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L - Printable Book List

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Here is a list of alphabetically sorted books available on marywardbooks.com with a title name begining with L.

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Title: L S Lowry Author: Michael Leber Publisher:Phaidon Press Published: 2002

Title: L The Devil's Lieutenant Author: M Fagyas Publisher:World Books Published: 1971

Title: La Seine amont de Paris a Marcilly . Carte Guide de Natigation Fluviale 2 Author: Michel Sandrin Publisher:Editions Cartographique Mariti Published: Undated

Title: Labour Economics, Theory and Evidence Author: Belton M Fleisher Publisher:Prentice-Hall Published: 24 Apr

Title: Ladies of the Grand Tour Author: Brian Dolan Publisher:Flamingo Published: 2002

Title: Lady Anna Author: Anthony Trollope Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1950

Title: Lady Addle Remembers: Being the Memoirs of Lady Addle of Eigg Author: Dunn, Mary Publisher:Robin Clark Published: October 27, 1983

Title: Lady Jazz Author: Frances Kennett Publisher:Victor Gollancz Published: 1989

Title: Lancer at Large Author: F Yeats -Brown Publisher:Victor Gollancz Published: 1936

Title: Land and Sea Tales Author: Rudyard Kipling Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1951

Title: Land and Water Bugs of the British Isles Author: T.R.E. Southwood and Dennis Leston Publisher:Frederick Warne Published: 1959

Title: Land of the Eagle Author: Peck, Robert McCracken Publisher:Macmillan Pub Co Published: December 1, 1991

Title: Land of the lotus eaters: A book mostly about Siam Author: Bartlett, Norman Publisher:Jarrolds Published: 1959

Title: Landscape into Art Author: Kenneth Clark Publisher:John Murray Published: 1949

Title: Landscape Photography Author: Heather Angel Publisher:Oxford Illustrated Press Published: 1989

Title: Landscapes After the Battle Author: Juan Goytisolo Publisher:Seaver Published: 1987

Title: Landscapes on Derby and Worcester Porcelain Author: John Twitchett. Henry Sandon. Publisher:Henderson and Stirk Published: 1984

Title: Lapland Journey Author: Halliday SUTHERLAND Publisher:Bles Published: 1946

Title: Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient and Medieval History Author: Toynbee, Arnold Publisher:Reed Dump Published: December 1965

Title: Larousse encyclopedia of geography: Europe Author: No Author Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1961

Title: Larousse Medical illustre 1929 Author: Doctor Galtier Boissiere Dr Burnier Publisher:Larousse Published: 1929

Title: Larousse Treasury of Country Cooking Author: No Author Publisher:Random House Value Pub Published: August 1, 1983

Title: Larry\'s Party Author: Carol Shields Publisher:Fourth Estate Ltd Published: 03 March, 2003

Title: Lashed But Not Beaten Author: Gavin Sherrard- Smith Publisher:Morning Mist Publications Published: 1995

Title: Last Days of the Reich Author: James Lucas Publisher:Arms and Armour Press Published: 1986

Title: Last Essays by Eric Gill Author: Eric Gill Publisher:Jonathan Cape Published: 1943

Title: last Poems. A E Housman Author: A E Housman Publisher:Richards press Published: 1933

Title: Later Still Author: Richard Seymour Publisher:Richard Seymour Published: undated

Title: Latin literature Author: JW Mackaile Publisher:John Murray Published: 1899

Title: Laughter in The Next Room Author: Osbert Sitwell Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1949

Title: Laughter of the Desert Author: Joyce Reason Publisher:Mission to Lepers Published: c. 1952

Title: Lawrence of Arabia and His World Author: Richard Percival Graves Publisher:Thames and Hudson Published: 1976

Title: Lawrence Tibbett: Singing Actor Author: Andrew Farkas Publisher:Amadeus Published: 1989

Title: Lax His Book- the autobiography of Lax of Poplar Author: W H Lax Publisher:Epworth Press Published: 1937

