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B - Printable Book List

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Here is a list of alphabetically sorted books available on marywardbooks.com with a title name begining with B.

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Title: B C The Archaeology of the Bible Lands Author: Magnus Magnusson Publisher:Bodley Head and BBC Published: 1977

Title: B.M.A. Family Doctor Home Adviser Author: Smith, Tony Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Published: Mar-89

Title: Back to the Land, The Pastoral Impulse in Victorian England from 1880 to 1914 Author: Jan Marsh Publisher:Quartet Books Published: 1982

Title: Backs to the wall London under fire 1940 - 1945 Author: Leonard Mosley Publisher:Book club/Weidenfeld and Nicol Published: 1974

Title: Bader: The Man and His Men (Cassell Military Classics S.) Author: Burns, Michael Publisher:Cassell military Published: April 20, 1998

Title: Badmen of the West Author: Elman, Robert Publisher:Hamlyn Published: May 30, 1975

Title: Baedekers Germany (AA Baedeker Guides) Author: No Author Publisher:Automobile Assn. Published: March 1981

Title: Baillieres Veterinary Handbook Formerly The Vetinary Surgeon's Vade Mecum Author: G Henderson J Stratton Publisher:Bailliere Tindall & Fox Published: 1963

Title: Balkan Background Author: Bernard Newman Publisher:Robert Hale Published: 1944

Title: Balmoral the History of Home Author: Ivor Brown Publisher:Collins Published: 1955

Title: Balzac Author: Stefan Zweig . Translated by William and Dorothy Rose Publisher:Cassell Published: 1948

Title: Bangkok. The Times travel library Author: John Hoskin Publisher:Times editions Published: 1998

Title: Barbarian Europe. The making of the past Author: Philip Dixon Publisher:Elsevier Phaidon Published: 1976

Title: Barbecue Author: Chris Schlesinger John Willoughby Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Published: 2008

Title: Barchester Towers (Penguin Popular Classics) Author: Trollope, Anthony Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: January 13, 1994

Title: Barons Ballet Finale Author: Arnold Haskell Publisher:Collins Published: 1958

Title: Barrons Simplified Approach to Shakespeares Macbeth Author: George R Price Publisher:Baron's Educational Series Published: 1966

Title: Barrow\'s Boys Author: Fergus Fleming Publisher:Granta Books Published: January, 1998

Title: Basic Basics Combination and Microwave Handbook Author: Bowen, Carol Publisher:Grub Street Published: Nov-88

Title: Basic Book of Embroidery Author: Jane Simpson Publisher:Treasury Press Published: 1972

Title: Basic Communication Theory Author: John Pearson Publisher:Prentice-Hall Published: 1992

Title: Basic Psychology Second edition. Author: Howard Kendler Publisher:Appleton- Century -Crofts.New Published: 1968

Title: Basic Ship Theory, volume 1 Author: K Rawson and ETupper Publisher:Longmans Published: 1983

Title: Basis of Combination In Chess Author: J. Du Mont Publisher:Routledge and Keegan Paul Published: 1953

Title: Battersea Works, 1856-1956 Author: Richard Bennett Publisher:Morgan Crucible Co Published: 1956

Title: Battle Of Britain Author: Alfred Price Publisher:Arms & Armour Press Published: 1990

Title: Battle of the River Plate (British Battles S.) Author: Pope, Dudley Publisher:William Kimber Published: 1956

Title: Battle Of The Seaways - from the Athenia to the Bismark. Author: G H Johnston Publisher:Gollancz Published: 1942

Title: Battle Under the Moon Author: Jack Currie Publisher:AirData Published: 1995

Title: Battledress. The Uniforms of the World's Great Armies Author: I T Schick. and others Publisher:Artus Books Published: 1993

Title: Battles and Honours of the Royal Navy Author: David A Thomas Publisher:Leo Cooper Published: 1998

