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M - Printable Book List

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Here is a list of alphabetically sorted books available on marywardbooks.com with a title name begining with M.

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Title: Macalpines Pronouncing Gaelic- English Dictionary Author: Neil Macalpine Publisher:Alex Maclarane and Sons Published: 1942

Title: Machinery's Handbook for machine shop and drafting room Author: Erik Oberg and F.D.Jones Publisher:Industrial press Published: 1946

Title: Machinery's Mechanical Library. Vol 10Spiral and Worm Gearing . Author: Erik Oberg Publisher:The Industrial Press, New York Published: 1917

Title: Madame Curie Author: Eve Curie Publisher:Heinemann Ltd Published: 1938

Title: Madame De Brinvilliers and her times 1630-1676 Author: Hugh Stokes. Publisher:Bodley Head Published: 1912

Title: Madame de Pompadour Author: Nancy Mitford Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: 1954

Title: Madame du Barry Author: Alfred Leroy Publisher:Albin Michel Published: 1941

Title: Madame Memoirs of the Princess Henrietta , Daughter of Charles 1 , and Duchess of Orleans Author: Julia Cartwright ( Mrs Henry Ady) Publisher:Seeley and Co London Published: 1900

Title: Made at New Canton Bow Porcelain from the collection of the London Borough of Newham Author: Anton Gabszewicz Publisher:English Ceramic Circle Published: 2000

Title: Made in Liverpool. Liverpool pottery and porcelain 1700 1850 Author: Various Publisher:National Museums and Galleries Published: 1993

Title: Mademoiselle de Maupin Author: Theophile Gautier Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: 1948

Title: Madrigals Author: Francis Warner Publisher:Fortune Press Published: 1967

Title: Magic Worlds of Fantasy Author: David Douglas Duncan Publisher:Helen and Kurt Wolff Published: 1978

Title: Magimix Cookery Author: Marika Hanbury Tenison Publisher:ICTC Published: 1983

Title: Mahan- The Life And Work Of Captain Thayer Mahan Author: W D Puleston Publisher:Jonathon Cape Published: 1939

Title: Mahatma Gandhi and his Apostles Author: Ved Mahta Publisher:Andre Deutch Published: 1977

Title: Maintain the Right Author: Ronald Atkin Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1973

Title: Maintenance and Management of Small Locomotives Author: H E White Publisher:Percival Marshall Published: 1955

Title: Majestic Island Worlds Author: No Author Publisher:MapQuest.com Published: January 1988

Title: Major Thompson Lives in France Author: Pierre Daninos Publisher:Jonathan Cape Published: 1955

Title: Make Ahead Menues Author: Jennifer Harvey Lang & others Publisher:Bloomsbury Published: 1994

Title: Make Death Love Me Author: Rendell, Ruth Publisher:Arrow Published: May 19, 1980

Title: Makeover Author: Chater, Lynda Publisher:Pocket Books Published: April 1, 2000

Title: Making a watercolour Author: George Pearse Ennis Publisher:The studio limited Published: 1933

Title: Making and Managing a Photographic Studio Author: Bob Bluffield Publisher:David & Charles Published: 1982

Title: Making friends with Hitler Lord Londonderry and Britains road to war Author: Ian Kershaw Publisher:Allen Lane Published: 2004

Title: Making Pottery Author: Judith and Roy Christy Publisher:Penguin Published: 1969

Title: Male Violence Author: John Archer- editor Publisher:Routledge Published: 1994

Title: Malta An Island Republic Author: Eric Gerada & Chris Zuber. Publisher:Editions Delaroisse Published: undated

Title: Malthus on population . An essay on the principle of population Author: T R Malthus GT Bettany Publisher:Ward Lock Published: Undated circa 1890

Title: Malvie Inheritance Author: Hill, Pamela Publisher:Hodder Published: August 13, 1973

Title: Malvina -tome premier Author: Madam Cottin Publisher:A Hiard -Paris Published: 1831

Title: Man and superman: A comedy and a philosophy Author: Shaw, Bernard Publisher:Constable Published: 1926

Title: Man I Killed Author: Lerner, Laurence Publisher:Secker & W Published: June 9, 1980