Title: Lays of Ancient Rome with Ivry and the Armada Author: Thomas Babington Macaulay Publisher:Longmans Published: 1856

Title: Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers and Other Poems Author: William Edmonstoune Aytoun Publisher:Blackwood Published: 1863

Title: Le Cid Author: Pierre Corneille Colbert Searles Publisher:Ginn Published: 1912

Title: LE MORTE DARTHUR Author: Caxton. Sir Edward Strachey Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1928

Title: Le Musee du Louvre . Two volumes Author: Armand Dayot Publisher:Pierre Lafitte Published: 1913

Title: Le Petit Chose, histoire d'un enfant Author: Alphonse Daudet Publisher:Alphonse Lemerre, Paris Published: Undated , c. 1919

Title: Learn to Paint Watercolours (Collins Learn to Paint) Author: Crawshaw, Alwyn Publisher:Collins Published: 1989

Title: Learning and Instinct in Animals Author: Thorpe, William Homan Publisher:Methuen young books Published: Dec-56

Title: Learning to Use Statistical Tests in Psychology Author: Judith Green Publisher:Francis Group Published: 01 Jun

Title: Learning to Use Statistical Tests in Psychology: A Students Guide Author: Greene, Judith DOliveira, Manuela Publisher:Open University Press Published: December 1, 1982

Title: Lecture Notes on Clinical Medicine Author: David Rubenstein, John Bradley, David Wayne Publisher:Blackwell Science (UK) Published: 1980

Title: Lecture Notes on General Surgery (Lecture Notes) Author: Harold Ellis, Roy Yorke Calne Publisher:Blackwell Science (UK) Published: 1983

Title: Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church Vol. 3 (1892): v. 3 Author: Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn Publisher:John Murray Published: 1880

Title: Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church volume 1 Author: A P Stanley Publisher:John Murray Published: 1889

Title: Left-hand Rght-hand. Volume 1. The Cruel Month Author: Osbert Sitwell Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1945

Title: Left-hand Right hand. Volume 3 Great Morning Author: Osbert Sitwell Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1948

Title: Left-hand right-hand. Volume 2 The Scarlet Tree Author: Osbert Sitwell Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1946

Title: Legendary Ballads Author: Frank Sidgwick Byam Shaw Publisher:Chatto & Windus Published: c. 1928

Title: Legendary Voices Author: Nigel Douglas Publisher:Limelight Editions Published: March, 1995

Title: Lenin: The Story of His Life: v. 1 Author: Maria Prilezhayeva, F. Glagoleva Publisher:Progress Publishers Published: 1973

Title: Lenin\'s childhood Author: Isaac Deutscher Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1970

Title: Leonard Squirrell R.W.S. R.E. A biographical scrapbook Author: Josephine Walpole Publisher:Baron Publishing Published: 1982

Title: Les Admirables , et autres nouvelles Author: Robert Barret Publisher:L'Atelier, Troyes Published: 1977

Title: Les Caracteres de La Bruyere Tome 2 Author: La Bruyere Publisher:Renouard Published: 1816

Title: Les Compagnons De La Truffe Volumes 1 and 2 Author: Paul De Kock Publisher:A Degorce- Cadot Published: undated late 19th C.

Title: Les Insectes. Peuple Extraordinaire Author: J H Fabre Publisher:Librairie Delagrave Published: 1962

Title: Leslie A Wilcox Author: Frank G G Carr Publisher:F Lewis Published: 1977

Title: Let Wisdom Judge . University Addresses and Sermon Outlines Author: Charles Simeon Publisher:Inter-Varsity Fellowship Published: 1959

Title: Letters from America, 1946-51 Author: Cooke, Alistair Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: May 1981

Title: Letters from Cambridge 1939 - 1944 Author: A.S.F. Gow Publisher:Jonathan Cape Published: 1945

Title: Letters From Spain Author: Karel Carpek Publisher:Geoffrey Bles Published: 1931

