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S - Printable Book List

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Here is a list of alphabetically sorted books available on marywardbooks.com with a title name begining with S.

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Title: S A M S Teach Yourself Mac OS 8.5 In 24 Hours Author: Rita Lewis Lisa Lee Publisher:Sams Publishing Published: 1999

Title: Sacheverell Sitwell's England Author: Michael Raeburn -editor. Publisher:Orbis Published: 1986

Title: Safety and Seamanship Author: John Chamier Publisher:Adlard Coles Published: 1976

Title: Saihgal's Hindustani grammar 11th edition Author: M C Saihgal, Munshi P C Saihgal Publisher:M C Saihgal and Son Published: 1945

Title: Sailing Alone Around the World Author: Slocum, Joshua Publisher:Travel Book Club Published: 1950

Title: Sailing ships, their history and development as illustrated by the collection of ship models in the Science Museum Author: Science Museum Publisher:H. M.'s Stationery Office Published: 1948 and 1959

Title: Sailing Wind and Current Author: Ian Proctor Publisher:Adlard Coles Published: 1953

Title: Sailing, dinghies to cruisers (New sports library) Author: Lang, William Nevill Dashwood Publisher:Foulsham Published: 1961

Title: Saint Meets His Match (Coronet Bks.) Author: Charteris, Leslie Publisher:Hodder Published: September 1973

Title: Saint Meets His Match (Coronet Books) Author: Charteris, Leslie Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: 1968

Title: Salads Author: Muller, Veronica Publisher:Virtue Books Ltd Published: September 1989

Title: Same God Author: Jones, John Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: May 3, 1971

Title: Samson 's Story The Legend of the Aldeburgh Cat Author: Anna McVittie de Bailetti Publisher:Privately Published Published: 2007

Title: Samurai an illustrated history Author: Mitsuo Kure Publisher:Compendium Published: Undated but after 2000

Title: San Andreas Author: MacLean, Alistair Publisher:HarperCollins Published: October 10, 1985

Title: Sanamu . Adventures in search of African Art Author: Robert Dick- Read Publisher: Rupert Hart- Davis Published: 1964

Title: Sandford and Merton Author: Thomas Day Publisher:Ward Lock Published: undated circa 1890

Title: Sandgrains on a Tray Author: Brownjohn, Alan Publisher:Macmillan Published: June 1969

Title: Sartor Resartus and On Heroes And Hero Worship: Everyman's Library Edition 278 Author: Thomas Carlyle, W. H. Hudson Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1940

Title: Sarum Author: Edward Rutherford Publisher:Century Published: 1987

Title: Saudi Arabian Seashells (Selected Red Sea And Arabian Gulf Molluscs) Author: Doreen Sharabati Publisher:VNU Books International Published: 01 June, 1981

Title: Scandinavian Studies in Criminology Author: Christie, Nils Publisher:Tavistock Pubns. Published: Sep-68

Title: Scandinavian Studies in Criminology Vol 2 Author: Nils Christie Publisher:Universitetsforlaget Published: Septem

Title: Scapegoat, The Author: Maurier, Daphne Du Publisher:Penguin Published: 1970

Title: Scapegoat, The Author: Maurier, Daphne Du Publisher:Penguin Published: May 28, 1970

Title: Scarfe Land: A Lost World of Fabulous Beasts and Monsters Author: Scarfe, Gerald Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: , 1990

Title: Scarlet Tree (Papermacs S.) Author: Sitwell, Osbert Publisher:Macmillan Published: Dec-57

Title: Scars on the Soul Author: Sagan, Francoise Kilmartin, Joanna Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: October 27, 1977

Title: Scent Bottles Author: Kate Foster Publisher:Connoisseur. Michael Joseph Published: undated c.1966

Title: Schedule A Tax Its Assessment and Collection second and third editions Author: Donald L Forbes Publisher:Gee and Co. Published: 1939 and 1942

Title: Schliemann of Troy: Treasure and Deceit Author: Traill, David Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: 1996

Title: School for Scandal Author: R B Sheridan. Introduced by Edmund Gosse Publisher:Heineman Published: 1905

Title: Schoolins Log Author: Llewellin Jones Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1980

Title: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Author: Mary Baker Eddy Publisher:Church of Christ Scientist Bos Published: 1935

Title: Scotch Verdict Author: Lillian Faderman Publisher:Quartet Books Published: 1985

Title: Scotland: The Place of Visions Author: Morris, Jan Publisher:Aurum Press Published: October 1986

Title: Scott Fitzgerald Author: Andrew Turnbull Publisher:Charles Scribner's sons Published: 1962

Title: ScottDays With The Poets series. Author: May Byron Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Published: c. 1942

Title: Scottish Battles Author: John Sadler Publisher:Cannongate Published: 1996

Title: Scotts Last Expedition Author: Capt. R F Scott Publisher:The Folio Society Published: 1964

Title: Scotts poetical works Author: Sir Walter Scott . Biographical and critical memoir by Francis Turner Palgrave Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1869

Title: Scotts poetical works authors edition with notes and memoir Author: Sir Walter Scott Publisher:Nimmo Hay and Mitchell Published: Undated circa 1911

Title: Scotts poetical works. The poetical works of Sir Walter Scott with the author's introduction and notes Author: JE Logie Robertson editor Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1926