Title: Man In Society - Patterns of Human organization Author: Mary Douglas- editor Publisher:Macdonald Published: 1964

Title: Mandate \'68 Author: Martin Sullivan Publisher:DoubleDay Published: 1968

Title: Manor Houses of England Author: P. H. Ditchfield Publisher:Bracken Books Published: , 1985

Title: Manual on Drawing and Painting Children Author: L A Doust Publisher:Frederick Warne Published: 1941

Title: Manuel du Voyageur en Suisse Author: J G Ebel Publisher:Orell and Fussli, Zurich Published: 1811

Title: Many Cargoes Author: W W Jacobs Publisher:Lawrence and Bullen Published: 1898

Title: Many Inventions Author: Rudyard Kipling Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1920

Title: Mao: The Peoples Emperor Author: Wilson, Dick Publisher:Futura Pubns. Published: June 1980

Title: Maori and Settler Author: G A Henty Publisher:Blackie and Son Published: undated

Title: Marching Soldier Author: Joyce Cary Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1945

Title: Mardles from Suffolk a taste of East Anglian humour Author: Ernest R Cooper Publisher:Barbara Hopkinson Books Published: 1984

Title: Margaret Catchpole. The girl from Wolfkettel Author: George Goldsmith Carter Publisher:Constable Published: 1949

Title: Margaret Powell in America Author: Margaret Powell Publisher:Joseph Published: 1973

Title: Margaret Thatcher: Wife, Mother, Politician Author: Junor, Penny Publisher:Sidg. & J Published: Oct-83

Title: Marguerite de Valois Author: Alexandre Dumas Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1936

Title: Marie Magdalen's Funerall Teares for the Death of Our Saviour Author: Roberrt Southwell Publisher:Charles Baldwyn Published: 1823

Title: Marine Microbial Ecology Author: E J Ferguson Wood Publisher:Chapman & Hall Published: 1965

Title: Marine Navigation Workbook 2: Celestial and Electronic Author: Richard R. Hobbs Publisher:Naval Institute Press Published: 1974

Title: Marine painting in England, 1700-1900 Author: David Cordingly Publisher:Studio Vista Published: 1974

Title: Marine Paintings and Drawings in Mystic Seaport Museum Author: Dorothy E R Brewington Publisher:Mystic Seaport Museum Published: 1982

Title: Martin Chuzzlewit Author: Charles Dickens Publisher:Folio Society Published: 1988

Title: Martin Chuzzlewit (Penguin Popular Classics) Author: Dickens, Charles Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: Oct-94

Title: marvellous world of trees Author: Jean Dupuis, (translated By David Macrae) Publisher:Abey Published: 1976

Title: Mary McMurtries Country Garden Flowers Author: Timothy Clark Publisher:Garden Art Press Published: 2009

Title: Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary Author: Anne Manning. Publisher:Dent Published: 1927

Title: Mary Stuart Author: John Skelton Publisher:Goupil Published: 1898

Title: Mary Stuart : A Narrative of the First Eighteen Years of her Life, Principally from Original Documents Author: Joseph Stevenson Publisher:Paterson Published: 1886

Title: Mask of Treachery. The First Documented Dossier on Anthony Blunts Cambridge Spy Ring Author: John Costello Publisher:William Morrow Published: 1988

Title: Mask of Memory Author: Canning, Victor Publisher:Heinemann Published: October 21, 1974

Title: Masque for the Queen (Antelope Bks.) Author: Trease, Geoffrey Publisher:H Hamilton Published: December 3, 1970

Title: Massine. Camera Studies Author: Gordon Anthony Sacheverell Sitwell Publisher:Routledge Published: 1939

Title: Master of Cape Horn, W A Nelson 1839 1929. The Story of a Square Rigger Captain and His World Author: Hugh Falkus Publisher:Victor Gollancz Published: 1982

Title: Master Venturers - extracts from the writings of famous travellers Author: J Compton Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1931

Title: Masterpieces: A Decade of Classics on British Television Author: Cooke, Alistair Publisher:The Bodley Head Ltd Published: March 15, 1982