Title: Battles by Sea Author: E Keble Chatterton Publisher:Sidgwick and Jackson Published: 1925

Title: Battles in Britain Author: Seymour, William Publisher:Sidg. & J Published: January 15, 1976

Title: Battles in Britain vol 1 Author: Seymour, William Publisher: Book Club/ Sidg. & J Published: , 1977

Title: Battleships in Action volume 1 and volume 2 Author: H. W. Wilson Publisher:Conway Maritime press Published: 1995

Title: Bayonets at St Cloud. The story of the 18th Brumaire Author: DJ Goodspeed Publisher:Rupert Hart Davis Published: 1965

Title: Be Beautiful: The Country Way Author: Haddon, Celia Publisher:Davis-Poynter Published: February 1979

Title: Beadwork (Shire Album) Author: Pamela Clabburn Publisher:Shire Publications Ltd Published: 1989

Title: Beagles Author: Edited by Beverly Pisano Publisher:T F H Publications Published: 1979

Title: Beast Author: Peter Benchley Publisher:Random House Published: 1991

Title: Beating Time Author: Anthony Hopkins Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1982

Title: Beautiful Bulbs Author: Fogg, H G Witham Publisher:octopus books Published: 1980

Title: Beautiful Nails Author: MacK, D. Publisher:Publications International Published: 1992

Title: Beautiful Roses Author: Gault, S Millar Publisher:Octopus Bks. Published: March 1983

Title: Bedlam Author: Andre Soubiran Oliver Coburn Publisher:W H Allen Published: 1956

Title: Bedside Manna: More Recipes for Body and Soul Author: Blue, Lionel Publisher:Gollancz Published: October 3, 1991

Title: Beetons Book of Household Management , a first edition facsimile Author: Isabella Beeton Publisher:Jonathan Cape Published: 1968

Title: Before Civilisation Author: Colin Renfrew Publisher:Jonathon Cape Published: 1973

Title: Beggar Man, Thief Author: Irwin Shaw Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 1977

Title: Beginners Guide to Pot Plants Author: Cooper, W E Shewell- Publisher:Gifford Published: November 1971

Title: Behaviour Author: D E Broadbent Publisher:Methuen Published: 1968

Title: Behind the Myth Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Revolution Author: Andrew Gowers and Tony Walker Publisher:W. H. Allen Published: 1990

Title: Bel Ami Author: Guy De Maupassant (1850 1893) Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: 1948

Title: Bel Ami or The History of A Scoundrel and other stories Author: Guy de Maupassant Publisher:Heron Published: 1968

Title: Bel-Ami .translated from the French by Eric Saturn Author: Guy De Maupassant Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: 1948

Title: Belford Regis Author: Mary Russell Mitford Publisher:Werner Laurie Published: 1942

Title: Belinda Author: Edgeworth, Maria Publisher:Pandora P Published: May 22, 1986

Title: Bella Mafia Author: Lynda La Plante Publisher:Sidgwick and Jackson Published: 1990

Title: Bellamys Britain Author: Bellamy, David Publisher:Treasure Published: 1984

Title: Bells and Grass Author: Walter de la Mare Publisher:Faber and Faber Published: 1941

Title: Ben Hur Author: L Wallis Publisher:Partridge Published: un sta

Title: Ben Hur Author: Lew Wallace Publisher:Collins clear-type press Published: undated c. 1930

Title: Ben Hur. A tale of the Christ Author: Lew Wallace Publisher:Sampson Low Published: 1888

Title: Ben Jonson. Complete Plays. volume 2 Author: Ben Jonson Prof Felix E. Schelling Publisher:JM Dent Published: 1935

Title: Ben- Hur. A tale of the Christ Author: Lew Wallace Publisher:Sampson Low Published: 1888

Title: Benedicta's Stranger Author: Unspecified believed K E Vernham Publisher:The religious tract Society Published: Undated but Circa 1894

Title: Benham's Book of Quotations Author: Sir William Gurney Benham Publisher:George Harrap Published: 1962