Title: Scrooges Guide to Christmas Author: Wilson, Richard Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: November 6, 1997

Title: Sculpture in Britain 1530 to 1830 (Yale University Press Pelican History of Art) Author: Margaret Whinney Publisher:Penguin Published: 1988

Title: Sculpture in England Mediaeval Author: H D Molesworth Publisher:Longmans Published: 1951

Title: Sculpture in England: mediaeval Author: H. D Molesworth Publisher:Published for the British Coun Published: 1951

Title: Sculpture in England: Renaissance to early XIX century Author: H. D Molesworth Publisher:Published for the British Coun Published: 1951

Title: Sea Coarse and Game Angling In Colour Author: Editior Alan Wrangles Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1982

Title: Sea Fever Author: Trew, Antony Publisher:Fontana Published: May 27, 1982

Title: Sea Power Author: T 124 Publisher:Jonathan Cape Published: 1940

Title: Sea trout fishing second edition Author: Hugh Falkus Publisher:Witherby Published: 1979

Title: Seagates to the Saxon Shore Author: Kenneth Wenham Strugnell Publisher:Terence Dalton Published: 1973

Title: Sean Connery Author: Bob Mc Cabe Publisher:Pavilion Published: 2000

Title: Seapower Ashore Author: Peter Hore Publisher:Chatham Published: 2001

Title: Searching for Franklin: The Land Arctic Searching Expedition - James Andersons and James Stewarts Expedition Via the Bac Author: Anderson, James Stewart, James Simpson, George Publisher:The Hakluyt Society Published: September 16, 1999

Title: Seas Of Adventures Author: E Keble Chatterton Publisher:Hurst and Blackett Published: 1936

Title: Second Plays Author: A. A. Milne Publisher:Chatto and Windus Published: 1921

Title: Secret Fear Author: Cartland, Barbara Publisher:Arrow Bks. Published: November 1972

Title: Secret Pilgrim Author: John Lecarre Publisher: B C A / Hodder & Stoughton Published: 1991

Title: Secret War in the Middle East. The Covert Struggle for Syria, 1949 1961 Author: Andrew Rathmell Publisher:I B Tauris Published: 2014

Title: Secrets of the Bible Seas: Underwater Archaeologist in the Holy Land Author: Alexander Flinder Publisher:Severn House Publishers Published: September, 1985

Title: See Japan and Die . The true diaries of a P O W in four prison camps. Author: Frank Brimelow Publisher:Book Guild Published: 1986

Title: Seeing Roman Britain Author: Leonard Cottrell Publisher:Bracken Books Published: 1994

Title: Seeking the Host Author: Harris, Alan Publisher:Headland Publications Published: September 1, 1997

Title: Seide maises- grandfather\'s tales Author: Brian Taylor Publisher:Normita Press Published: 1994

Title: Select Statutes Cases and Documents to Illustrate English Constitutional History, 1660 - 1832 Author: G. Grant Robertson Publisher:Methuen Published: 1919

Title: Select Letters of Seneca (College Classical Series) Author: Walter C. Summers Publisher:Duckworth Publishing Published: 01 Jun

Title: Selected Poems Author: Louis MacNeice Publisher:Faber and Faber Published: 1945

Title: Selected Poems and Epigrams Author: G Rostrevor Hamilton Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 1945

Title: Selected Poems of John Gay Author: Alan Ross, editor Publisher:Grey Walls Press Published: 1950

Title: Selected Poetry Author: Lawrence, D.H. Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: July 27, 1972

Title: Selected Polish Tales Author: Else Benecke & Marie Busch ( Translators) Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1944

Title: Selected Polish Tales Author: Benecke, Else C. M. and Busch, Marie -translators Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1928

Title: Selected Works Author: Lawrence, D H Publisher:Octopus Bks. Published: September 30, 1976

Title: Selections from Prescott. Author: Oliphant Smeaton (editor) Publisher:J M Dent Published: Undated circa 1900 1920

Title: Semimicro qualitative analysis Author: H H Barber , T I Taylor Publisher:Harper & Bros. Published: 1953

Title: Sentimental Tommy vol 1 Author: J M Barry Publisher:Bernhard Tauchnitz Published: 1897

Title: Sentimental Tommy vol 2 Author: J M Barry Publisher:Bernhard Tauchnitz Published: 1897

Title: Sentimental Tommy: The story of his boyhood (Collection of British authors. Tauchnitz edition) Author: Barrie, J. M Publisher:Bernhard Tauchnitz Published:

Title: Serena Sutcliffes Guide to the Wines of Burgundy (The Mitchell Beazley Wine Guides) Author: Sutcliffe, Serena Publisher:Mitchell Beazley Published: November 26, 1992

Title: Sermons by Hugh Blair Author: Hugh Blair Publisher:Private publication Published: 1802

Title: Seven Gothic Tales Author: Isak Dinesen Publisher:Putman, Covent Garden, London Published: 1934

Title: Seven medieval kings Author: Joseph Dahmus Publisher:Allen and Unwin Published: 1967

Title: Seven Pillars of Wisdom Author: T E Lawrence Publisher:Book Club Associates Published: 1974

Title: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century French Porcelain Author: George Savage Publisher:Spring Books Published: 1969