Title: Masters of Political Thought. Volume 1 Plato to Machiavelli Author: Michael B. Foster.Edward McChesney Sate Publisher:Harrap Published: 1942

Title: Masterstrokes Watercolour Author: Hazel Harrison Publisher:Apple Published: 1999

Title: Materials and structures: volume 1, the elasticity and strength of materials Author: E H Salmon Publisher:Longmans Green & Co. Published: 1947

Title: Materpieces. A decade Of Classics On British Television Author: Alistaire Cooke Publisher:Bodley Head Published: 1982

Title: Mathematics for Management... Author: Mark E. Stern Publisher:Prentice Hall Published: 1963

Title: Mathematics for Technical Students, part three Author: A Geary. H V Lowry. H A Hayden. Publisher:Longmans Published: 1960

Title: Mathematics From the Birth of Numbers Author: Jan Gullberg Publisher:Norton Published: 1997

Title: Matthew Arnold Author: Editor James Gribble Publisher:Collier Macmillan Published: 1967

Title: Matthew Arnold Author: J D Jump Publisher:Longman Published: 1955

Title: Matthew Arnold (Educ. Thinkers S) Author: Gribble, J Publisher:Collier-Mac. Published: 1967

Title: Mauritshuis Author: Magdi Toth- Ubbens and Gary Schwartz Publisher:Stichting Johans Maurits van N Published: 1979

Title: Mayan Dream Walk Author: Richard Luxton. Pablo Balam Publisher:Rider Published: 1981

Title: Mayday!: Preserving Life from Shipwreck Off Cornwall Author: Bird, Sheila Publisher:Ex Libris Press Published: November 1991

Title: McCall's Needlework in Colour Author: Editors of McCalls publications Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1969

Title: Mechanical World Year Book Author: No Author Publisher:Emmott Published: Jan-70

Title: Mechanised farming Author: Various foreword by Sir James Turner Publisher:Esso Published: 1950

Title: Mechanisms of Peptic Ulcer Healing (Falk Symposium) Author: F. Halter, A. Garner, G.N. Tytgat Publisher:Kluwer Academic Publis Published: 1990

Title: Mechinery's Mechanical Library Vol 8..Heat treatment of Steel Author: Eric Oberg Publisher:The Industrial Press, New York Published: 1917

Title: Media Law: The Rights of Journalists and Broadcasters Author: Robertson, Geoffrey Nicol, Andrew Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: May 28, 1992

Title: Mediaeval castles and cities Author: Wolfgang F. Scheurl. Translator Francisca Garvie Publisher:Cassell Published: 1978

Title: Medieval Enamels Author: Marian Campbell Publisher:HMSO Published: 1983

Title: Medieval Flower Garden Author: No Author Publisher:Chronicle Books Published: April 1, 1995

Title: Meeting at Potsdam Author: Mee, Charles L. Publisher:Carlton Books Published: July 17, 1975

Title: Meissen porcelain in colour Author: Hugo Morley -Fletcher Publisher:Exeter Books Published: 1979

Title: Melton a changing village Author: Robert Blake Publisher:Robert Blake Published: 1994

Title: Memoires de l'Imperatrice Catherine II. Ecrits par elle-meme, et precedes d'une preface par A. Herzen Author: A Herzen Publisher:Trubner Published: 1859

Title: Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Paget Author: Sir James Paget Publisher:Longmans Green and Co- Published: 1902

Title: Memoirs of a British Agent Author: R H Bruce Lockhart Publisher:Putnam Published: 1932

Title: Memoirs Of A Coxcomb Author: John Cleland Publisher:The Fortune Press Published: unstat

Title: Memoirs of an Indian Woman (Foremother Legacies) Author: Shudha Mazumdar, Geraldine Forbes Publisher:M. E. Sharpe Published: 1989

Title: Memoirs of Prince Alexy Haimatoff Author: Thomas Jefferson Hogg Publisher:Folio Society Published: 1952

Title: Memoirs of Prince Hohenlohe Author: Friedrich Curtius editor Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 1907

Title: Memoirs of the Duc de Saint- Simon Author: W H Lewis editor Publisher:Batsford Published: 1964