Title: Benhams' Book of Printing Types Author: David Rutt, Roger Stevens .Benham & Co Publisher:Benham & Co Published: 1960

Title: Beningfield's English Landscape Author: Gordon Beningfield Publisher:Viking Published: 1985

Title: Beowulf. An adaption by Julian Glover of the verse translations of Michael Alexander and Edwin Morgan Author: Julian Glover, Sheila Mackie Publisher:Sutton Publishing Published: 1995

Title: Beppo, a Venetian story Author: Lord Byron Publisher:John Murray Published: 1818

Title: Bergamo una citta eil suo fascino Author: Renato Ravanelli . Alfonso Modonesi Publisher:Grafica e Arte Bergamo, Published: 1988

Title: Bergesen\'s British Ceramics Price Guide Author: Victoria Bergesen Publisher:Jenkins Published: 15 October, 1992

Title: Berlin Gallery (World of Art) Author: Rudiger Klessmann Publisher:Thames and Hudson Ltd Published: 04 October, 1971

Title: Bernard Shaw: The One-Volume Definitive Edition Author: Michael Holroyd Publisher:W. W. Norton Published: 1997

Title: Bertrand Russell on Education Author: Park, Joe Publisher:Allen & Unwin Published: January 1964

Title: Best Brand Name Recipes Author: Herridge, Bridgid Publisher:Book Club Published: 1984

Title: Best kept secrets of the Womens Institute Healthy Eating Author: Various Publisher:Simon & Schuster Published: 2005

Title: Betjeman Author: A N Wilson Publisher:Hutchinson Published: 2006

Title: Better Bookselling. The Collected Edition. Author: various Publisher:Hutchinsons Published: 1965

Title: Better English (English Guides) Author: Gee, R. Watson, Carol Publisher:Usborne Publishing Ltd Published: November 21, 1983

Title: Better Homes Book. A News of the World publication Author: Roger Smithells editor Publisher:News of the World Published: 1955

Title: Better small-boat sailing: A second glance at some problems of small-boat racing Author: Fisher, John Publisher:Adlard Coles Published: 1955

Title: Better Than New a practical guide to renovating furniture Author: Albert Jackson and David Day Publisher:BBC Published: 1982

Title: Better Time Management Author: Atkinson, Jaqueline Publisher:HarperCollins Published: September 24, 1992

Title: Betty Boothroyd: The Autobiography Author: Boothroyd, Betty Publisher:Century Published: 2001

Title: Bibliographies their aims and methods Author: D W. Krummell Publisher:Mansell Published: 1960

Title: Big Al Tells All . The recruiting system ( sponsoring magic) Author: Tom Schreiter Publisher:Kass Published: 1885

Title: Big Al's Turbo MLM Author: Tom Schreiter Publisher:Kass Published: 1988

Title: Big Chief Elizabeth: How Englands Adventurers Gambled and Won the New World Author: Milton, Giles Publisher:Hodder and Stoughton Published: 0 2000

Title: Bill Oddie's Little Black Bird Book Author: Bill Oddie Publisher:Eyre Methuen Published: 1988

Title: Billarooby Author: Anderson, Jim Publisher:Grafton Books Published: March 23, 1989

Title: Biochemistry of the Fatty Acids Author: W R Bloor Publisher:Reinhold Publishing Corp Published: 1943

Title: Biochemistry, a functional approach Author: Robert W McGilvery Publisher:Saunders Published: 1979

Title: Biographia literaria: Or, Biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions (Everymans library-no,11) Author: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Publisher:Dent Published: 1956

Title: Biographical magazine 1794 containing portraits and characters of eminent and ingenious persons Author: Biographical magazine Publisher:Harrison Published: 1794

Title: Biological and medical electronics Author: Ralph W Stacy Publisher:McGraw-Hill Published: 1960

Title: Biology Author: David Abbott Publisher:University Tutorial Press Published: 1976