Title: Letters of John Pinney 1679 – 1699 Author: John Pinney. Geoffrey Nuttall. Publisher:Oxford University press Published: 1939

Title: Letters of T E Lawrence Author: T E Lawrence D Garnett Publisher:Reprint/ Jonathon Cape Published: 1941

Title: Letters of the late Lord Lytton to his Wife-a vindication Author: Louisa Devey Publisher:Swan Sonnenschein Published: 1884

Title: Letters On Demonology and Witchcraft Author: Walter Scott Publisher:Bell Publishing Co. New York Published: 1970

Title: Lewis Carroll: An Illustrated Biography Author: Derek Hudson Publisher:Book club/Constable Published: 1976

Title: Liberties of the Mind Author: Charles Morgan Publisher:Macmillan & Co Published: 1951

Title: Liberty or Death India's journey to Independence and division Author: Patrick French Publisher:HarperCollins Published: 1997

Title: Library of World Poetry Author: Bryant Publisher:Random House Value Pub Published: June 1, 1970

Title: Library of World Poetry (Jacket ed) Author: Bryant Publisher:Random House Value Pub Published: June 1, 1970

Title: Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Pianofortebegleitung - Ausgabe für tiefe Stimme. Author: W A Mozart Publisher:C F Peters Published: Unstated

Title: Life and Adventure of Nansen the Great Arctic Explorer Author: J. Arthur Bain Publisher:Walter Scott publishing Published: Undated circa 1913

Title: Life and letters of Mandell Creighton volume 1 and volume 2 Author: Louise Creighton Publisher:Longmans Green & Co Published: 1906

Title: Life and Times of Chaucer Author: Gardner, John Publisher:Paladin Published: December 13, 1979

Title: Life and Times of Columbus (Portraits of Greatness S) Author: Giardini, Cesare Publisher:Hamlyn Published: 1968

Title: Life and Tradition in Suffolk and North East Essex Author: Norman Smedley Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1976

Title: Life Below Stairs in the 20th century Author: Pamela Horn Publisher:Sutton Publishing Published: 2001

Title: Life Histories of familiar Plants. Illustrated Author: John J Ward Publisher:Cassell & Co Published: 1908

Title: Life in China: From the Letters of Dr Nancy Bywaters Author: Grace E. Woods Publisher:Merlin Books Ltd Published: 1992

Title: Life in the English Country House: A Social and Architectural History Author: Girouard, Mark Publisher:Yale University Press Published: August 28, 1980

Title: Life of Napoleon1 Author: J Holland Rose Publisher:Jamie Holland Rose Published: 1935

Title: Life of Plants Author: Wilson, Ron Publisher:Ward Lock Published: October 27, 1980

Title: Life of the Party biography of Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman. Author: Christopher Ogden Publisher:Warner Published: 1995

Title: Life of Titian Vol 1 Author: James Northcote R A Publisher:Colburn & Bentley Published: 1830

Title: Life of Vertibrates Author: J Z Young Publisher:Oxford at the Clarendon Press Published: 1952

Title: Life On The English Manor A study of peasant conditions 1140-1500 Author: H S Bennett Publisher:Cambridge University Press Published: 1971

Title: Life's Handicap Author: Rudyard Kipling Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1923

Title: Light Author: F. Bray Publisher:Arnold Published: 1928

Title: Light Meals Author: Kim MacDonald Publisher:Treasure Press Published: 1971

Title: Light That Failed Author: Kipling, Rudyard Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1937

Title: Lights Out Author: Robert Overton Publisher:Jarrold Published: undated pre -1898

Title: Lilies Author: Jan de Graaff and Edward Hyams Publisher:Nelson Published: 1967

Title: Lilley and Chase Author: Waterstone, Tim Publisher:Headline Published: September 5, 1994

Title: Lillie Langtry, manners masks and morals Author: Laura Beatty Publisher:Chatto and Windus Published: 1999