Title: Memoirs of The Late Mrs Robinson Author: Mrs Robinson Publisher:Cobden- Sanderson , London Published: 1930

Title: Memoirs of the Life of John Constable Author: C R Leslie Publisher:Phaidon press Published: 1951

Title: Memoirs, 1773-1793 Author: Louis Philippe Publisher:Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Published: 1977

Title: Memorials of Old Chelsea Author: Alfred Beaver Publisher:S R Publishers Published: 1971

Title: Memories of Childhood (collecting for pleasure.) Author: Tony Curtis Publisher:Bracken Books Published: 1992

Title: Memories Of The great And The Good Author: Alistaire Cooke Publisher:Pavillion Books Published: 1999

Title: Memory Hold the Door Author: John Buchan Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: November 1940

Title: Memory Hold the Door Author: John Buchan Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: 1940

Title: Memory Lane Cambridge Author: Mike Petty Publisher:Breedon Books Published: 1999

Title: Mensuration and Spherical Geometry including the elements of the geometry of the rectilinear solids and the sphere Author: W Briggs &T W Edmondson Publisher:London W B Clive University Tu Published: 1918

Title: Merseyside. a scientific survey Author: Williams Smith, editorassisted by FJ Monkhouseand H R Wilkinson Publisher:British Association Published: 1953

Title: Metalwork: an introductary historical survey Author: Donald Smith Publisher:Batsford Published: 1948

Title: Methods In Enzymology: Vol VI Preparations and Assay of Enzymes Author: Nathan P. Kaplan, Nathan P. Colowick Publisher:Academic Press Published: 1963

Title: Metternich Author: Algernon Cecil Publisher:Eyre and Spottiswoode Published: 1943

Title: Michael/Frank: Studies on Frank OConnor with a bibliography of his writings Author: Sheehy, Maurice Publisher:Gill & Macmillan Published: 1969

Title: Michelangelo, His Life and Work Author: Adolfo Venturi. Joan Redfern (translator) Publisher:Frederick Warne Published: 1928

Title: Microbial Reactivity : Its Relevance to Growth in Natural and Artificial Environments Author: M P M Leegwater Publisher:Drukkeru Elinkwuk Published: 1983

Title: Microwave Cookery for the Housewife Author: Norman, Cecilia Publisher:Pitman Published: Jan-77

Title: Microwave Cooking Author: Carol Bowen Publisher:Octopus Books Published: 1989

Title: Microwave Cooking (Cooking for Today) Author: Lee, Wendy Publisher:Parragon Publishing Published: Jul-96

Title: Microwave Menus Author: Bampfylde, Zune Publisher:Sackville Books Published: 1987

Title: Middle Marsh A Norfolk Miscellanea Author: Keith Macdougal Publisher:Chalkhill Fine Art Published: 1991

Title: Middlemarch (Penguin Classics) Author: Eliot, George Ashton, Rosemary Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: Jan-94

Title: Middlesex Author: Michael Robbins Publisher:Phillimore Published: 2003

Title: Miledi Author: Bradda Field Publisher:Constable Published: 1942

Title: Miles. A portrait of the 17th Duke of Norfolk Author: Gerard Noel Publisher:Michael Russell Published: 2004

Title: Millars Victorian Antique Check-list Author: Eric Knowles Publisher:Michael Beazley Published: 2000

Title: Mille et Une Histoires de Mediterranee Author: Georges Walter Publisher:J C Lattes / Radio Monte Carlo Published: 1983

Title: Miller's Collectord Cars Price Guide 1991-2 Author: Judith & Martin Miller Publisher:Millers Publication Published: 1993

Title: Miller's Antique Price Guide . professional Handbook 1985 Author: Martin & Judith Miller Publisher:M J M Publications Published: 1985

Title: Millers Antiques Encyclopaedia. New edition Author: Julie Miller , editor Publisher:Index books Published: 2005

Title: Miller\'s Antiques Checklist: Victoriana (Miller\'s Antiques Checklist) Author: Eric Knowles Publisher:Millers Publications Ltd Published: 1992

Title: Milton Author: E M W Tillyard Publisher:Penguin Published: 1968

Title: Milton (Peregrine Books) Author: Tillyard, E M W Publisher:Penguin Published: February 1968