Title: Biology Today: A Course for First Examination Author: M. D. Robson, A. G. Morgan Publisher:Macmillan Education Published: 1982

Title: Biomathematics: An introduction Author: David Machin Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1976

Title: Biosynthesis of Vitamins and Related Compounds Author: T W Goodwin Publisher:Academic Press Published: 1963

Title: Bird Families of The World Author: C. J. Harrison. A Camaron Publisher:Elsevier-Phaidon Published: October 1978

Title: Bird Keeping and Bird Cages. A history Author: Sarnia Roberts Publisher:David and Charles Published: 1972

Title: Bird Life Author: Jurgen Nicolai Publisher:Thames & Hudson Published: 1974

Title: Bird migration: The biology and physics of orientation behaviour (Science study series; no.32) Author: Griffin, Donald R Publisher:Heinemann Published: 1965

Title: Bird Watching (Leisure Gde. S) Author: Madge, Steve Publisher:Ward Lock Published: Sep-80

Title: Birds Of Prey Author: Glenys & Derek Lloyd Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1969

Title: Birmingham Buildings. The architectural story of a Midland city Author: Brian Little Publisher:David and Charles Published: 1971

Title: Bizarre And Eccentric Author: Nigel Blundell Publisher:Blitz Editions Published: 1992

Title: Black Hearts in Battersea (Puffin Books) Author: Aiken, Joan Publisher:Puffin Books Published: October 1968

Title: Black Man's Country Author: Isobel Ryan Publisher:Travel Books Published: unstat

Title: Blakiston\'s Gould Medical Dictionary Author: Blakiston Publisher:Mcgraw-Hill (Tx) Published: 1979

Title: Bleak House Author: Charles Dickens Publisher:Folio Society Published: 1985

Title: Blizzard. Accompanying the TV Series Race to the Pole Author: Jasper Rees Publisher:BBC books Published: 2006

Title: Block and silk screen printing Author: Gudrun Ahlberg O Jarneryd Publisher:Bonanza, Gramercy publishing c Published: 1961

Title: Blood, Bones and Body Bits (Horrible Science S.) Author: Arnold, Nick Publisher:Scholastic Hippo Published: August 16, 1996

Title: Bloodlines and Grapevines. Great Winemaking Families of the World Author: Jonathan Ray Photographs by Jason Lowe Publisher:Conran Octopus Published: 2004

Title: Bloody Red Tabs general officer casualties of the Great War 1914-1918 Author: Frank Davies Graham Maddocks Publisher:Leo Cooper Published: 1995

Title: Bloomsbury Illustrated Dictionary of Prehistoric Life (Bloomsbury Illustrated Dictionaries) Author: Walters, Martin Publisher:Godfrey Cave / Claremont Published: 1995

Title: Blow Away Author: Dean Selmier Publisher:Viking Press Published: March 1979

Title: Blue Guide. The Channel Islands Author: Peter McGregor, Eadie, editor Publisher:Ernest Benn Published: 1981

Title: Blue Willow An identification and value guide Author: Mary Frank Gaston Publisher:Collector Books Published: 1996

Title: Boat Maintenance Author: David Derrick Publisher:David and Charles Published: 1984

Title: Body Power: Secret of Self-healing Author: Coleman, Vernon Publisher:Thames & H Published: March 7, 1983

Title: Body Shop Book Author: Roddick, Anita Publisher:Macdonald Published: October 24, 1985

Title: Bomber Barons Author: Chaz Bowyer Publisher:Leo Cooper Published: 2001

Title: bomber Cmmand Author: Max Hastings Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1987

Title: Bomber in World War Two (Illustrated War Studies) Author: Price, Alfred Publisher:Macdonald & J Published: November 1976

Title: Bomber Pilot 1916-1918 Author: C P O Bartlett Publisher:Ian Allen Published: 1974