Title: Lilly Langrey Author: Laura Beatty Publisher:Chatto & Windus Published: 1999

Title: Limits and Renewals Author: Rudyard Kipling Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1949

Title: Limits and Renewals. Actions and Reactions. Many Inventions. Macmillan's pocket Kipling's Author: Rudyard Kipling Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1919, 1932

Title: Lindbergh Author: A Scott Berg Publisher:Macmillan Published: 1998

Title: Links of Leadership Author: John Laffin Publisher:George Harrap Published: 1966

Title: Lipide chemistry Author: D J Hanahan Publisher:Wiley, Chapman & Hall. Published: 1960

Title: Literature and Western Man Author: J B Priestley Publisher:Readers Union Published: 1962

Title: Little Dorrit (Penguin Popular Classics) Author: Dickens, Charles Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: September 29, 1994

Title: Little Misery Author: Mauriac, Francois Publisher:Eyre & S Published: 1952

Title: Little Songs of Long Ago Author: Dawn and Peter Cope Publisher:Gallery Childrens Books Published: August 1, 1994

Title: Little Wide-Awake Author: Leonard De Vries Publisher:Arthur Barker Published: 1967

Title: Little Women (Puffin Classics) Author: Alcott, Louisa M. Publisher:Puffin Books Published: February 2, 1995

Title: Liverpool Lass (Windsor Selections S.) Author: Flynn, Katie Publisher:Chivers Large print (Chivers, Published: 1993

Title: Liverpool Porcelain the Knowles Boney collection Author: County Borough of Birkenhead Publisher:County Borough of Birkenhead Published: Undated circa 1978

Title: Liverpool Porcelain of the 18th century Author: Bernard M. Watney Publisher:Richard Dennis Published: 1997

Title: Liverpool Porcelain of the 18th century Author: Bernard M Watney Publisher:Richard Dennis Published: 1997

Title: Lives of the British poets with specimens of their writings Author: William P Nimmo editor Publisher:William Nimmo Published: 1878

Title: Lives of the English Poets Author: Samuel Johnson. Mrs L. Archer- Hind Publisher:J M Dent Published: 1926

Title: Lives of The English Poets: Samuel Johnson . Vols 1 & 2 Author: Samuel Johnson, Arthur Waugh ( introduction) Publisher:Oxford University Press Published: 1964

Title: Lives of the Indian Princes Author: Charles Allen . Sharada Dwivedi Publisher:Century Published: 1984

Title: Lives of The Queens of England. vol 6 Author: Agnes Strickland Publisher:Henry Colburn Published: 1844

Title: Lives of The Queens of England. vol 7 Author: Agnes Strickland Publisher:Henry Colburn Published: 1844

Title: Livestock Improvement in Relation to Heredity and Environment Author: James Edward Nichols Publisher:Oliver and Boyd Published: 1947

Title: Living aboard the cruising sailboat as a home Author: Jan and Bill Moeller Publisher:International Marine publishin Published: 1977

Title: Living and Working with Schizophrenia Author: M.V. Seeman, J. Joel Jeffries, E. Plummer, J.F. Thornton Publisher: Open University Press Published: 1985

Title: Living Lanterns luminescence in animals Author: Hilda Simon Publisher:Viking Published: 1971

Title: Living World of Audubon Mammals Author: Elman, Robert Publisher:Ridge Press Published: 1976

Title: Livingstone Author: Jeal, Tim Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd Published: 1985

Title: Lloyds. The Gentlemen At The Coffee House Author: Ralph Straus Publisher:Carrack & Evans. New York Published: 1938

Title: Local History- A Handbook For Beginners Author: Philip Riden Publisher:Batsford Published: 1983

Title: Log of the Centurion Author: Leo Heaps Publisher:Book club/Granada Published: 1974

Title: London Author: Walter Besant Publisher:Chatto and Windus Published: 1912

Title: London Cemeteries , an Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer Author: Hugh Meller Publisher:Gregg International Published: 1985