Title: SEVENTEENTH CENTURY POETRY. Author: John (edit). Hayward Publisher: Chatto & Windus Published: 1948

Title: Sewing For The Home Author: M Brooks Picken Publisher:Cookery Book Club Published: 1973

Title: Sex And Destiny Author: Germaine Greer Publisher:Picador Published: 1985

Title: Shades of Green: Myth and Muddle in the Countryside Author: Sinclair, David Publisher:Grafton Books Published: March 8, 1990

Title: Shadow divers Author: Robert Kurson Publisher:Robert Kurson Published: 2004

Title: Shaft of Sunlight: Memories of a Varied Life Author: Mason, Philip Publisher:Deutsch Published: April 6, 1978

Title: Shakespeare Author: Martin Fido Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1984

Title: Shakespeare for all time Author: Standley Wells Publisher:Macmillan Published: 2002

Title: Shakespeare, Much Ado about Nothing and As You Like It, a Casebook Author: John Russell Brown Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1979

Title: Shakespeare: The Last Phase Author: Derek Traversi Publisher:Hollis and Carter Published: 1965

Title: Shakespeares Birds Author: Goodfellow, Peter Publisher:Magna Bks. Published: Jun-94

Title: Shcharansky: Hero of Our Time Author: Gilbert, Martin Publisher:Macmillan, London Published: April 21, 1986

Title: She Stoops to Conquer or The Mistakes of a Night Author: Oliver Goldsmith. illustrated by Hugh Thomson Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: circa 1912

Title: Sheeps Clothing (Virago Modern Classics) Author: Dale, Celia Publisher:Virago Press Published: November 14, 1996

Title: Shell Guide to Gardens Author: Hellyer, A G L Publisher:Heinemann Published: March 1977

Title: Shell Life, An Introduction to the British Mollusca. Author: Edwards Step FLS Publisher:Frederick Warne Published: 1945

Title: Shelley's Poems. Longer poems, plays, and translations Author: introduced by A H Koszul Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1953

Title: Shelley's Poems.. Lyrics and shorter poems. Volume 1. Author: P. B Shelley. A H Koszul. Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1973

Title: Shelley's Poetical Works Author: Edward Doden -editor Publisher:1926 Published: Macmil

Title: Sheridans Complete Works. Author: F Stainforth - editor Publisher:Chatto & Windus Published: 1879

Title: Sherlock Holmes selected stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Author: Arthur Conan Doyle. S C Roberts Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1951

Title: Shining Threads (Coronet Books) Author: Howard, Audrey Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: February 20, 1992

Title: Ship Stability for Masters and Mates Author: D R Derrett Publisher:Stanford Maritime Published: 1973

Title: Ships and Seamen Author: Christopher Lloyd and J Douglas- Henry Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 1961

Title: Ships of the World. An historical encyclopaedia Author: Lincoln Paine Publisher:Conway Maritime Published: 1998

Title: Ships Through the Ages Author: Lobley, Douglas Publisher:Octopus Bks. Published: October 27, 1972

Title: Ships Through The Ages. Author: Douglas Lobley Publisher:Galley Press Published: 1979

Title: Shootdown. The verdict on K A L007 Author: R W Johnson Publisher:bookclub associates Published: 1986

Title: Shooting by Moor, Field and Shore. Author: Eric Parker Publisher:Seeley, Service $ Co Published: 1934

Title: Short cuts to sketching Author: The offices of the girls owned paper and woman's magazine Publisher:The Offices of the Girl's Own Published: Undated but believed 1912

Title: Short History of World Music Author: Curt Sachs Publisher:Dobson Books Published: 1956

Title: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary Author: William Little and others Publisher:Oxford Published: 1970

Title: Shot at Dawn Author: Julian Butkowski and Julian Sykes Publisher:Leo Cooper Published: 1996

Title: Showing Author: Jane Holderness- Roddam Publisher:Jane Holderness- Roddam Published: 2004

Title: Shrewsbury Author: J M West Publisher:Blackie Published: 1937

Title: Shrubs and Small Trees Author: No Author Publisher:Parragon Published: 1995

Title: Shrubs and Small Trees: An Essential and Practical Guide to Their Selection and Care (Pocket Gardening Series) Author: Squire, David Publisher:Tiger Books Published: Jan-96

Title: Shrubs in Colour and Cultivation Author: TC Mansfield Publisher:Collins Published: circa 1946

Title: Shrubs, Bushes and Small Trees Author: Johns, Leslie Publisher:Treasure P Published: 1984

Title: Siamese White Author: Maurice Collis Publisher:Faber Published: 1965

Title: Sieges Author: Belfield, Eversley Publisher:Batsford Published: 1967

Title: Sienese Quattro Cento Painting Author: John Pope- Hennessy Publisher:Phaidon Press Published: 1947

Title: Signal Coding and Processing second edition Author: Graham Wade Publisher:Cambridge University Press Published: 1994

Title: Silas Marner. Novels of George Elliot. Author: George Elliot Publisher:William Blackwood & Sons Published: undated

Title: Silk Painting Made Easy (Crafts Made Easy S.) Author: Penny, Susan Publisher:David & Charles Published: 1998

Title: Silver From Europe and Other Countries Author: Sothebys Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1982

