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C - Printable Book List

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Here is a list of alphabetically sorted books available on marywardbooks.com with a title name begining with C.

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Title: C K Chesterton Author: Dudley Barker Publisher:Constable Published: 1973

Title: C. Julii Caesaris Quae Extant, Accuratissime Cum Libris Editis et MSS Optimis Collata, Recognita & Correcta. Accesse Author: Julius Caesar. Samuel Clarke Publisher:G Straham and others Published: 1778

Title: Cacti (Colour S) Author: Lamb, Edgar Publisher:Blandford P Published: October 1969

Title: Cacti and Succulents (Concise Guides in Colour S) Author: Subik, Rudolf Kuthanova, O Publisher:Hamlyn Published: Jan-69

Title: Cacti Succulents and tropical Plants Author: Nicky Haydn Publisher:Golden Hands Published: 1975

Title: Cacti, Succulents and Tropical Plants (Golden Hands S) Author: Hayden, Nicky Publisher:Marshall Cavendish Published: July 11, 1975

Title: Cactiand Other Succulents Author: Lieut- General Sir Oliver Leese Publisher:Ebury Press Published: 1964

Title: Cadburys Chocolate Cookbook Author: Dunbar, Patricia Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1980

Title: Caesar: Gallic War , book 5: Brodie 's classical translations Author: James Brodie Publisher:James Brodie Published: Undated

Title: CAESAR: GALLIC WAR BOOK V. Brodie's classical translations Author: Brodie's classical translations Publisher:Brodie Published: Undated ,circa 1920

Title: Caesaris Opera II Commentarii De Bello Civili Cum Libris De Bello Alexandrino Africo Hispaniensi Author: Caesar , R.L. A.Du Pontet Publisher:Oxford Published: Undated early 1900's

Title: Caesars Invasion of Britain (History & Politics) Author: Ellis, Peter Berresford Publisher:Constable Published: October 10, 1994

Title: Cage and Aviary Birds (Collins Handguides) Author: Martin, Richard Mark Ellis, Malcolm Publisher:Collins Published: July 14, 1980

Title: Calf Rearing Author: Farmers Weekly Publisher:Farmers Weekly Published: Undated undated 20th century

Title: Caliban In Grub Street Author: Ronald A Knox Publisher:Sheed& Ward Published: 1930

Title: Call back yesterday: Memoirs, 1887-1931 Author: Dalton, Hugh Publisher:Muller Published: 1953

Title: Call Me At Dawn Author: Percy Edwards Publisher:East Anglian Daily Times Published: 1948

Title: Calling The Horses Author: Peter O'Sullevan Publisher:Stanley Paul. Published: 1989

Title: Cambridge Books and Printing 1521 -31 Author: Messrs J & E Bumpus Ltd Publisher:Cambridge University press Published: 1931

Title: Cambridge Geographical Series -Ethnology Author: A H Keane Publisher:Cambridge Published: 1896

Title: Cambridge illustrated history British Empire Author: PJ Marshall editor Publisher:Cambridge University press Published: 1999

Title: Cambridge Lectures Everyman's library number 974 Author: Arthur Quiller- Couch Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1943

Title: Camellias Author: Anderson, E. B Publisher:Blandford P Published: 1961

Title: Camera in Conflicts: Armed Conflicts Vol 1 Author: Fox, Robert Publisher:Konemann UK Ltd Published: September 1996

Title: Camera- Victorian Eyewitness Author: Gus Mac Donald Publisher:Batsford Published: 1979

Title: Camerone di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio Tomo 11 Author: Giovanni Boccaccio Publisher:Livorno Published: 1812

Title: Campbells Kingdom: Level 4 - Intermediate (Nelson Readers) Author: Innes, Hammond Publisher:Collins Educational Glasgow Published: August 4, 1988

Title: Can Ethics be Christian? Author: James M Gustafson Publisher:University of Chicago Press Published: 1975

Title: Canada A Visual History Author: D GG Kerr & R I K Davidson Publisher:Thomas Nelson & Sons. Published: 1966

Title: Cap Badges of the British Army 1939 - 45 Author: C. L. D. Alderton Publisher:Spellmount Published: 2007

Title: Capability Brown and Humphrey Repton Author: Edward Hyams Publisher:Charles Scribners Sons Published: 1971

Title: Capital. A critical analysis of capitalist production , vol 1 Author: Karl Marx Publisher:Lawrence and Wishart Published: 1961

Title: Captain Nicholas: A modern comedy Author: Hugh Walpole Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1934

Title: Captain Nicholas: A modern comedy (Tauchnitz edition of British and American authors) Author: Walpole, Hugh Publisher:Bernhard Tauchnitz Published: 1935

Title: Captains Diary, 1989-91 Author: Carling, Will Publisher:Chatto and Windus Published: September 12, 1991

Title: Card Fortune-Telling. A lucid treatise dealing with all the popular and more abstruse methods Author: Charles Platt Publisher:Foulsham Published: Undated

Title: Care for Old Houses Author: Pamela Cunnington Publisher:Alphabet and Image Published: 1984

Title: Caribbean (AA Explorer S.) Author: Hamlyn, James Publisher:AA Publishing Published: December 13, 1999

Title: Caring For Your Plants. Successful G Author: Lizzie Boyd- editor Publisher:Reader's Digest Published: 1993

Title: Carlyle Past and Present Author: Thomas Carlyle. Ralph Waldo Emerson Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1941

Title: Carpets from the Tents, Cottages and Workshops of Asia Author: Jon Thompson Publisher:Barrie and Jenkins Published: 1988

Title: Cars . An Encyclopedia Of The World's Most Fabulous Automobiles Author: M Buckley. C Rees Publisher:Hermes House Published: 2002