Title: Milton's Paradise Lost books 1 and 2 Author: Macmillan Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1952

Title: Milton's Poetical Works. volumes one and two. Author: John Milton. Introduction and notes by David Masson Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1874

Title: Miltons Works (Coles Notes S.) Author: J Hislop Publisher:coles series Published: unknown

Title: Mind of Jesus Author: Barclay, William Publisher:SCM P Published: December 1960

Title: Mind of Paul VI on the Church and the World Author: Paul VI, Pope Publisher:G Chapman Published: December 1964

Title: Mindbenders and Brainteasers Author: Brandreth, Gyles Publisher:Treasure P Published: May 1987

Title: Mineralization of Nitrogen by Protozoan Activity in the Soil Author: Peter Kuikman Publisher:Kuikman Published: 1990

Title: Minerals and Precious Stones Author: Metz, Rudolf Publisher:Collins Published: June 1973

Title: Minnesota Algae Vol 1 The myxophyceae of North America and adjacent regions including Central America, Greenland, Bermu Author: Josephine Tilden Publisher:University of Minnesota, Minne Published: 1910

Title: Minoan and Mycenaean Art (Wld. of Art S) Author: Higgins, R A Publisher:Thames & Hudson Published: September 1967

Title: Minor Poets of the 17th Century.Lord Herbert. Thomas Carew. Sir John Suckling. Richard Lovelace. Author: Lord Herbert. Thomas Carew. Sir John Suckling. Richard Lovelace. Publisher: J M Dent Published: 1953

Title: Minuet a Critical Survey of French and English Literary Ideas in the 18th Century Author: Green, Frederick Publisher:Dent Published: 1935

Title: Mirage Author: Newman, Andrea Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: July 27, 1978

Title: Miss Billy Author: Eleanor H. Porter Publisher:Harrap Published: 1927

Title: Miss Billy - married Author: Ellenor H Porter Publisher:Harrap Published: 1927

Title: Miss Billys decision Author: Eleanor H. Porter Publisher:George Harrap Published: 1927

Title: Mistress, The Author: James, Wendy Publisher:Abelard-Schuman Published: October 1973

Title: Mitochondria: Structure, Function and Assembly (Integrated themes in biology) Author: Peter A. Whittaker Publisher:Longman Group United Kingdom Published: 1978

Title: Modern Boat Building: Materials and Methods Author: Steve Sleight Publisher:Nautical Books Published: 1985

Title: Modern Bureaucracy: Home Civil Service Author: Smith, Enid Russell- Publisher:Longman Published: January 27, 1975

Title: Modern Coarse Fishing Author: H D Turing Publisher:Sportsmans Library Published: 1950

Title: MODERN COARSE FISHING Author: H D TURING Publisher:Black Published: 1950

Title: Modern economic analysis emergence and content Author: William Fellner Publisher:McGraw Hill Published: 1960

Title: Modern English Short Stories Author: Phyllis M Jones Selector Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1944

Title: Modern English Short Stories selected by Phyllis M. Jones Author: Phyllis M. Jones Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1947

Title: Modern Firearms Author: Yves Cadiou & Alphonse Richard Publisher:Routledge & Kegan Paul Published: 1977

Title: Modern German drama Author: H F Garton Publisher:Camelot press Published: 1959

Title: Modern Greek Grammar and Self Educator Author: Kykkotis, I. Publisher:zeno publishers Published: undated

Title: Modern Greek Grammar and Self Educator Author: Kykkotis, I. Publisher: Published: None

Title: Modern High Speed Oil Engines. Vols 1, 11, 111. Author: C W Chapman Publisher:Caxton Published: 1949

Title: Modern Home Painting and Decorating an illustrated room-by room guide for every handyman Author: W P Matthew -editor Publisher:Odhams Published: c 1960

Title: modern Humour. a nosegay of contemporary wit Author: Guy Pocock M M Bosman, editors Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1940

Title: Modern Ireland 1600 1972 Author: R F Foster Publisher:Allen Lane Published: 1988

Title: Modern jewelry Author: Graham Hughes and Publisher:Studio Vista Published: 1968