Title: Silver. An Illustrated Guide To Collecting Silver. Author: Margaret Holland Publisher:Cathay Books Published: 1973

Title: Simple Glass Painting: 25 Beautiful Step-by-step Glass Painting Projects Author: Owen, Cheryl Publisher:David & Charles Published: October 1999

Title: Simply Containers Author: Wells, Sophy Publisher:Dealerfield Published: 1997

Title: Simpson's Flora of Suffolk Author: Francis W Simpson Publisher:Suffolk Naturalists 'Society Published: 1982

Title: Sing for Your Supper Author: Pamela Frankau Publisher:Reprint Society Published: 1965

Title: Singing Waters Author: Bridge, Ann Publisher:Chatto & Windus Published: January 21, 1971

Title: Single-minded Author: Richard, Cliff Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Religious Published: 1988

Title: Sir Christopher Wren, a biography Author: Harold F Hutchison Publisher:Readers Union/Gollancz Published: 1976

Title: Sir Douglas Haig Despatches Author: Douglas Haig. John Terraine Publisher:JM Dent Published: 1979

Title: Sir John Vanbrugh Author: Christian Barman Publisher:Ernesr Benn Published: 1924

Title: Sir Philip Sidney Author: Frederick S Boas Publisher:Staples Published: 1955

Title: Sir Walter Scott the formative years Author: Arthur Melville Clark Publisher:William Blackwood Published: 1969

Title: Sir William Stanier Author: J E Chacksfield Publisher:Oakwood Press Published: 2001

Title: Sisters In Arms: British Army Nurses Tell Their Story Author: Nicola Tyrer Publisher:Weidenfeld & Nicolson Published: 2008

Title: Sitwells England Author: Sitwell, Sacheverell Raeburn, Michael Publisher:Orbis Pub. Published: May 27, 1986

Title: Six Elizabethan Plays by contemporaries of Shakespeare Author: C B Wheeler, editor Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1941

Title: Six Minutes to Sunset Author: Arthur Swinson Publisher:Peter Davies Published: 1964

Title: Six Navigational charts / Carte Guide de Navigation Fluviale 1990/1991 Author: Edit. Cartographiques Maritime / Port Autonome De Paris Publisher:Edit. Cartographiques Marit Published: 1990/1991

Title: Sizzling Platter Author: Arno, Peter Publisher:Duckworth Published: Sep-77

Title: Skiing Simplified Author: Doug Pfeiffer Publisher:Grosset & Dunlap New York Published: 1970

Title: Skilled Horsemanship Author: Lieutenant-Colonel Sidney G Goldschmidt Publisher:Country Life Published: 1937

Title: Skont at Leve, en roman om Rubens Author: Harsanyi Publisher:Chr Erichsens Published: 1945

Title: Skreta's Family Portrait Of Dionysio Miseroni. Author: Text O J Blazicek. Photographs Publisher:spring books Published: 1966

Title: Skretas Family portrait of Dionysio Miseroni (Master details in colour series) Author: Blazicek, Oldrich J Publisher:Spring Books Published: 1966

Title: Sleep: How to get more of it Author: Pincher, Chapman Publisher:Daily Express Published: 1954

Title: Sleeping Partner Author: Graham, Winston Publisher:Fontana Press Published: 1985

Title: Slim and Healthy Cooking Author: Veronica and Barbara Croxford, Editors Sperling Publisher:Grange Books Published: 1992

Title: Slipping Down Life (Arena Books) Author: Tyler, Anne Publisher:Vintage Published: March 5, 1987

Title: Slovakia . walking through centuries of cities and towns Author: Various Publisher:Priroda Published: 1997

Title: Small Boat on the Meuse Author: Roger Pilkington, David Knight Publisher: McMillan. St. Martin\'s Pres Published: 1967

Title: Small Boat to Luxembourg Author: Roger Pilkington Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1967

Title: Small Boats and Sailing Author: Percy Blandford Publisher:Lutterworth Press Published: 1963

Title: Small World: An Academic Romance Author: Lodge, David Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: March 28, 1985

Title: Small-Scale Grain Raising Author: Gene Logsdon Publisher:Rodale Press Published: 1977

Title: Smuggler's Britain Author: G Bernard Wood Publisher:Cassell Published: 1966

Title: Snowbird Paradine Author: Laurence Clarke Publisher:Jarrolds Published: undated circa 1920

Title: Snowdonia and North Wales (AA / OS Leisure Guides) Author: Ordnance survey Publisher:AA Publishing Published: 31 December, 1989

Title: Snowdrops and snowflakes. A study of the genera of Galanthus and Leucojum. Author: F C Stern. Publisher:Royal Horticultural Society Published: 1956

Title: So Far So Good Author: Matthew Parris Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 1991

Title: So Far so Good the autobiography of Mark Todd Author: Mark Todd Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 1998

Title: Social Contract Author: Locke, Hume Rousseau Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1946

Title: Social Life in Britain from the Conquest to the Reformation Author: G G Coulton Publisher:Cambridge University Press Published: 1938

Title: Social protest literature An encyclopaedia of works characters authors and themes Author: Patricia D Netzley Publisher:ABC Clio Published: 1999