Title: Bombers Author: C G Gray Publisher:Faber Published: 1942

Title: Boney Fuller. The Intellectual General Author: Anthony John Trythall Publisher:Cassell Published: 1977

Title: book of booze Author: Colin Wilson Publisher:Victor Gollancz Published: 1974

Title: Book of Britain Author: Williamson, Jan Publisher:Usborne Publishing Ltd Published: July 1986

Title: Book of Love: An Anthology of Words and Pictures Author: John Hadfield Publisher:The Boydell Press Published: 31 December, 1988

Title: Book of Plastics Craft Author: Millicent Zahn Publisher:Van Nostrand Published: 1973

Title: Book Of Roses Author: Xenia Fields Publisher:Paul Hamlyn Published: 1969

Title: Book of Sea Songs (Everymans Library) Author: Richard Baker Anthony Miall Publisher:J M Dent Published: October 14, 1982

Title: Border Country Author: David Steel Publisher:Weidenfeld and Nicolson Published: 1985

Title: Born 1900 Author: Hunter Davies Publisher:Little Brown and Co Published: 1998

Title: Born 1900 Author: Hunter Davies Publisher:Hunter Davies Published: 1998

Title: Borneo Fire Author: Riviere, William Publisher:Sceptre Published: October 19, 1995

Title: Boswell's Life of Johnson Author: Introduced by C B Tinker Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1957

Title: Bow Porcelain Author: Elizabeth Adams and David Redstone Publisher:Faber and Faber Published: 1981

Title: Boyfriend Book Author: No Author Publisher:World Distrib. Published: Sep-69

Title: Bracebridge Hall or The Humorists Author: Geoffrey Crayon (Gent) or Washington Irving Publisher:John Murray Published: 1845

Title: Brand New Cherry Flavour Author: Grimson, Todd Publisher:Quartet Books Ltd Published: November 28, 1996

Title: Brando Author: Robert Tanitch Publisher:Cassell / Studio Vista Published: 1995

Title: Brass and Other Rubbings Author: Emma Wood Publisher:David and Charles Published: 1978

Title: Brasses and brass rubbing Author: Clare Gittings Publisher:Blandford P Published: 1970

Title: Bravery in Battle: Valour on the Front Line (Cassell Military Class) Author: David Eshel Publisher:Cassell Published: 01 August, 1999

Title: Brendan Behans Island. An Irish sketch Book Author: Brendan Behan Publisher:Hutchinson Published: 1962

Title: Brewers Dictionary of Phrase and Fable 18th edition Author: Camilla Rockwood (editor) Publisher:Chambers Harrap Published: 2009

Title: Brezhnev, L.I.: A Short Biography Author: Institut marksizma-leninizma Publisher:Elsevier Published: Jan-78

Title: Brezhnev- A Short Biography Author: C P S U Central Committee Publisher:Pergamon Press Published: 1977

Title: Brian Johnston: The Authorised Biography Author: Heald, Tim Publisher:Methuen Publishing Company (Du Published: September 4, 1995

Title: Brickwork. Teach Yourself Building Author: E L Braley EG Warland Publisher:English Universities Press Published: 1949

Title: Bridle Wise a key to better hunters better ponies Author: Lt Col S G Goldschmidt Publisher:Country Life Published: 1927

Title: Brief Lives by John Aubrey: A selection based upon existing contemporary portraits edited by Richard Barber Author: John Aubery Publisher:The Folio Society Published: 1990

Title: Bright Boots Author: Fred Gresswell Publisher:Country book club Published: 1958

Title: Bright Darkness: Author: Fleming Anne Publisher:Nottingham Court Press Published: 1983

Title: Brighton Author: Osbert Sitwell and Margaret Barton Publisher:Faber Published: 1938

Title: Brighton Belles Author: David Burgess- Wise Publisher:Crowood Press Published: 2006

Title: Brish Pottery An iIustrated Guide Author: Geoffrey A Godden Publisher:Barrie & Jenkins Published: 1977