Title: Carters dictionary of gardening Author: Oliver Dawson Publisher:Heinemann Published: 1975

Title: Cases in Constitutional Law Author: D L Keir and F H Lawson Publisher:Oxford, Clarendon press Published: 1954

Title: Cases on the Law of Torts Author: C A Wright Publisher:Butterworths Published: 1963

Title: Caspar John Author: Rebecca John Publisher:Collins Published: 1987

Title: Cassell's Latin Dictionary Author: Joseph Charles, J R V Marchant Publisher:Cassell Published: Undated but believed circa 1930

Title: Cassells French- English English- French dictionary Author: Ernest a Baker editor Publisher:Cassell Published: 1921

Title: Cassells Natural History Author: Various. P Martin Duncan editor Publisher:Cassell and company Published: 1893

Title: Cassells' Popular Gardening. Author: Walter P Wright Publisher:Cassell and Co. Published: unknown

Title: Castaway the full inside story of the major TV series Author: Mark McCrum Publisher:Ebury Press Published: 2000

Title: Caste in India,: Its nature, function and origins Author: J. H Hutton Publisher:Cambridge University Press Published: 1946

Title: Castle Rackrent Author: Mariah Edgeworth George Watson Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1964

Title: Castles In Spain & Other Screeds Author: John Galsworthy Publisher:Heinemann Published: 1927

Title: Cat Breeds of the World Author: Cutts, Paddy Publisher:Smithmark Pub Published: September 1, 1995

Title: Catalogue of Russian and Greek Icons and Russian Works of Art April 1975 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1975

Title: Catalogue of David Sachs Meissen Porcelain 1970 Author: Sotherbys Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1970

Title: Catalogue of Fine Contintental Porcelain Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1973

Title: Catalogue of English and Continental Glass 28th June 1971 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1971

Title: Catalogue of English and Continental Glass 29th June 1970 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1970

Title: Catalogue of English Porcelain Author: Sotheby Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1970

Title: Catalogue of Fine English and Continental Glass 10 May 1971 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1971

Title: Catalogue of Fine English and Foreign Silver and Plate Author: Sothebys Publisher:Sothebys Published: 1976

Title: Catalogue of Fine English Porcelain 11 May 1971 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1971

Title: Catalogue of Fine French Paperweights Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1966

Title: Catalogue of Fine Scottish Silver (etc) Author: Lyon and Turnbull Publisher:Lyon and Turnbull Published: 2008

Title: Catalogue of Good English Porcelain and Pottery 1979 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1979

Title: Catalogue of good silver offered at auction Thursday, 20th of May 1982 Author: Sotheby's Publisher:Sotheby's Published: 1982

Title: Catalogue of Highly Important Continental and English Silver Author: Sothebys Publisher:Sotheby and Co Published: 1977

Title: Catalogue of Important Continental Porcelain 17 June 1975 Author: Sotheby and Co Publisher:Sothebyand Co Published: 1975

Title: Catalogue of Impressionist & Modern Paintings and Sculpture -1973 Author: Sotheby&Co Publisher:Sotherby & Co Published: 1973

Title: Catalogue of Islamic jewellery from private collection exhibited tor sale October - November 1996 Author: Spink Publisher:Spink Published: 1996

Title: Catalogue of Silver, Gold Boxes and Faberge. Geneva 17th & 18th Geneva 1997 Author: Sothebys Publisher:Sothebys Published: 1997

Title: Catalogue of Silver, Small Silverwork, Objects of Vertu, and Fans 1983 Author: Sotherbys Publisher:Sothebys Published: 1983

Title: Catalogue of the Frank Lloyd collection of Worcester porcelain of the Wall period Author: R. L. Hobson Publisher:Privately printed Published: 1923

Title: Catalogue of the Rene Fribourg Collection. European Porcelain (part1) French Faience and European Porcelain (part2) Author: Sotheby & Co Publisher:Sothebys Published: 1963

Title: Catch Me a Colobus Author: Durrell, Gerald Publisher:Fontana Published: 1977

Title: Catharine Furze Author: Rutherford, Mark Publisher:Hogarth Press Published: January 17, 1985

Title: Cathedrales de France Author: Stany Gauthier Publisher:Charles Massin Published: undated c. 1960

Title: Cathedrals and Abbeys of England and Wales Author: TG Bonney- editor Publisher:Bracken Books Published: 1985

Title: Cathedrals of England Author: Blair, J L Publisher:Chambers Published: July 1965

Title: Catherine the Great Author: Henri Troyat Publisher:Alison & Bushby Published: 1994

Title: Catherine, Empress of All the Russia's Author: Vincent Cronin Publisher:Collins Published: 1978

Title: Catholic Faith Author: Thomas, W H Griffith Publisher:Church Book Room Published: 1947

Title: Cats Author: No Author Publisher:Colour Lib. Internat Published: October 1, 1977

Title: Cats Eye Author: Atwood, Margaret Publisher:Virago Press Published: April 14, 1994

Title: Catullus : Selections From The Poems (Roman World series) Author: Gaius Valerius Catullus, Melluish, T W Smith, T W Melluish Publisher:Allen-Unwin Published: 1971

Title: Caught in the Web of Words, James Murray and the Oxford English dictionary Author: K. M. Elizabeth Murray Publisher:Yale University press Published: 1977

Title: Cause of Death: History of Murder Under the Microscope Author: Smyth, Frank Publisher:Macmillan Published: April 8, 1982

Title: Cause of Death: History of Murder Under the Microscope Author: Smyth, Frank Publisher:Macmillan Published: April 8, 1982

Title: Cavaliers and Roundheads. The English at war 1642 1649 Author: Christopher Hibbert Publisher:B.C.A. Published: 1999

Title: Cavalleria Rusticana Author: Verga translated by D H Lawrence Publisher:Four Square Books Published: 1962