Title: Social Structure of England and Wales 1937 Author: A M Carr- Saunders D Caradog Jones Publisher:Oxford Published: 1937

Title: Social Structure of England and Wales 1937 Author: A M Carr- Saunders D Caradog Jones Publisher:Oxford Published: 1937

Title: Sociological Perspectives on School and Education (Sociology Now) Author: Reid, Ivan Publisher:Open Books Publishing Published: September 1980

Title: Socratic discourses. Plato and Xenophon Author: Dr A D Lindsay -introduction Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1944

Title: Soil Microbiology: A Model of Decompositon and Nutrient Cycling Author: O L Smith Publisher:C R C Press Inc. Florida Published: 1982

Title: Soldier From the Wars Returning Author: Charles Carrington Publisher:Hutchinson Published: 1965

Title: Soldiers and Governments nine studies in civil military relations Author: Michael Howard editor Publisher:Eyre & Spottiswoode Published: 1957

Title: Soldiers Three The story of the Gadsbys in black and white Author: Rudyard Kipling Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1912

Title: Soldiers: A History of Men in Battle Author: Keegan, John Publisher:Sphere Books Published: June 18, 1987

Title: Solving Your Horse and Pony Problems Author: J F Kelly Publisher:Country Life Published: 1967

Title: Solzhenitsyn Author: Grazzini, Giovanni Publisher:Sphere Published: January 3, 1974

Title: Some Fell on Stony Ground Author: Richardson, R.C. Publisher:G.R.Reeve Published: Nov-78

Title: Some Sayings of the Buddha Author: F L Woodward Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1945

Title: Something in Disguise Author: Howard, Elizabeth Jane Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: 1980

Title: Something Like Fire: Peter Cook Remembered Author: Lin Cook Publisher:Methuen Publishing Ltd Published: 1996

Title: Something of my country Author: HRH Prince William of Sweden Publisher:William Hodge Published: 1951

Title: Something Understood Author: Gerald Priestland Publisher:Andre Deutsch Published: 1986

Title: Song of Praise With Music Author: various Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1958

Title: Songs Before Sunrise Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 1918

Title: Songs of Praise Author: Andrew Barr Publisher: Lion Publishing Published: 2001

Title: Songs of The British Music Hall Author: Peter Davison Publisher:Oak Publications Published: 1971

Title: Sons& Lovers, St Mawr, The Fox, The White Peacock, Love Among The Haystacks, The Virgin & The Gypsy, Lady Chatterley's L Author: D H Lawrence Publisher:Heinemann /Octopus Published: 1976

Title: Sophias Son Author: Dorothy Thompson Publisher:Terence Dalton Published: 1969

Title: SOPHOCLIS FABULAE Author: Sophocles. Pearson Publisher:Oxford Published: undated c 1938

Title: Sotheby Catalogue of Fine English Porcelain Author: Sotheby Publisher:Sotheby Published: 1973

Title: Sotheby Catalogue of Fine French Paperweights and Galle Glass Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1965

Title: Sotheby's 1975 Catalogue of Good English porcelain Author: Sothebys Publisher:Sotheby & Co Published: 1975

Title: Sotheby's Catalogue of English and foreign silver and plate Thursday 21st of December 1978 Author: Sotheby's Publisher:Sotheby's Published: 1978

Title: Sotheby's Catalogue of Fine English and Foreign Silver and Gold Author: Sotheby's Publisher:Sotheby's Published: 1980

Title: Sotheby's Catalogue of Good Silver 14 Jan 1982 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1982

Title: Sotheby's Catalogue of Good Silver auctioned on 18 February 1982 Author: Sotheby's Publisher:Sotheby's Published: 1982

Title: Sotheby's Catalogue of Important English and Foreign Silver and Plate 19th July 1979 Author: Sotheby's Publisher:Sotheby 's Published: 1979

Title: Sotheby's Catalogue of silhouettes, portrait miniatures, European silver and English silver. 12th, 15th March 1984. Author: Sotheby's Publisher:Sothebys Published: 1984

Title: Sothebys Portrait of an Auction House Author: Frank Herrmann Publisher:Chatto & Windus Published: 1980

Title: Sothebys Catalogue of a collection of English and Continental toys and galanteriewaren 14th and 15 December 1972 Author: Sothebys Publisher:Sothebys Published: 1972

Title: Sotheby\'s Concise Encyclopedia of Furniture Author: Christopher Payne Publisher:Chancellor press Published: October, 1998

Title: Sotherby and Co.'s Catalogue of the Rene Fribourg Collection. part IV. Gold Snuff Boxes Author: Sotherby & Co Publisher:Sotherby & Co Published: 1963

Title: Sotherbys Catalogue of gold boxes objects of vertu and European silver Author: Sotherbys Publisher:Sotherbys Published: 1981

Title: Sotherbys catalogue of silhouettes, portrait miniatures, objects of vertu, gold boxes, and European silver 4 July 1983. Author: Sotherbys Publisher:Sotherbys Published: 1983

Title: Soul Stories: Practical Guides to the Soul Author: Zukav, Gary Publisher:Simon & Schuster (Trade Divisi Published: July 14, 2000

Title: South East Asian ceramics through 9th to 17th centuries Author: Dean F. Frasche Publisher:Asia Society Published: 1976