Title: Britain and the War Author: General Huguet Publisher:Cassell Published: 1928

Title: Britain in Verse Author: Various. Foreword by Sir John Gielgud Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1986

Title: Britain Revisited Author: Anthony Burton Publisher:Oxford Published: 1986

Title: Britain's Glorious Navy Author: Various edited by Adml Sir Reginald Bacon Foreword by Adml Sir Edward Evans Publisher:Odhams Press Published: UNdated C 1940

Title: Britain's Structure and Scenery Author: L. Dudley Stamp Publisher:Collins Published: 1946

Title: Britain. A World by Itself Author: various Publisher:Aurum Press Published: 1984

Title: Britain\'s Haunted Heritage Author: J. A. Brooks Publisher:Jarrold Publishing Published: 1990

Title: British Aircraft of World War 11 with colour photographs Author: John Frayn Turner Publisher:Sidgwick and Jackson Published: 1975

Title: British and American Infantry Weapons of World War II Author: A J Barker Publisher:Arms and Armour Press Published: 1969

Title: British Archaeological Yearbook 1995 - 1996 Author: Michael Heyworth - editor Publisher:Council for British archaeolog Published: 1995

Title: British Birds Author: W H Hudson Publisher:Longmans, Green and company Published: 1911

Title: British book illustrators 1860 - 1900. A bibliography. First series Author: Charles Baker , Editor Publisher:Birmingham bookshop Published: 1978

Title: British Cavalry Uniforms since 1660 Author: Michael Barthrop Pierre Turner Publisher:Blandford Press Published: 1984

Title: British Coleoptera delineated by Spry and Shuckard Author: W Spry M E S. Edited by W E Schuckard Publisher:Crofts Published: 1840

Title: British dairying Author: Frank H. Garner Publisher: Longmans Green and company Published: 1946

Title: British Friesian Herd Book volume 47 . bulls 21101 - 230097. Cows 1245000 -1365374 Author: British Friesian cattle Society Publisher:British Friesian cattle Societ Published: 1957

Title: British Generalship in the Twentieth Century Author: Major General E K G Sixsmith Publisher:Arms and Armour Press Published: 1970

Title: British History 1815-1914 Author: C. P. Hill, J. C. Wright Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1981

Title: British Infantry Uniforms Since 1660 Author: Michael Barthorp. Pierre Turner Publisher:Blandford Press Published: 1982

Title: British Military Aircraft Then and Now Author: Leo Marriot Publisher:Ian Allen Published: 1997

Title: British Pottery and Porcelain 1780 - 1850 Author: Geoffrey A Godden Publisher:Arthur Barker Published: 1963

Title: British Railway History 1877-1947 Author: Hamilton Ellis Publisher:Allen and Unwin Published: 1959

Title: British Railway Signalling Author: GM Kichenside Alan Williams Publisher:Ian Allan Published: 1978

Title: British Railways Under Steam Author: J. B. Snell Publisher:Arthur Barker Published: 1965

Title: British Sailor Heroes Author: Laughton Publisher:Bickers & Son Published: un- st

Title: British social history, from earliest times to date. Author: James Mainwaring. A Wilson browned. J Hampton Jackson Publisher:Odhams Published: Undated

Title: British watercolours in the Victoria and Albert Museum illustrated summary catalogue Author: Lionel Lambourne and Jean Hamilton Publisher:Sotheby Park Bernet Published: 1980

Title: British wild animals (Blacks Young naturalists series;no.10) Author: Ford, Richard Laurence Edward Publisher:Black Published: 1953

Title: Brodie\'s Notes on William Shakespeare\'s A Midsummer Nights Dream (Pan Study Aids) Author: T.W. Smith Publisher:Pan Macmillan Published: 1978

Title: Bronchodilator Therapy Author: Editor T J H Clark. Publisher:Adis Published: 1984