Title: Cavalry, The Author: Lawford, James P Publisher:S . Low Published: 1976

Title: Cecil Rhodes and the Princess Author: Brian Roberts Publisher:Literary Guild/ Hamish Hamilto Published: 1969

Title: Celeste goes dancing and other stories. An Argentine collection Author: Norman Thomas Di Giovanni editor Publisher:Constable Published: 1989

Title: Celia Author: E H Young Publisher:Jonathan Cape Published: 1937

Title: Cell Culture. LabFax Author: M Butler. M. Dawson. Editors Publisher:B I OS. Scientific Publishers Published: 1992

Title: Cell Physiology Author: Arthur C Giese Publisher:W B Saunders Published: 1963

Title: Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry Author: William D. McElroy Publisher:Prentice Hall Published: 1961

Title: Celtic Mysteries Author: John Starkey Publisher:Thames & Hudson Published: 1979

Title: Celtic Mysteries: The Ancient Religion Author: Sharkey, John Publisher:Peter Smith Pub Inc Published: June 1, 1988

Title: CENTENNIAL 1 Author: James A. Michener Publisher:Fawcett Books Published: March 12, 1982

Title: Central England third edition British Regional Geology Author: B A Hains. F H Edmunds Publisher:HMSO Published: 1969

Title: Central Italy: Florence, Tuscany, Umbria, the Marches and Northern Lazio (Versatile Guides) Author: Duncan, Fiona Greene, Duncan Publisher:Duncan Petersen Publishing Published: March 29, 1996

Title: Century of North Sea Passenger Steamers Author: Greenaway, A Publisher:I Allan Published: Apr-86

Title: Ceramics Source Book Author: Errol Manners.. foreword by Hugo Morley- Fletcher Publisher:Chartwell books Published: 1990

Title: Cezanne. Visions of a great painter Author: Henri Lallemand Publisher:Todtri Publications Published: 1994

Title: Chaffers Concise Marks and Monogram is on Pottery and Porcelain Author: William Chaffers . Frederick Litchfield Publisher:Wordsworth Published: 1988

Title: Chairs Author: Edward T Jory Publisher:Country Life Books Published: 1980

Title: Chambers biographical dictionary (Chambers paperback reference books) Author: No Author Publisher:W. and R. Chambers Published: 1975

Title: Chambers biographical dictionary vols 1 & 2. (Chambers paperback reference books) Author: Chambers Publisher:W. and R. Chambers Published: 1975

Title: Chambers Crossword Dictionary Author: Various Publisher:Chambers Published: 2008

Title: Chambers Dictionary of World History Author: Hillary Marsden editor Publisher:Chambers Published: 2007

Title: Chambers Journal 1858, 1. Author: Various Publisher:Chambers Published: 1958

Title: ChambersTthesaurus Author: Catherine Schwarz. Anne Seaton. George Davidson. John Simpson Publisher:Chambers Published: 1992

Title: Champagne Author: Patrick Forbes Publisher:Victor Gollancz Published: 1967

Title: Changing Anatomy of Britain Author: Sampson, Anthony Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: September 1, 1982

Title: Changing Rooms Author: Barker, Linda Publisher:BBC Books Published: March 4, 1999

Title: Chantemesle Author: Robin Fedden Publisher:John Murray Published: 1964

Title: Chapters on language Author: Reverent Frederick W. Farrer Publisher:Longmans Published: 1865

Title: Characteristic frequencies of chemical groups in the infra-red Author: M. St. C Flett Publisher:Elsevier Published: 1963

Title: Chardonnay Author: Alan Young Publisher: Published:

Title: Chardonnay: the Worlds Most Popular Grape: The Definitive Guide Author: Roger, Christian Pol Young, Alan Publisher:Sidgwick & Jackson Published: 1988

Title: Charles 1 Author: Sir John Skelton Publisher:Goupil & Co, Published: 1898

Title: Charles Edward Stuart. The life and times of Bonnie Prince Charlie Author: David Daiches Publisher:Thames and Hudson Published: 1973

Title: Charlotte Bronte Author: Rebecca Frazer Publisher:Methuen Published: 1988

Title: Charlotte Mary Younge. The Story of an Uneventful Life Author: Georgina Battiscombe Publisher:Constable & Co Published: 1943

Title: Charm of the English Garden Author: Allingham, Helen Publisher:Bracken Bks. Published: Oct-85

Title: Charsfield and Surrounding District in Pictures vol 1 and 2 Author: Peggy Cole Publisher:Five Castles Press Published: 1999 2001

Title: Che Guevara a Revolutionary Life Author: Jon Lee Anderson Publisher:QPD/Bantam press Published: 1997

Title: Check Author: Harris, A. Publisher:Headland Publications Published: October 1988

Title: Chelsea Gold: Award Winning Gardens From The Chelsea Flower Show Author: John Moreland Publisher:Cassell Published: 2001

Title: Chelsea porcelain Author: Elizabeth Adams Publisher:British Museum Press Published: 2001

Title: Chemical Kinetics of Enzyme Action Author: Keith Laidler & Peter Bunting Publisher: Oxford, Clarenden Press Published: 1973

Title: Chemical Thermodynamics Author: Frederick T Wall Publisher:W. H. Freeman Published: 1958

Title: Chemical Transformations by Microorganisms (E R Squibb Lectures on Chemistry of Microbial Products) Author: Frank H. Stodola Publisher:Wiley and Sons : chapman & Hal Published: 1958

Title: Chequer Board Author: Shute, Nevil Publisher:Pan Books Published: 1968

Title: Chess Author: Edward Lasker Publisher:B T Batsford Ltd Published: 1976

Title: Chess (Teach Yourself S) Author: Abrahams, Gerald Publisher:English Universities Press Published: 1950