Title: Modern Marine Engineering Author: A C Hardy Publisher:Caxton Published: Sept 1948

Title: Modern Mathematics Part Two with Answers Author: H E Parr and J R Shelley Publisher:G Bell and Sons Published: 1970

Title: Modern Military Warships Author: Willmott, H P Publisher:Octopus Bks. Published: February 27, 1976

Title: Modern Systems Analysis and Design, Second Edition Author: Joseph S. Valacich, Joey F. George, Jeffrey A. Hoffer Publisher:Addison Wesley Longman Published: 1999

Title: Modern Verse 1900 1940 Author: Phyllis M Jones- compiler Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1945

Title: Modest Mussorgsky his life and works Author: Em de Calvocoressi Publisher:Rockliff Published: 1956

Title: Moments of Memory Author: Herbert Asquith Publisher:Hutchinson Published: 1938

Title: Monarchy- Behind The Scenes With The Royal Family Author: Brian Hoey Publisher:Guild Publishing Published: 1987

Title: Monarchy: Behind the Scenes with the Royal Family Author: Hoey, Brian Publisher:BBC Published: April 16, 1987

Title: Monet at Giverny (Pegasus Library S.) Author: Sagner-Duchting, Karin Publisher:Prestel Publishing Ltd Published: March 1, 1999

Title: Money: The Facts of Life Author: Tolfree, William Reay Publisher:Martin Books Published: 1980

Title: Monmouthshire Lepidoptera The Butterflies and Moths of Gwent Author: Dr G A Neil Horton Publisher: Comma International Biologica Published: 1994

Title: Monsoon Author: Smith, Wilbur Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1999

Title: Mont Blanc & The Aiguilles Author: C Douglas Milner Publisher:Robert Hale Published: 1955

Title: Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles Author: Milner, Cyril Douglas Publisher:Hale Published: 1955

Title: Montaillou. Cathars and Catholics in a French village 1294 1324 Author: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie Publisher:Scolar Published: 1978

Title: Moral Discourses Author: Epictetus Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1942

Title: More by Accident Author: Denis Greenhill Publisher:Wilton 65 Published: 1992

Title: More Equal Than Others. The changing fortunes of the British and European aristocracies Author: Lord Montagu of Beaulieu Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1970

Title: More Great Racehorses of the World Author: Roger Mortimer. Peter Willett Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1972

Title: More Horse and Pony Stories Author: Sachs, Janet Publisher:Octopus Bks. Published: May 29, 1981

Title: More or Less Author: More, Kenneth Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Ltd Published: October 1, 1978

Title: More Poems Author: A E Housman Publisher:Jonathon Cape Published: 1936

Title: More Rhodesian Rhymes Author: Cullen Gouldsbury Publisher:Bulawayo, Philpott and Collins Published: 1913

Title: More Tales of the Old Countrymen Author: Brian Martin Publisher: David & Charles Published: 1996 first edition

Title: Morocco Insight Guides Author: D Stannard Brian Bell. Publisher:Apa Publications Published: 1992

Title: Morte Arthur. Two early English romances Author: Allen Paton Publisher:Dent. Dutton. Published: 1936

Title: Mosaics in a Weekend (Crafts in a Weekend S.) Author: Cheek, M. Publisher:New Holland Publishers (UK) Published: 1997

Title: Moscow 1941/1942 Stalingrad: [recollections, stories, reports Author: Vladimir Sevruk Publisher:Progress Publishers Published: 1970

Title: Motivation: Selected Readings (Penguin Modern Psychology Readings) Author: Dalbir Bindra, Jane Stewart Publisher:Penguin Books Published: , 1966

Title: Motive power engineering for students of mining and mechanical engineering;: Dealing with the theory and practice of ste Author: Henry Charles Harris Publisher:Pitman Published: 1927

Title: Motorboat and yachting manual. 17th edition Author: F. H Snoxell -editor Publisher:Temple press Published: 1963

Title: Motoring in the 20s and 30s Author: A B Demaus Publisher:Batsford Published: 1985

Title: Mount and Man a key to better horsemanship Author: Lieutenant-Colonel M F McTaggart Publisher:Country Life Published: 1935