Title: London Flower of Cities All Author: Richard Church Imre Hofbauer Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 1968

Title: London Green the story of Kensington Gardens Hyde Park Green Park and St James Park Author: Neville Braybrooke Publisher:Victor Gollancz Published: 1959

Title: London In The Country- the growth of suburbia Author: Guy R Williams Publisher:Hamish Hamilton Published: 1975

Title: London Scene from the Strand: Aspects of Victorian London Culled from the Author: Gareth Cotterell Publisher:Diploma P Published: 1975

Title: London's Glory. Twenty Paintings Of The City's Ruins By Wanda Ostrowska. Including Tipped-In Colour-Plates Author: Wanda Ostrowska .Viola Garvin Publisher:George Allen and Unwin Published: 1945

Title: London's Natural History Author: RSR Fitter Publisher:Reader Union/Collins Published: 1959

Title: London's Pride The Glorious History of the Capital's Gardens Author: Various . Mireille Galinou (editor) Publisher:Anaya Published: 1990

Title: London's Waterways Author: Martyn Denney Publisher:Batsford Published: 1977

Title: London, A Visitor's Companion Author: Charlotte and Denis Plimmer Publisher:Batsford Published: 1977

Title: London. Heart of the Empire and wonder of the world Author: Arthur Mee Publisher:Caxton Published: Undated circa 1945

Title: Long-term Monitoring, Sherkin Island Marine Station conference 2003 Author: John Solbe editor Publisher:Sherkin Island Marine Station Published: 2005

Title: Longfellows Prose Works Author: H W Longfellow. W Tirebuck Publisher:Walter Scott, London Published: 1887

Title: Longshot Author: Francis, Dick Publisher:Pan Published: December 6, 1991

Title: Longton Hall Porcelain Author: Bernard Watney Publisher:Faber Published: 1957

Title: Look At Me Now..A Sailor in the South Pacific Author: Derek Robert Publisher:Travel Book Club Published: 1964

Title: Lord Cromer Author: Zetland Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton Published: 1932

Title: Lord Jim (Picador Books) Author: Conrad, Joseph Publisher:Picador Published: September 2, 1988

Title: Lord Macaulay's Essays and Lays of Ancient Rome Author: Lord Macaulay Publisher:Longmans Green and company Published: 1891

Title: Lord Mauculay's History of England Vol 1. Everyman's Library . Author: Lord Macaulay Publisher:Dent & Dutton Published: 1910

Title: Lord Mauculay's History of England Vol 2. Everyman's Library . Author: Lord Macaulay Publisher:Dent & Dutton Published: 1912

Title: Lord of the Dance. A Moncrieff Miscellany Author: Hugh Montgomery Massingberd, editor Publisher:Debrett's peerage Published: 1986

Title: Lord of The Dance. Michael Flatley,my story. Author: Michael Flatley Publisher:Sidgwick and Jackson Published: 2006

Title: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers v. 2 Author: Tolkien, J.R.R. Publisher:Grafton Books Published: March 9, 1981

Title: Lorna Doone Author: R D Blackmore Publisher:Harrap Published: January 1925

Title: Lost Canals of England and Wales Author: Ronald Russell Publisher:David & Charles Published: 1971

Title: Lost Lion of Empire Author: Edward Paice Publisher:Harper Collins Published: 2001

Title: Lost Warships an archaeological tour of war at sea Author: James P Delgado Publisher:Conway Published: 2001

Title: Louis XIV ( Great Lives ) Author: Joanna Richardson Publisher:Book Club Associates Published: 1973

Title: Louis , the Louis Armstrong Story Author: Max Jones John Chilton Publisher:Studio Vista Published: 1971

Title: Louisiana May Alcott Author: Madeleine B Stern Publisher:Peter Nevill Published: 1952

Title: Lourdes. - A Modern Pilgrimage Author: Patrick Marnham Publisher:Nationwide Book Service Published: 1980