Title: Chess (Teach Yourself S.) Author: Abrahams, Gerald Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: November 1, 1980

Title: Chess By Yourself Author: Fred Reinfeld Publisher:David McKay Company Published: 1946

Title: Chess Mastery By Question And Answer Author: Fred Reinfeld Publisher:Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. Published: 1944

Title: Chess Mastery by Questions and Answers Author: Reinfeld, Fred Publisher:Collier-Mac. Published: Mar-62

Title: Chess-players Handbook: A Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game of Chess, Exemplified in Games Actually Played Author: Staunton, Howard Publisher:Studio Edns. Published: Sep-89

Title: Chess-player\'s Handbook, The: A Popular and Scientific Introduction to the Game of Chess, Exemplified in Games Actually Author: Howard Staunton Publisher:Studio Edns. Published: 30 October, 1992

Title: Child Art Grows Up Author: Kenneth Holmes, Hugh Collinson Publisher:Studio Publications Published: 1952

Title: Child Harold's Pilgrimage, A romaunt Author: Lord Byron Publisher:John Murray Published: 1842

Title: Children Of the Sun-a unique personal journey exploring the passion, the people, the humour and the heartbreak of the Fi Author: Glen Craig (Glenbo) Publisher:Fiji Visitors Bureau and other Published: 1995

Title: Children's modern first edition. Their value to collectors Author: Joseph Connolly Publisher:Macdonald Orbis Published: 1988

Title: Childrens Concise Encyclopaedia Author: Various Publisher:Kingfisher Books Published: 1992

Title: China Observed Author: Charles Meyer Publisher:Bracken Books Published: 1986

Title: Chinese Art Author: Daisy Lion Goldschmidt. Jean Claude Moreau- Gobard Publisher:Studio books Published: 1960

Title: Chinese Art Author: Mario Prodan Publisher:Hutchinson Published: 1958

Title: Chinese Art Author: Finlay MacKenzie Publisher:Spring Books Published: 1961

Title: Chinese Short Stories Author: various.Yuan Chia-Hua and Robert Payne, editors and translators Publisher:Noel Carrington Published: 1946

Title: Chinese Vegetable and Vegetarian Cooking Author: Kenneth Lo Publisher:Faber and Faber Published: 1974

Title: Chinese Vegetarian Dishes Author: Nim Chee Lee Publisher:Windward Published: 1986

Title: Chinese Watercolours Author: Josef Hejzlar Publisher:Galley Press Published: 1987

Title: Chivalry Author: Michael Foss Publisher:Book Club Associates Published: 1975

Title: Chocky (Puffin Books) Author: Wyndham, John Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: January 27, 2005

Title: Chocolate Cookery Author: Mable Hoffman Publisher:Hamlyn Published: April, 1983

Title: Chocolates from Steeple Bumpstead Author: Julie Haylock Publisher:Sidgwick & Jackson Published: 1989

Title: choosing your Wine. A regional guide to the best of the world is why Author: John Paterson Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1981

Title: Christ in Concrete Author: Pietro Di Donato Publisher:Bobbs- Merill Published: Undated circa 1943

Title: Christ Legends Author: Selma Lagerlof Publisher:Elkin Mathews& Marrot Ltd Published: 1930

Title: Christian institutions: Essays on ecclesiastical subjects Author: Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn Publisher:John Murray Published: 1884

Title: Christian Science Way of Life Author: John, De Witt Publisher:Christian Science Pub. Soc, US Published: Dec-71

Title: Christian Science Way of Life with A Christian Scientists Life Author: John, DeWitt. Irwin D Canham Publisher:Prentice-Hall Published: September 1962

Title: Christian Worship Author: N Micklem- editor. Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1938

Title: Christie's Guide To Collecting Author: Edited by Robert Cumming Publisher:Phaidon. Christies Published: 1984

Title: Christies catalogue of property from the estate of Madeleine Haas Russell 9 November 1999 Author: Christies Publisher:Christies Published: 1999

Title: Christmas Past . A selection from Victorian magazines Author: Dulcie M Ashdown Publisher:Book Club Associates Published: 1977

Title: Christmas Poems Author: C K Chesterton Publisher:Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Published: undated

Title: Christopher Dresser Author: Widar Halen Publisher:Phaidon Christie's Oxford Published: 1990

Title: Christopher Wray's Guide to Decorative Lighting Author: Barty Phillips Publisher:Webb and Bower Published: 1987

Title: Chronicles (Classics S.) Author: Froissart, Jean Brereton, Geoffrey Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: April 1, 1978

Title: Chronicles in Cartoon: A Record of Our Time Parts I-XV Complete Author: B. Fletcher Robinson in the Windsor Magazine Publisher:Unstated Published: Not stated but believed 1906

Title: Chronicles of World War II Author: David G. Chandler, Colin McIntyre, Michael C. Tagg Publisher:Bramley Published: 1997

Title: Chronology of the Modern World 1763 1965 Author: Neville Williams Publisher:Readers Union Barrie and Rockc Published: 1968

Title: Church at the Crossroads Author: Michael Marshall Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers Published: 01 September, 1988

Title: Church Furnishing and Decoration in England and Wales Author: Gerald Randall Publisher:Batsford Published: 1980

Title: Churchill A biography Author: Martin Gilbert Publisher:Park lane Press Published: 1980

Title: Churchill A biography Author: Martin Gilbert Publisher:Park Lane Press Published: 1980

Title: Churchill and the Admirals Author: Stephen Roskill Publisher:Collins Published: 1977

Title: Churchill As Warlord Author: Ronald Lewin Publisher:Batsford Published: 1973

Title: Churchill By His Contemporaries Author: Charles, Edited By Charles Eade Publisher:The Reprint Society Published: 1955