Title: Mountains and a Monastery Author: Peter Holmes Publisher:Geoffrey Bles Published: 1958

Title: Mountains in Colour Author: Frank S Smythe Publisher:Max Parrish Published: 1949

Title: Mountbatten, Hero of Our Time Author: Richard Hough Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 1980

Title: Mr Kennedys America Author: Newman, Bernard Publisher:Jenkins Published: 1962

Title: Mr Midshipmen Hornblower Author: C S Forester Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1950

Title: Mr Prone. A Week in the Life of an Ignorant Man Author: C H Rolph Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1977

Title: Mr Punch's History of the Great War Author: Various Publisher:Cassell Published: 1919

Title: Mr Stubbs the Horse Painter Author: Constance-Anne Parker Publisher:J. A. Allen Published: 1971

Title: Mrs Beeton's All About Cookery Author: Mrs Beeton Publisher:Ward Lock Published: 1970

Title: Mrs Pollifax on the China Station Author: Gilman, D. Publisher:Fawcett Books Published: 1985

Title: Mrs. De Winter Author: Hill, Susan Publisher:Thorndike Pr Published: December 1, 1994

Title: Muggeridge: The Biography Author: Ingrams, Richard Publisher:HarperCollins Published: , 1995

Title: Mummies, Tombs and Treasures Author: Perl, Lila Publisher:Hodder Childrens Books Published: March 1, 1988

Title: Murder & Madness Author: Alan Hall Publisher:Blitz Published: 1993

Title: Murders and Mysteries from the North York Moors Author: Walker, Peter N. Publisher:Robert Hale Published: September 15, 1988

Title: Music An Illustrated Encyclopedia Author: Neil Ardley Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1986

Title: Music for Patriots, Politicians, and Presidents. Author: Vera Brodsky Lawrence Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1975

Title: Music from rock, pop, jazz, blues and hip-hop to classical, folk and world Author: Paul Du Noyer editor Publisher:Ted Smart Published: 2003

Title: Musical Motley Author: Newman, Ernest Publisher:Da Capo Press Published: December 1, 1976

Title: Mussolini , Study of a Demagogue Author: Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick Publisher:Odhams Published: 1964

Title: Mutiny: Highland Regiments in Revolt, 1743-1804 Author: Prebble, John Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: April 28, 1977

Title: My Ancestors Author: William 11, Ex -Kaiser of Germany Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 1929

Title: My Autobiography Author: Bobby Robson, Bob Harris Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1998

Title: My Best Games of Chess Author: Alekhine, Alexander Publisher: Published: None

Title: My Country Is the Whole World Author: Cambridge Womens Peace Collective Publisher:Pandora Press Published: 1984

Title: My Cousin Rachel Author: Maurier, Daphne Du Publisher: Published: None

Title: My darling Daisy Author: Theo Lang Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1966

Title: My Favourite Annual 1933 Author: Fleetway House Publisher:Fleetway House Published: 1933

Title: My Favourite Annual 1934 Author: Various Publisher:Fleetway House Published: 1934

Title: My Favourite Stories of Wildlife Author: Peter Scott editor Publisher:Lutterworth Press Published: 1965

Title: My Friend Adventure Author: C B Uys Publisher:Howard Timmins, Cape Town 1960 Published: 1960

Title: My Irish Year Author: Padraic Colum Publisher:Mills & Boon Published: 1912

Title: My Land of the North: Memories of a Northern Childhood Author: Cookson, Catherine Publisher:Headline Published: September 23, 1999

Title: My Most Memorable Races Author: Peter Bromley Publisher:Stanley Paul Published: 1988

Title: My Mother Told Me Author: Charles Chenevix French Publisher:William Blackwood & Sons Ltd Published: 1958

Title: My Poems Author: Dorothy Edwards Publisher:Dorothy edwards Published: 2004

Title: My Sons Story Author: Gordimer, Nadine Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: September 5, 1991

Title: Mystery of Migration Author: Baker, R Robin Publisher:Macdonald & J Published: October 16, 1980

Title: Myths and Legends 6 volumes Author: various Publisher:Senate Published: 1994,1995

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