Title: South Africa after Vorster Author: Arnheim, M. T. W Publisher:Howard Timmins Published: 1982

Title: South Africa: No Easy Path to Peace Author: Leach, G. Publisher:Mandarin Published: February 12, 1987

Title: South Africa: No Easy Path to Peace (A Methuen Paperback) Author: Graham Leach Publisher:Methuen Published: 01 May

Title: South African Wild Flowers for the Garden Author: Eliovson, Sima Publisher:Macmillan Published: July 4, 1974

Title: South Kensington Museum Locomotive Exhibits Author: Unknown Publisher:unstated Published: unstated probably circa 1930

Title: South With Scott Author: Admiral Sir Edward R G R Evans Publisher:Collins Published: undated

Title: South with Scott (Class. S) Author: Mountevans, Lord E Publisher:Collins Published: 1953

Title: Southern Haven. The Port of Albany Author: Donald S. Garden Publisher:The Albany Port Authority Published: 1978

Title: Southwest England third edition British regional geology Author: EA Edmonds. M C Mc Keown . M. Williams. H. Dewey Publisher:HMSO Published: 1969

Title: Souvenir programme of The Sign of the Cross Author: Mr Wilson Barrett Publisher:W and D Downey Published: 1986

Title: Sovereign State: Secret History of International Telephone and Telegraph Author: Sampson, Anthony Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: July 1, 1973

Title: Space and Storage Author: Editor G Moore Publisher:Time Life Books Published: 1984

Title: Spanish Colonial Silver Author: Leona Davis Boylan Publisher:Museum of New Mexico press Published: 1974

Title: Spanish Lessons: Beginning a New Life in Spain Author: Lambert, Derek Publisher:Ebury Press Published: April 5, 2001

Title: Speaker and Debater Author: No Author Publisher:Hodder Arnold H&S Published: January 1, 1973

Title: Special operations Author: Various. Edited by Patrick Howarth Publisher:Routledge and Kegan Paul Published: 1955

Title: Species Which Have Reared Young, and Hybrids Which have Been Bred In Captivity In Great Britain. Author: Wesley T Page. Publisher:Ashbourne: The Avian Press Published: 1914

Title: Specimens of English Dramatic Criticism XVII-XX Centuries Author: Selected and Introduced by A C Ward Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1945

Title: Speech disorders principles and practices of therapy Author: M F Berry and J Eisenson Publisher:Peter Owen Published: 1972

Title: Speeches and documents in American history .volume 1, 1776 1815. Volume 2, 1818 1865 Author: Robert Birley Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1944

Title: Speeches and Documents on International Affairs 1918 1937, volume 1 Author: Arthur Berriedale Keith Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1938

Title: Speeches and Documents on International Affairs 1918 1937, volume 2 Author: edited and introduced by Arthur Berriedale Keith Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1938

Title: Speeches that changed the world Author: Various Publisher:Quercus Published: 2006

Title: Spenser's Poetical Works Author: Smith & Selincourt editors Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1937

Title: Spies and Other Secrets: Memoirs from the Second Cold War Author: Bethell, Nicholas Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: November 30, 1995

Title: Spinning A to Z Author: Alexander Wanless Publisher:Herbert Jenkins Published: 1947

Title: Spirit of Asia Author: Macintyre, Michael Publisher:BBC Published: 1980

Title: Spitfire summer. The people's eye view of the Battle of Britain. Author: Peter Haining Publisher:Selecta Book Ltd Published: 1995

Title: Splendid Soft Toy Book Author: Rath, Erna Deutch, Yvonne Publisher:Search P Published: Aug-81

Title: Sport and There's the Humour of It Author: G Denholm Armour Publisher:Hutchinson Published: Undated circa 1925

Title: Sport In the Olden Time limited facsimile edition Author: Sir Walter Gilbey, Bart Publisher:Read Country Books Published: 2005

Title: Sports Records Author: Prudential Assurance Co Ltd Publisher:Hazell Watson and Viney Published: 1928

Title: Spy Game Author: McNeil, John Publisher:Weidenfeld & N Published: October 2, 1980

Title: Squire Osbalderston his Autobiography Author: Squire Osbaldeston E D Cuming, Sir Theodore Cook Publisher:John Lane Published: 1927

Title: St Edmund, King and Martyr Author: Bryan Houghton Publisher:Terence Dalton Published: 1970

Title: St Ives. Volume XX. of the Swanston edition Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Publisher:Chatto and Windus Published: 1912

Title: St. Mawr, and The virgin and the gipsy Author: Lawrence, D. H Publisher:Penguin Books in association w Published: 1967

Title: Stafford Cripps Author: Eric Estorick Publisher:Heinemann Published: 1949

Title: Staffordshire Porcelain Author: Geoffrey Godden, editor Publisher:Granada Publishing Published: 1983

Title: Staffordshire Portrait Figures of the Victorian Era including the definitive catalogue Author: PD Gordon Pugh Publisher:Barry and Jenkins Published: 1981

Title: Stalky and Co Author: Rudyard Kipling Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1929

Title: Standard Processes in Dressmaking Author: Towers, E Lucy Publisher:Hodder Published: 1948

Title: Standard Stories from the Operas Author: Gladys Davidson Publisher:Warner Laurie Published: 1975