Title: Churchill His Life in Photographs Author: Randolph S Churchill and Helmut Gernsheim editors Publisher:Reprint Society Published: 1955

Title: Churchill's Grand Alliance. The Anglo-American special relationship 1940 57 Author: John Charmley Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: 1995

Title: Churchill: A Photographic Portrait Author: Gilbert, Martin Publisher:Heinemann Published: April 29, 1974

Title: Cicero Author: Cicero . C D Yonge, translator Publisher:Bell & Daldy Published: 1868

Title: Cicero on Old Age. Selections from Cicero part 5V. cato major, sive de senectute dialogus Author: Julius Sommerbrodt Publisher:Francis and John Rivington Published: 1853

Title: Cicero. Offices and Select letters Author: Introduced by John Warrington Publisher:Dent and Dutton Published: 1966

Title: Cinema Year by Year, 1894-2005 Author: Robyn Karney Joel Finler editors Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Published: 2005

Title: Citizen Jane Author: Christopher Andersen Publisher:Virgin Published: 1990

Title: Citizen Welles , a biography of Orson Wells Author: Frank Brady Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: 1990

Title: City of Cambridge Inventory of the Historical Monuments. Parts one and two Author: Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England Publisher:HMSO Published: 1988

Title: City of London Past Author: Richard Tames Publisher:Historical Publications Published: 1995

Title: Civil War Days - Everyday Life During the War Between the States Author: John Bowen Publisher:New Burlington books Published: 1987

Title: Civilisation and Progress Author: John Beattie Crozier Publisher:Longmans, Green & Co Published: 1909

Title: Classic Cars Author: No Author Publisher:Parragon Publishing Published: November 3, 1996

Title: Classic Crafts. A practical compendium of traditional skills Author: Martina Margetts ,editor. Jacqie Hurst , geography Publisher:Guild Publishing Published: 1989

Title: CLASSIC MOTOR-BIKES Author: W PENNEY A PUCKETT Publisher:HAMLYN Published: 1979

Title: Classic Plastics from Bakelite to high tech with a collectors guide Author: Sylvia Katz Publisher:Thames and Hudson Published: 1984

Title: Classic Poetry an Illustrated Collection Author: Michael Rosen. Paul Howard Illustrator. Publisher:Walker Books Published: 1998

Title: Classic Travel Stories Author: Various . Introduced byFiona Pitt Kethley Publisher:Bracken Books Published: 1994

Title: Claude Manet 1840 1926. A feast for the eyes Author: Karen Sagner-Duchting Publisher:Taschen Published: 1998

Title: Claudine A L'Ecole Author: Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette Publisher:Henri De Smedt Published: 1955

Title: Clean and Decent Author: Lawrenson Wright Publisher:Routledge and Kegan Paul Published: 1971

Title: Clement V11 and Henry V111 Author: Pierre Crabites Publisher:Routledge Published: 1934

Title: Clementina Author: A E W Mason Publisher:Methuen & Co Published: 1901

Title: Climbing Plants. Kew Gardening Guides Author: Jane Taylor Publisher:Collingridge Published: 1987

Title: Clipping Horses and Ponies. A complete illustrated manual Author: Sharon Lloyd Publisher:Kenilworth Press Published: 1995

Title: Clive Author: R J Minney Publisher:Jarrolds Published: 1934

Title: Clive. The life and death of a British emperor Author: Robert Harvey Publisher:Thomas Dunne Books, New York Published: 2000

Title: Clocks and Their Value Author: Donald de Carle Publisher:N A G Press Published: 1971

Title: Close to the Edge. Jim Davidson. My autobiography Author: Jim Davidson, Alec Lom Publisher:Dealerfield Published: 2001

Title: Clowns in Cross Stitch (Cross Stitch Collection) Author: Hasler, Julie Publisher:Murdoch Books UK Published: May-96

Title: Coal and its Scientific Uses Author: William A Bone Publisher:Longman's Green and company Published: 1918

Title: Coastal Waters Author: No Author Publisher:Queen Anne Press Published: May 1, 1990

Title: Cockerell, A Life of Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell Author: William Blunt Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: 1964

Title: Cocktails and Snacks Author: Beverley Piper & Peter Barry Publisher:Colour Library Books Published: 1986

Title: Cogs in the Soviet wheel ;: The formation of Soviet man Author: Mikhail Geller Publisher:Collins Harvill Published: 1988

Title: Coleccion De Las Obras Sueltas, Assi En Prosa, Como en Verso . Tomo111 Author: D Frey Lope Felix De Vega Carpio Publisher:Madrid Published: MDCCLX

Title: Coleridge Darker Reflections Author: Richard Holmes Publisher:Harper Collins Published: 1998

Title: Collectables Author: James A Mackay Publisher:Macdonald and Jane\'s Published: 1979

Title: Collected Poems, 1948-76 Author: Dannie Abse, Publisher:Hutchinson Published: 1981

Title: Collecting English Silver Author: Mona Cu,rran Publisher:Arco publishing Published: 1963

Title: Collecting Fans Author: Susan Mayor Publisher:Studio Vista Published: 1980

Title: Collecting for Tomorrow. Boxes Author: Brian Cole Publisher:Chilton Book Company Published: 1976

Title: Collecting Stanhopes Author: Douglas Jull Publisher:D S Publications Published: 1988

Title: Collector's Alpine's Author: Royton E Heath Publisher:Collingridge Books Published: 1981

Title: Collins Aura Garden Gd Low Main Gar Author: No Author Publisher:Collins Published: March 29, 1993

Title: Collins Complete DIY Manual Author: Jackson, Albert Publisher:Collins Published: May 12, 1986

Title: Collins Concise Dictionary of Quotations Author: Fraser, Donald Publisher:Collins Published: April 1986