Title: Bronchodilator Therapy: Basis of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease Management Author: Clark, T J H Publisher:Wms. & Wilkins Adis, NZ Published: Dec-84

Title: Brother Can You Spare A Dime? Author: Susan Winslow Publisher:Webb & Bower Published: 1976

Title: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Author: Winslow, Susan Publisher:Paddington P Published: October 18, 1976

Title: Browns Nautical Almanac 1949 Author: Brown, Son and Ferguson Publisher:Brown and Ferguson Published: 1949

Title: Bruegel Author: Keith Roberts Publisher:Encyclopedia Britannica Intern Published: 1972

Title: Brush Fire Wars . Campaigns of the British Army since 1945 Author: Michael Dewer Publisher:Robert Halo Published: 1984

Title: Brute Force. Allied strategy and tactics in the Second World War Author: John Ellis Publisher:Andre Deutsch Published: 1990

Title: Bucks and Bawds of London Town Author: Barri, Kinsman De Publisher:Frewin Published: March 25, 1974

Title: Bugles and a Tiger a personal adventure Author: John Masters Publisher:Michael Joseph Published: 1956

Title: Build Your Own Inexpensive Doll-house with One Sheet of 4' x 8' Plywood and Home Tools Author: E J Tangerman Publisher:Dover Publications Published: 1977

Title: Build Your Sailing Cruiser. A practical guide to owner completion from bare mouldings Author: George Taylor Publisher:Nautical Publishing Published: 1980

Title: Builders of the Ancient World (Books for World Explorers) Author: No Author Publisher:MapQuest.com Published: Oct-86

Title: Builders Of The Ancient World - Marvels Of Engineering Author: Prepared by the Special Publication Division National Geographic Society Publisher:National Geographical Society Published: 1986

Title: Building Construction and Drawing. Part 1 - Elementary Course Author: George A and A M Mitchell Publisher:Batsford Published: 1953

Title: Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress Author: John Bunyan Publisher:Religious Tract Society Published: pre-1970

Title: Bupa Guide To Child Health: Author: Baum, John David Publisher:Viking Published: September 7, 1989

Title: Buried Passions: Maria Marten and the Murder in the Red Barn Author: Haining, Peter Publisher:Spearman Published: September 18, 1980

Title: Burlesques. Contributions to Punch etc. Author: William Makepeace Thackeray Publisher:The Caxton Publishing Company Published: Undated circa 1890

Title: Burnies Hill Author: Erik Blegvad illustrator Publisher:William Collins Published: 1978

Title: Burns in his time Author: Alan Dent Publisher:Nelson Published: 1966

Title: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: Indian History of the American West Author: Dee Brown Publisher:Barrie & Jenkins Published: 1970

Title: Business Cultures In Europe Author: Colin Randlesome Publisher:Butterworth Published: 1991

Title: Business Value of Computers Author: Strassmann, Paul Publisher:Information Economics Pr Published: December 1, 1990

Title: Butterflies Author: EB Ford Publisher:Collins Published: 1946

Title: Butterflies and Moths Author: W E Kirby Publisher:George Routledge & Sons Published: Undated fourth edition

Title: Buying a Home in Ireland Author: Laredo, Joe Publisher:Survival Books Limited Published: 1999

Title: By Permission Of The Master Author: Robert Colville Publisher:Hutchinson Published: 1947

Title: By Air to Battle. The official account of the British airborne divisions Author: The Ministry of Information for the Air Ministry Publisher:HMSO Published: 1945

Title: By Courtesy of the Criminal the human approach to the treatment of crime Author: C A Joyce Publisher:Harrap Published: 1955

Title: Bygone Uckfield Author: Barbara Fuller Betty Turner Publisher:Biddles Published: 1988

Title: Byzantium Author: Time Life International Publisher:Time Life International Published: 1967

Title: Byzantium Author: Desmond Seward, Susan Mountgarret Publisher:Harrap Published: 28 May, 1988

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