Title: Stanley an Adventurer Explored Author: Richard Hall Publisher:Collins Published: 1974

Title: Stanley Gibbons postage stamp catalogue 1949 part 1- Brirish Empire Author: Stanley Gibbon Publisher:Stanley Gibbon Published: 1949

Title: Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue. Japan. Japanese Occupation of China and Korea and the Ryukyu Islands 1971 Author: Stanley Gibbons Publisher:Stanley Gibbons Published: 1970

Title: Star Land Author: Sir Robert Stawell Ball Publisher:Cassell & Co Published: 1902

Title: Statistical Analysis in Biology Author: K Mather Publisher:Methuen and company Published: 1949

Title: Steam in the Village Author: R. A. Whitehead Publisher:David and Charles Published: 1977

Title: Steam Railways Author: C Hamilton Ellis Publisher:Eyre Methuen Published: 1975

Title: Step By Step Art of Dried Flowers Author: Ming Veevers Carter Publisher:Aura Published: 1994

Title: Step By Step Guide to Jewelry Making Author: Avril Rodway Publisher:Hamlyn Publ Group Ltd Published: 1973

Title: Step by Step to Artists Techniques Author: Funk, Victoria Publisher:Phaidon P Published: November 6, 1980

Title: Step-by-step Book About Discus Author: Keller, Gunter Publisher:TFH Publications Published: 1989

Title: Step-by-step guide to designing small gardens Author: Joan Melville Publisher:Pelham Books Published: 1974

Title: Stephen Hawking: A Life in Science (Penguin Press Science S.) Author: White, Michael Gribbin, John Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: December 3, 1992

Title: Stephen Hero Author: James Joyce Publisher:New Directions Published: 1963

Title: Stephen Spender. A portrait with background Author: Hugh David Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 12 October, 1992

Title: Still Talking Author: Joan Rivers. Richard Meryman Publisher:Century Published: 1992

Title: Stitched Rugs. A W. I. Home Skills Guide Author: W. I. Publisher:W. I. Books Published: 1979

Title: Stockton and Darlington One Hundred and Fifty Years of British Railways Author: Semmens, Peter William Brett Publisher:New English Library Published: 1975

Title: Stolen Marches Author: David Crackanthorpe Publisher:Headline Published: 1999

Title: Stonehenge Complete Author: Christopher Chippingdale Publisher:Thames and Hudson Published: 1983

Title: Stories of the 90s a biographical anthology Author: Derek Stanford Publisher:John Baker Published: 1968

Title: Stories for boys Author: Various Publisher:Blackie Published: unated, circa 1930-40

Title: Stories from Browning Author: Verney Cameron Turnbull Publisher:Harrap Published: 1914

Title: Stories of Ireland. Castle Rackrent . The Absentee. Author: Maria Edgeworth Publisher:George Routledge & Sons Published: 1886

Title: Stories of Italian Artists Venetian and Umbrian Schools Author: Margaret Leicester- Warren Publisher:Medici Society Published: 1927

Title: Stories of the Italian Artists- Venetian and Umbrian Schools Author: M Leicester-Warren Publisher:The Medici Society London Published: 1927

Title: Stories, Essays and Poems Author: Aldous Huxley Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1938

Title: Stories, essays, and poems (Everymans library-no.948) Author: Ernest Rhys Publisher:Dent Published: 1946

Title: Storm Command Author: Gen Sir Peter De La Billiere Publisher:HarperCollins Published: 1992

Title: Storm from the East: From Genghis Khan to Khubilai Khan Author: Robert Marshall Publisher:BBC Books Published: 1993

Title: Story of Africa Author: Davidson, Basil Publisher:Mitchell Beazley Published: April 1984

Title: Story of Art Author: Gombrich, E H Publisher:Phaidon P Published: August 10, 1972

Title: Story of Art Author: Gombrich, E H Publisher:Phaidon P Published: Dec-66

Title: Story of the Sailing Ship Author: Weaver, Gaye Publisher:Marshall Cavendish Published: October 25, 1975

Title: Storytellers, The Author: Appleyard, Simon Publisher:This England Books Published: September 1, 1991

Title: Strand magazine Vols 1X & X Jan-June : July- Dec 1885, Author: Georges Newnes Publisher:George Newnes Published: 1895

Title: Strand magazine Vols V11 & V111 Jan-June : July- Dec 1884, Author: Georges Newnes Publisher:George Newnes Published: 1984

Title: Strange Land the countryside myth and reality Author: Frazer Harrison Publisher:Sidgewick and Jackson Published: 1982

Title: Strange Superstitions and Magical Practices Author: William J Fielding Publisher:Circle Books Published: 1945

Title: Strasburger's Text-Book of Botany Author: H Fitting, L Jost, H Schenck, G Karsten Publisher:Macmillan & Co Published: 1921

Title: Strategy in the chess endgame Author: Reinfeld, Fred Publisher:Oak Tree P Published: 1964

Title: Strategy in the Southern Oceans: A South American View (Studies in Contemporary Maritime Policy and Strategy) Author: Gamba-Stonehouse, Virginia Publisher:Pinter Publishers Published: 1989

Title: Strategy of Survival Author: Crozier, Brian Publisher:MT Smith Published: March 9, 1978