Title: Lourdes: A Modern Pilgrimage Author: Marnham, Patrick Publisher:Heinemann Published: August 26, 1980

Title: Love Among the Butterflies.Travels and adventures of a Victorian lady Author: Margaret Fountaine Publisher:Collins Published: 1980

Title: Love and Love Sickness The Science of Sex, Gender Difference and Pair-Bonding Author: John money Publisher:John Hopkins Published: 1980

Title: Love and Love Sickness. The science of sex, gender difference, and pair- bonding Author: John Money Publisher:John Hopkins University press Published: 1980

Title: Love of Gardening Author: Beckett, Kenneth A Publisher:ISIS Large Print Bks. Published: Oct-85

Title: Love Sex and War Author: John Costello Publisher:Collins Published: 1984

Title: Love Sonnets selected and with notes Author: Louis Untermeyer. Ben Shahn. Publisher:Odyssey Pbutress Published: 1964

Title: Love, Again Author: Lessing, Doris Publisher:Flamingo Published: March 3, 1997

Title: Love, Tommy. Letters home, from the Great War to the present day. Author: Andrew Roberts Publisher:Osprey Published: 2012

Title: Loves Mysteries: Psychology of Sexual Attraction Author: Wilson, Glenn Nias, David Publisher:Open Bks. Pub. Published: Jun-76

Title: Loves Shadow: Writings by Women Author: Sumrall, Amber Coverdale Publisher:Crossing Press Published: October 12, 1993

Title: Lowestoft porcelain in Norwich Castle Museum volume 1 blue and white Author: Norfolk museums service Publisher:Norfolk museums Published: 1975

Title: Lowland Scottish Villages Author: Maurice Lindsay Publisher:Hale Published: 1980

Title: Lowry: A Visionary Artist Author: Michael Howard Publisher:Lowry Press Published: 2000

Title: Lucia's Progress Author: E F Benson Publisher:Heinemann Published: 1967

Title: Lugard. A maker of modern Africa. The years of adventure 1858 - 1898 Author: Margery Perham Publisher:Collins Published: 1956

Title: Lusitania Author: Colin Simpson Publisher:Book Club Associates Published: 1972

Title: Lydia Bailey Author: Kenneth Roberts Publisher:Doubleday & Co Published: 1947

Title: Lyle Price Guide: Furniture Author: Tony Curtis Publisher:Lyle Publications Published: 04 July, 1994

Title: Lynn Hollyn's Town and Country Cat Author: Lynn Hollyn Publisher:Workman Pub Published: 1982

Title: Lyon and Turnbull catalogue of Modern and Contemporary Paintings, Prints and Sculpture Author: Lyon and Turnbull Publisher:Lyon and Turnbull Published: 2007

Title: Lyon and Turnbull's Catalogue of Decorative Arts and Design 9 April 2008 Author: Lyon and Turnbull Publisher:Lyon and Turnbull Published: 2008

Title: Lyon and Turnbull's Catalogue of Rare Books, Manuscripts, Maps and Photographs. 16th of May 2008 Author: Lyon and Turnbull Publisher:Lyon and Turnbull Published: 2008

Title: Lyra Germanic hymns for the Sundays and chief festivals of the Christian year Author: Catharine Winkworth translator Publisher:Longmans Published: 1856

Title: Lyra Germanica Author: Chevalier Bunsen . Catherine Winkworth - translator Publisher:Routledge Published: c 1930

Title: Lyra Graeca Author: J M Edmonds Publisher:William Heinemann Published: 1927 1931 1934

Title: Lyric poetry beyond new criticism Author: Chaviva Hosek Patricia Parker editors Publisher:Cornell Published: 1992

Title: Lyric Theatre Programme . The Good Companions 1932 Author: Lyric Theatre Publisher:Lyric Theatre Published: 1932

Title: Lytton Strachey Vol 1 Author: Michael Holroyd Publisher:Heinemann Published: 1967

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