature by Lai Ming preface by Lin Yutang
Norfolk Archaeology volume XXX1 parts 2 3 and 4 by Various authors
Norfolk Archaeology volume XXX111 parts 1 and 2 by Various authors
Norfolk Archaeology volume XXX11 parts 1 3 and 4 by Various authors
Original Papers of the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society vol XXX part 2 by Various authors
An Artist's Life. The Second Burst. The Finish Three volume autobiography by Sir Alfred Munnings
The Narrow Smile by Peter Mayne
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
Flowers in colour English edition revised and with an introduction by W. E. Shewell Cooper by J F Ch Dix Walter Roozen
To Beat the Clippers by Alec Beilby
Select Statutes Cases and Documents to Illustrate English Constitutional History, 1660 - 1832 by G. Grant Robertson
The Trains We Loved by C Hamilton Ellis
Who'S Who 1974 an annual biographical dictionary by A and C Black Ltd
Historical Atlas of Britain by Malcolm Falkus. John Gillingham
The Oxford dictionary of quotations by Elizabeth Knowles -- editor
The Birds of the London Area by The London Natural History Society
The enjoyment and use of color by Walter Sargent
Journey to Java by Harold Nicolson
Quiberon Bay the campaign in home waters 1759 by Geoffrey Marcus
The Best American Essays by Susan Orlean editor
The Art of Growing Miniature Trees, Plants and Landscapes: Japanese Bonsai and Bonkei by Tatsuo Ishimoto
The Angels Weep by Wilbur Smith
Progressive Farming the Maintenance of High Production Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 by J. A. Hanley editor
Ferries and Ferrymen by G Bernard Wood
Sophias Son by Dorothy Thompson
Doctor Syntaxes Three Tours in search of the picturesque consolation and a wife by William Combe
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