Title: Collins Cortina Modern Greek In 20 Lessons Author: George C Pappageotes Publisher:Collins Published: 1972

Title: Collins Gem German Dictionary (Collins Gems) Author: HarperCollins Publisher:Collins Published: 1997

Title: Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs Author: Preben Bang . Preben Dahlstrom Publisher:Collins Published: 1977

Title: Collins Guide to Tree Planting and Cultivation Author: H. L. Edlin Publisher:Collins Published: 1972

Title: Colour technique and composition. International library of technology 161 Author: E. L.,Koller Publisher:International textbook Company Published: 1925

Title: Colourful Characters from East Anglia Author: H Mills West Publisher:Barbara Hopkinson Published: 1986

Title: Come Aboard Author: Eric Hiscock Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1978

Title: Come Out Writing. A boxing anthology Author: Bill Hughes. Patrick King Publisher:Queen Anne Press Published: 1991

Title: Come to the War Author: Thomas, Leslie Publisher:Pan Published: August 6, 1971

Title: Come Together. Author: Josie Lloyd Publisher:Heyne Published: April 1, 2002

Title: Comedies Author: Fisher, Roy Publisher:Pig Press Published: 1979

Title: Comedies Author: Samuel French Publisher:Samuel French Published: Undated but circa 1880

Title: Comic Art Now Author: Dez Skinn Publisher:Collins Design Published: 2008

Title: Comic Art Now Author: Dez Skinn Publisher:Collins Design Published: 2008

Title: Commander R N - Autobiography Author: Commander G B Hartsford Publisher:Arrowsmith Published: 1927

Title: Commanding Sea: Six Voyages of Discovery Author: Francis, Clare Tute, Warren Publisher:Pelham Bks. & BBC Published: March 30, 1981

Title: Commandos (Uniforms Illustrated S) Author: Oakley, D Publisher:Arms & Armour P Published: August 1987

Title: Commentary on Macaulay's History of England Author: Sir Charles Harding Firth Publisher:Frank Cass Publishers Published: 27 November, 1964

Title: Commercial Vehicles of the World Author: J FJ Kuipers Publisher:Oakwood Press Published: 1972

Title: Commitment to Gods World Author: Ans van der Bent Publisher:WCC Publications Published: 1995

Title: Common prayer and Proper Lessons Author: Not applicable Publisher:Eyre & Spottiswoode Published: 1870

Title: Common prayer and hymnal cased Author: Not applicable Publisher:Eyre & Spottiswoode Published: Undated c.1960

Title: Communion. Una storia vera Author: Whitley Strieber Publisher:Rizzoli, Published: 1988

Title: Company Of Birds Author: Eva Engholm Publisher:Neville Spearman Published: 1970

Title: Complete Book of Gardening Author: Marshall Cavendish Publisher:Colour Library Books Inc Published: 1989


Title: Complete Book Of Houseplants Author: Helina Heitz Publisher:Harper Collins Published: 1990

Title: Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns Author: Jack O Connor Publisher:Outdoor Life Published: 1969

Title: Complete Book of Trains and Railways Author: Westwood, J N Publisher:Octopus Bks. Published: November 16, 1979

Title: Complete Candle Maker Author: Ann Hirst-Smith Peter Hirst-Smith Publisher:Studio Vista Published: Nov-74

Title: Complete Gardening Author: Pearson, C E Publisher:charles Published: None

Title: Complete Guide to Drying Flowers Author: Lesley Gordon, J Lorimer Publisher:Bower Published: August

Title: Complete Guide To flower Gardening Author: Marshall Cavendish Publisher: Published:

Title: Complete Guide to Illustration and Design Techniques and Materials Author: Dalley, Terence Publisher:Phaidon Published: May 8, 1980

Title: Complete poems of Rupert Brooke Author: Rupert Brooke Publisher:Sidgwick & Jackson Published: 1939

Title: Complete Works of Jane Austen. Folio Society Author: Jane Austen Publisher:Folio Society Published: 1984

Title: Composition in Colour Photography Author: Wim Noordhoek Publisher:Fountain Books Published: 1982

Title: Comprehensive biochemistry vol 11 water-soluble vitamins, hormones, anti-biotics Author: Marcel Florkin Publisher:Elsevier Publishing Company Published: 1963

Title: Comprehensive biochemistry Vol 10 sterols, bile acids and steroids Author: Marcel Florkin Publisher:Elsevier Published: 1963

Title: Comprehensive Biochemistry: Carbohydrates v. 5 Author: Marcel Florkin, Elmer H Stotz Publisher:Elsevier Published: December, 1963

Title: Computer Appreciation Author: T F Fry Publisher:Butterworths Published: 1970

Title: Computer Images Author: Time Life Books Publisher:Time Life Books Published: 1988

Title: Computer Programming (Made Simple Bks.) Author: Maynard, Jeff Publisher:WH Allen Published: Sep-72

Title: Comrade Don Camillo Author: Guareschi, Giovanni Publisher:Gollancz Published: 1964

Title: Conan Doyle, the man who created Sherlock Holmes Author: Andrew Lycett Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 2007

Title: Conceptions of Shakespeare Author: Alfred Harbage Publisher:Harvard Univ Press Published: 1967

Title: Concerning the Habits of Insect Author: Balfour Browne Publisher:Cambridge at the University pr Published: 1925

Title: Concise Dictionary Of Quotations Author: Pocket reference Library Publisher: W Collins Sons & Co Published: 1986

Title: Concise History of Israel Author: Ehrlich, Ernst Publisher:Darton, L & T Published: 1963

Title: Conditions of Contract relating to building works Author: Frank W Macey ; revised by B J Leverson Publisher:Sweet and Maxwell, London, Published: 1902

Title: Confessio Amantis (The Lover's Shrift) Author: John Gower/ translated by TerenceTiller Publisher:PENGUIN BOOKS Published: 1963