Title: Streamlined steam Author: A J Mallay Publisher:David and Charles Published: 2002

Title: Streetplonk Author: Gluck, Malcolm Publisher:Coronet Books Published: November 6, 1997

Title: Stress Factor (Health & Healing the Natural Way S.) Author: Readers Digest Association Publisher:Readers Digest Published: Sep-99

Title: Stress: A New Positive Approach (Take Control Series) Author: Jenni Adams Publisher:Charles UK Published: 1989

Title: Strokesaver Guide to Classic Courses Author: Edmund, Nick Publisher:Little Brown Published: July 3, 1997

Title: Stuart Constitution 1603-1688 Author: J. P. Kenyon Publisher:Cambridge University Press Published: 01 January, 1966

Title: Studies on Frank O'Connor with a bibliography of his writing Author: Michael / Frank Publisher:Gill & Macmillan Published: 1969

Title: Stuka at War Author: Peter Smith Publisher:Ian Allan Published: 1971

Title: Successful Black-and-white Photography: A Practical Handbook Author: Roger Hicks Publisher:David & Charles Published: 1994

Title: Successful Bonsai Growing (Concorde Books) Author: Adams, Peter D. Publisher:Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrate Published: Feb-87

Title: Successful colour photography. The complete guide to seeing and taking better pictures Author: Christopher Angeloglou editor Publisher:Collins Published: 1981

Title: SUCCESSFUL GARDENING COLOUR ROUND THE YEAR Author: LIZZIE BOYD Publisher:Random House Value Pub Published: 1987

Title: Successful Gardening- Colour Round The Year. Author: Reader's Digest. Publisher: Published:

Title: Suffolk Author: Arthur Mee Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: 1951

Title: Suffolk County Handbook Author: Pauline Goodwin. Suffolk County Council Publisher:Suffolk County Council Published: 1982

Title: Suffolk Hours Author: Allan Jobson Publisher:Robert Hale Published: 1979

Title: Suffolk Lives Author: Josephine Walpole . Geoff Pleasance Publisher:Richard Castell Published: 1993

Title: Suffolk of One Hundred Years Ago (One Hundred Years Ago Series) Author: Phelps, H. Publisher:Sutton Publishing Published: October 29, 1992

Title: Suffolk We Live in Author: Fincham, Paul Publisher:George Nobbs Published: 1976

Title: Suite des Caracteres de Theophraste et des Pensees de M. Pascal Author: Guillaume-Amable Valleyre . Theophrastus Publisher:Estienne Michallet Published: 1699

Title: Summary of Medicine for Nurses and Medical Auxiliaries Author: R.Gordon Cooke, Ann C. Miller Publisher:Faber and Faber Published: , 1966

Title: Sunday at Home 1907 Author: Miscellaneous Publisher:Religious Tract Society Published: 1906-7

Title: Sunday Reading for the Young Author: Various Publisher:Wells, Gardner, Darton Published: 1891

Title: Super Woman Author: Shirley Conran Publisher:Sidgwick & Jackson Published: 1995

Title: Superstars of the Premier League Author: No Author Publisher:Parragon Publishing Published: December 31, 1997

Title: Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life Author: Lewis, C. S. Publisher:Collins Published: 1979

Title: Survey of British Commonwealth Affairs. Volume 2, Problems of Economic Policy 1918 1939 Author: W K Hancock Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1940

Title: Survey Sampling and Measurement (Quantitative Studies in Social Relations) Author: 2d, University of North Carolina, 1977 Symposium on Survey Sampling, N. Krishnan Namboodiri Publisher:Academic Press Published: December, 1978

Title: Survive the Savage Sea Author: Robertson, Dougal Publisher: Elek Published: 1973

Title: Survive the Savage Sea Author: Dougal Robertson Publisher:Elek Books Published: 1973

Title: Sutton Coldfield Golf Club 1889-1989 Author: Robert F Fletcher Publisher:S C Golf Club Published: 1988

Title: Sutton Hoo - Burial Ground of The kings Author: Martin Carver Publisher:British Museum Press Published: 1998

Title: Sutton Hoo: Burial Ground of Kings? Author: Carver, Martin Publisher:British Museum Press Published: May 26, 1998

Title: Sutton Hoo: The Excavation of a Royal Ship Burial Author: Green, Charles Green, Barbara Publisher:Seafarer Books Published: Jun-80

Title: Swaff. The Life and Times of Hannen Swaffer Author: Tom Driberg Publisher:Macdonald Published: 1974

Title: Swan Song. Author: John Galsworthy Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 1928

Title: Sweet morn of Judas Day Author: Llewellyn, Richard Publisher:Joseph Published: 1965

Title: Sweethearts and Valentines Author: Judith Holder Publisher:A & W Pub Published: Jan-80

Title: Swinburne. Poems and Prose Author: A C Swinburne Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1940

Title: Swords Around a Throne Author: John R Elting Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 1988

Title: Symbols of Eternity the Art of Landscape Painting in China Author: Michael Sullivan Publisher:Clarendon Press Published: 1979

Title: System of Logic Author: Mill, John Stuart Publisher: Published: None

Title: Systematic Qualitative Organic Analysis Author: H Middleton Publisher:Edward Arnold & Co. Published: 1946

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