Title: Confession of Faith Author: Peter Baker Publisher:Falcon Published: 1946

Title: Confession of Faith Author: Peter Baker Publisher:Falcon Published: 1946

Title: Confessional Author: Jack Higgins Publisher:Guild Publishing Published: 1985

Title: Conifers of Britain and Europe (Nature Gdes.) Author: Zauner, Georg Publisher:Longman Published: April 1986

Title: Connaissance des Arts . Six bound volumes 1967 1971 Author: Various Publisher:Hachette Published: 1967 1971

Title: Connoissuers Guide to Antique Silver Author: Ronald Pearsall Publisher:Tiger Books Published: 1997

Title: Constable Author: John Walker Publisher: Published:

Title: Constable (Library of Great Painters) Author: Walker, John Publisher:Thames and Hudson Ltd Published: Nov-79

Title: Constable. Great artists collection Volume 2 Author: John Sunderland Publisher:Encyclopaedia Britannica Inter Published: 1979

Title: Constance Spry Book of Flower Arranging/#07213 Author: Harold Piercy Publisher:Octopus Published: 1985

Title: Constance Spry Dried and Artificial Flower Arranging Author: Harold Piercy Publisher:Peerage Published: 1991

Title: Constantia Uitsig The Cookbook Author: Constantia Uitsig Publisher:Struik Published: 2000

Title: Contact Lens Practice Author: Montague Ruben Publisher:Bailliere Tindall Published: 1976

Title: Container Gardening Author: Malcolm Hillier Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Published: 1997

Title: Contemporary Industrial and Organizational Psychology Author: Jewell, L.N. Siegall, Marc Publisher:Wadsworth Published: Dec-90

Title: Contemporary Industrial Organizational Psychology- 2nd edition Author: L Sewell & Mark Siegall Publisher:West Publishing Company Published: 1990

Title: Contes Cruels Author: Comte de Villiers de L'Isle -Adam Publisher:Calmann- Levy Published: undate

Title: Contes De La Becasse. Contes Du Jour et De La Nuit 2 volumes Author: Guy De Maupassant Publisher:Louis Conard Published: 1908 1922

Title: Contract Bridge how to play it Author: Ewart Kempson Publisher:The Star Newspaper Published: Undated

Title: Contract Bridge Complete Author: Charles H Goren Publisher:Rockliff Published: 1954

Title: Contract on America Author: David E. Scheim Publisher:Schapolsky Publishers Published: 1988

Title: Control Engineering second edition Author: CC Bissell Publisher:Chapman and Hall Published: 1995

Title: Conversation Pieces A Survey of the informal group portrait in Europe and America Author: Mario Praz Publisher:Methuen Published: 1971

Title: Conversation With Menuhin Author: Robin Daniels Publisher:Macdonald & James Published: 1976

Title: Convoy Protection . The defence of seaborne trade Author: Paul Kemp Publisher:Arms and Armour Press Published: 1993

Title: Cook for Tomorrow Author: Mason, Anne Publisher:Mayflower Published: September 9, 1971

Title: Cookery Course: Pt. 1 Author: Smith, Delia Publisher:BBC Books Published: Oct-78

Title: Cookery Course: Pt.3 Author: Smith, Delia Publisher:BBC Books Published: March 1981

Title: Cooking For Today Author: Dr . Oetker. Frederick Gelhar Publisher:Caxton Published: 1987

Title: Cooking Light Cookbook Author: No Author Publisher:Oxmoor House, Incorporated Published: May-92

Title: Cooking Light Cookbook 1992 Author: Editor A Harvey Publisher:Oxmoor Published: 1992

Title: Cooking with Herbs Author: Irma Goodrich Mazza Publisher:Magnum Bks. Published: 08 Mar

Title: Cooking With Mosimann Author: Anton Mosimann Publisher:Papermac -Macmillan Published: 1989

Title: Cool Cats. The 100 Cat Breeds of the World Author: Desmond Morris Publisher:Ebury Press Published: 1999

Title: Cooper'sWomen Author: Jane Ellen Wayne Publisher:Robert Hale Published: 1989

Title: Coopers Creek Author: Alan Moorhead Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: 1963

Title: Coping with China (Coping with ...) Author: King, Richard Publisher:Blackwell Publishers Published: April 25, 1991

Title: CORDIAL RELATIONS. THE MAIDEN AUNT IN FACT AND FICTION. Author: Katharine Moore, Drawings Illustrated by B/w Plates Publisher:Heinmann Published: 1967

Title: Cornelii Taciti Annalivm Ab Excessv Divi Avgvsti Libri Author: C D Fisher Publisher:Oxford at the Clarendon press Published: 1973

Title: Cornered Poets Author: L Housman Publisher:Jonathon Cape Published: 1929

Title: Corney and Barrow 2003/2004 wine list Author: Corney and Barrow Publisher:Corney and Barrow Published: 2003

Title: Cosmopolitans Author: W Somerset Maugham Publisher:Doubleday Duran Published: 1936

Title: Cottage Garden Year Author: Bray, Lys De Publisher:Weidenfeld & Nicolson Published: May 12, 1983

Title: Count D'Orsay- The Dandy of Dandies Author: Willard Connely Publisher:Cassell Published: 1952

Title: Count Your Calories Author: Roberts, Amanda Publisher:Kenneth Mason Publications Ltd Published: February 9, 1990

Title: Country Company, Author: Compiled by Richard Harman Publisher:Blandford Press Published: 1949

Title: Country Crafts Author: Tessa Evelegh Publisher: Published:

Title: Country Crafts: Creative Ideas for Decorations, Displays and Gifts on a Country Theme Author: Evelegh, Tessa Publisher:Smithmark Pub Published: September 1, 1996

Title: Country Diary Author: Wilson, Enid J. Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: April 1, 1988

Title: Country Life Book of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Author: Talbot, Godfrey Publisher:Country Life Published: July 1978

Title: Country Painting Projects decorating, on wood, pottery and metal Author: Emma Hunk Publisher:David and Charles Published: 1996

Title: Country Reporter Author: David Foot Publisher:David and Charles Published: 1990

Title: Country Verse Author: Samuel Carr -editor Publisher:Chancellor Press Published: 2003

Title: Country Voices Life and Lore in Farm and Village Author: Charles Kightly Publisher:Thames and Hudson Published: 1984

Title: Country years Author: Frances Pitt Publisher:George Allen and Unwin Published: 1961

Title: Courage..Rectorial address delivered at St Andrews in May,1922 Author: J M Barrie Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: 1922

Title: Course of Mexican History Author: Meyer, Michael C Publisher:Oxf. UP (NY) Published: May 1979

Title: Covent Garden Mud Salad Market Author: Ronald Webber Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1969

Title: Covering My Tracks. Recollections of the end of steam. Author: Robert Adley Publisher:Thorsons Published: 1988

Title: Craft and contemporary culture Author: Seonaid Mairi Robertson Publisher:Hallap Published: 1961

Title: Cranks Light: 100 Recipes for Vitality and Health Author: Nadine Abensur Publisher:Weidenfeld & Nicholson Published: 1998

Title: Creating the Unipart Calendar Author: Patrick Lichfield Publisher:Collins Published: 1983

Title: Creating Your Own Work Author: Micheline Mason Publisher:Gresham Books, Henley-on-Thame Published: 1980

Title: CREATIVE COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY Author: Hicks, Roger , Glanfield Colin Publisher:Colour Lib. Internat. Published: 83

Title: Creative Cooking and Entertaining. Reader's Digest guide Author: Various. Ann Ager editor Publisher:Reader's Digest Published: 1986

Title: Creative Cross Stitch Author: Gail Lawther, Julia Jones, Barbara Deer Publisher:Caxton Publishing Published: July, 1996

Title: Creative Gardens: How to Plan and Plant Beautiful Gardens Around Individual Themes Author: David Stevens Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1986

Title: Creatures from Elsewhere Author: Peter Brookesmith Publisher:Book Sales Published: August 1989


Title: Crested China the history of heraldic souvenir ware Author: Sandy Andrews Publisher:Springwood Books Published: 1980

Title: Crewing for Offshore Racing Author: Jeremy Howard- Williams Publisher:Adlard Coles Published: 1976

Title: Cricket Six of the Best Author: Willis Publisher:Stoughton Published: 01 June, 1999

Title: Crime of Mary Stuart Author: George Malcolm Thomson Publisher:Quality Book Club Published: Februa

Title: Crime Stories from The Strand Author: Various Publisher:Folio Society Published: 1941

Title: Criminal Law Fourth edition Author: Peter Seago Publisher:Maxwell, Ltd Published: January, 1994

Title: Critical and Miscellaneous Essays: collected and republished volume 3 Author: Thomas Carlyle Publisher:Chapman and Hall Published: 1872

Title: Critical and Miscellaneous Essays: collected and republished volume 6 Author: Thomas Carlyle Publisher:Chapman and Hall Published: 1872

Title: Critical and Miscellaneous Essays: collected and republished. volume 1 Author: Thomas Carlyle Publisher:Chapman and Hall Published: 1872

Title: Critical and Miscellaneous Essays: collected and republished. Volume 2 Author: Thomas Carlyle Publisher:Chapman and Hall Published: 1872

Title: Crocodile Trader Author: Rory Macaulay Publisher:Adventurers Club Published: 1960

Title: Crocodiles Author: Rodney Steele Publisher:Christopher Helm Published: 1989

Title: Cross Stitch Design Manual Author: Rose, Fran Publisher:David & Charles Published: June 25, 1987

Title: Cruel Sea Author: Monsarrat, Nicholas Publisher:Cassell Published: 1952

Title: Cruise of a Corsair Author: Warren Armstrong Publisher:Cassell Published: 1963

Title: Cruising a manual for the small sailing boat owner Author: J D Sleightholme Publisher:Adlard Coles Published: 1980

Title: Cruising Guide to the Chesapeake: Including the Passages from Long Island Sound Along the New Je Author: William Stone, Fessenden S. Blanchard Publisher:Dodd Mead Published: June,

Title: Cruising Under Sail Author: Eric C Hiscock Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1960

Title: Cruising Yacht Equipment and Navigation Author: Edward Locker Delmar-Morgan Publisher:Adlard Coles/ Harrap Published: 1960

Title: Culloden Author: Prebble, John Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: April 30, 1970

Title: Culloden Author: John Prebble Publisher:Secker & Warburg Published: 1963

Title: Curds and Whey Author: Susan Ogilvy Publisher:Batsford Published: 1979

Title: Curzon Author: David Gilmour Publisher:John Murray Published: 1995

Title: Curzon: The End of an Epoch. Author: Leonard Mosley Publisher:Readers Union/ Longmans, Green Published: 1961

Title: Cusacks Perspective Drawing Author: Noel S Lydon Publisher:Straker Brothers Published: 1902

Title: Cushions Curtains Blinds Author: Carolyn Watts Publisher:Mac Donasld & Co Published: 1987

Title: Cute and Cuddly Cross Stitch (The Cross Stitch Collection) Author: Alford, Jane Publisher:Index Published: October 1995

Title: Cytodifferentiation and Macromolecular Synthesis Author: Michael Locke Publisher:Academic Press Published: 1963

Title: Czech Tragedy Author: Glorney Bolton Publisher:Watts & Co Published: 1955

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